Hino vs Tata Trucks – The Best 3 Ton Truck for Sale

When it comes to finding trucks for sale, both Tata and Hino offer trustworthy vehicles. Both Tata and Hino trucks deliver powerful performances which will contribute to the success of your business. With both brands offering a 3 ton truck for sale, the Truck and Trailer team investigates the models, giving you an overview of both the 3 ton models available from Hino and Tata respectively. It is important to review the specifications and features of each model to decide which one best meets your requirements.


Hino Trucks – The 300 714 LWB

When it comes to finding Hino trucks for sale, the 300 714 LWB is a great choice. The overall length of this model is 6735 mm with an overall height of 2220mm. It has a wheelbase of 3870 mm. The width across its rear wheels is 1985 mm. The minimum ground clearance for this model is 210 mm.


The GVM for the 300 714 LWB is 6500 kgs and it has an approximate body and payload allowance of 4120 kgs. Safety features include ABS which help to protect your driver and goods. It has a drum front and rear braking system with a dual circuit. This model has 215/75R17.5 tyres.

The LPT 709 EX Tata Trucks

Tata trucks have a reputation for their durable design and trustworthy performance. If you want to increase the productivity of your business buying a Tata LPT 709 EX is a great choice. With an overall length of 6225 mm, width of 2155 mm and height of 2341 mm, the LPT 709 EX is ideal for the transportation of materials.


The wheelbase of these trucks for sale measure in at 3400 mm. The GVM of this model is 6900 kgs. If you need to transport heavy materials the LPT 709 has a permissible body and payload weight of 4100 kgs. The total tare of this model is 2800 kgs. It is equipped with a single 280 mm clutch.


The sturdy design of this 3 ton truck for sale help to keep the drivers and your goods safe. The full air duel brakes with front and rear brakes help to prevent collisions. The 750R16-14PR wheels contribute to its performance.

The LPT 709 EX vs the Hino 300 714 LWB

Both the Tata LPT 709 EX and Hino 300 714 LWB are great buys. They both deliver a powerful performance. The model that you choose will depend on the specific requirements of you company.


By matching your business needs to the right truck you can maximise the productivity of your business. Take a look at an overview of the specifications for these two models so that you can make an informed decision.


LPT 709 EXHino 300 714 LWB
Capacity (cc)37834009
Power (kW @ rpm)66.3 @ 2400100@2500
Torque (Nm@rpm)325 @ 1300 - 1600392@1600
Transmission5-speed manual5-speed manual

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Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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