Hino 700 Series – Flexible in its operational use

The Hino 700 Series delivers a dynamic performance. The diverse range of operational uses and cutting-edge technology set these Hino trucks apart from the crowd. The efficiency of the trucks in this Series contributes to the productivity of your business. Hino South Africa is renowned for their reliable trucks and the 700 Series is no exception. These trucks won’t let you down and, therefore, you can offer your customers a trustworthy service. If you are looking for an exceptional truck, find Hino trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer.

the 700 series truck from hino

Image source: Hino website

The Hino 700 range

The diverse range of trucks that are available in the 700 Series Hino range makes it easy to find the vehicle that best matches the requirements of your company. Model options range from the 2841 TT SSC 3.9 STL trucks to the 2848 TT DSC 3.9 Air trucks. An advantage to finding a Hino for sale is that these trucks are equipped with a comfortable cab.

The models in this range come with a single or double sleeper cab which is perfect for long-distance travelling. Another core difference is the type of bodies that are available for each model. The 2845 TT SSC 3.9 comes with the option of a 40m3 semi side tipper, 35m3 tridem, 2300L single tanker and tandem rear interlink timber.

Other options include grain links, tridem axle step deck and 50000L semi-trailer body types. The 2848 TT DSC 3.9 STL, 2845 TT DSC 3.9 Air and 2848 TT DSC 3.9 Air have the same body options. Options for the 2841 TT DSC 3.9 STL and 2841 TT SSC 3.9 STL include the 30 pallet semi double deck and tridem semi-tanker body types.

the hino truck 700 series

Image source: Hino website

The Hino 700 Operational uses

Whether you own a bakery or a landscaping company, you can benefit from finding a Hino for sale. The Hino 700 Series boasts an extensive range of operational uses, which makes these trucks a great buy. These durable vehicles are well-suited for hardware and steel deliveries. They can also be used to transport refrigerated cargo. If you need an efficient transportation solution for fast moving consumer goods, these trucks have got you covered. Other suitable applications for the 700 Series Hino include furniture removal and mining. These trucks are popular in the farming and construction industries.

Technologies and Safety of the Hino 700 range

Hino South Africa is a Toyota group company which is dedicated to upholding high standards of safety. The Hino trucks in the 700 Series are equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking system, which supports the driver and increases control during emergency braking. No matter what the surface conditions are, ABS provides additional protection. The SRS airbag as well as the side impact beams protect the driver if a collision takes place.

Another note-worthy safety feature is the shock absorbing design of the steering wheel, which is also collapsible. Another advantage of finding Hino trucks for sale is their cutting-edge technology. Hino trucks are equipped with an automated manual transmission.

The 16 speed ZF ASTRONIC transmission offers both a full automatic mode and a semi-automatic mode. The Euro 4 engine offers exceptional efficiency and its exhaust gas recirculation system reduces harmful emissions. The available rear differential lock helps your truck to get out of challenging situations.

700 series hino interior

Image source: Hino website

The Hino 700 range Performance

Hino trucks deliver a powerful performance that you can rely on. To compare the specifications of the 700 Series Hino models, take a look at the table below.

Hino 700 2841 TT SSC 3.9 STL (AMT) 6x4Hino 700 2841 TT DSC 3.9 STL (AMT) 6x4Hino 700 2845 TT DSC 3.9 Air (AMT) 6x4Hino 700 2845 TT SSC 3.9 STL (AMT) 6x4Hino 700 2848 TT DSC 3.9 STL (AMT) 6x4Hino 700 2848 TT DSC 3.9 Air (AMT) 6x4
Max speed808080808080
Power302 @ 1 800302 @ 1 800331 @ 1 800331 @ 1 800353 @ 1 800353 @ 1 800
Torque1 863 @ 1 1001 863 @ 1 1002 157 @ 1 1002 157 @ 1 1002 157 @ 1 1002 157 @ 1 100
Approx. body and Payload allowance65 000 KG GCM65 000 KG GCM65 000 KG GCM65 000 KG GCM65 000 KG GCM65 000 KG GCM

From their durability to their dynamic performance, there are plenty of reasons to find Hino trucks for sale. The trucks in the Hino 700 Series have been designed to meet the needs of the transportation industry. Whether you are in the mining or construction industry, there is a truck in this range that is perfect for your business.

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