Hitachi Excavator: High quality, Low running costs

Are you looking for an excavator for sale? The Hitachi ZX240 offers you outstanding fuel economy as well as ease of operation. Its fast front movements are another advantage of purchasing a ZX240 excavator. Hitachi construction machinery has a reliable reputation and the ZX240 is no exception. This hydraulic excavator is designed to get the job done without any hassles.

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Image Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Production, Durability and Efficiency

The ZAXIS 240 from the Hitachi excavator range delivers an unrivalled performance. Its cutting-edge hydraulic technologies set it apart from the crowd. Building on years of experience as well as innovative new developments Hitachi earthmoving equipment is designed to increase the efficiency of your business operations.

A highlight of this model is its state-of-the-art engine which delivers an optimised performance. Another benefit of this Hitachi excavator is its low running costs. Its economical fuel consumption and durable parts result in decreased operational expenses. Its quality parts also result in less down time. The ZX240 is designed to support you in actualising your business goals.

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Image Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The Hitachi ZAXIS 240 offers improved production with decreased fuel consumption. This piece of equipment is designed to offer a fuel reduction of up to 8% when compared to other models in the ZX range. The HIOS III hydraulic system combined with the engine control system contribute to the economic fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Switch to the ECO mode to reduce fuel consumption even further. The Eco model offers lower fuel usage while still maintaining the excellent digging performance of this model. An advantage of finding a ZAXIS 240 is that it delivers an increased arm roll-in speed which results in faster loading and positioning.

The HIOS III hydraulics results in powerful and smooth operations. The Auto Power Lift Mode automatically increases power when needed to enable the lifting of concrete pipes. By pushing the Power Boost Mode the operator can increase the power when the situation requires additional force.

hitachi zaxis 240

Image Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The tried and tested engine design of the Hitachi ZX240 hydraulic excavator offers a robust performance that you can rely on even when the going gets tough. The direct fuel injection system is a highlight of the ZAXIS 240.

Not only does it deliver a superior performance, it also meets the EU Stage II and US EPA Tier 2 emissions guidelines. The cooling system and radiator arrangement prevent overheating while allowing for easy cleaning.

The bottom line of the Hitachi ZAXIS 240’s engine design is that it enables the operator to get more work done in less time. The rugged ZAXIS 240 has tough front attachments that are strengthened with steel brackets. The strengthened underframe further enhances the durability of this Hitachi excavator.

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Interior and Cab Features of the Hitachi ZX240

When you choose Hitachi construction machinery and earthmoving equipment, you are not only getting a high performance machine but also a good working environment for the operator. An improved working environment results in reduced fatigue and improved productivity.

The Hitachi ZX240’s cab offers ample leg space as well as excellent visibility. Good visibility contributes to improved safety as well as better performance. The door pillar has been moved by 70 mm to offer easy entry. The LED room light is activated when the door is opened. The overhead window can be opened to provide better ventilation.

hitachi zx240 cab interior

Image Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Air conditioner vents improve air circulation of the cabs. The ergonomic design of the cab further supports the operator. Headrests, armrests as well as an adjustable seat further contribute to operator comfort. Not only is the cab comfortable but it is also robust which improves safety and decreases maintenance.

The Multifuncion Monitor boasts a 7-inch high resolution colour monitor. The monitor gives the operator easy access to important information.

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Hitachi ZAXIS 240 Specifications

Take a look at an overview of the Hitachi ZX240’s specifications with an arm length of 2.50 m.

Engine ModelIsuzu CC-6BG1T
Piston Displacement (L) 6.4946.494
Bore and Stroke (mm) 105 x 125105 x 125
Rated Power ISO 9249, net (kW @ rpm) 132 @ 2150 min-1
Rated Power SAEJ1349, net (kW @ rpm) 132 @ 2150 m-1
Maximum Torque (NM @ rpm)637 @ 1800 min-1
Arm Length of 2.50 m:
Max Digging Reach (mm)9880
Max Digging Depth (mm)6500
Max Dumping Height (mm)6990
Min Dumping Height (mm)3330
Maintenance and Attachments for the Hitachi Zaxis 240

Different arm length options allow the operator improved digging and dumping reach. With an arm length of 2.96 m this Hitachi excavator has a maximum digging reach of 10 290 mm and a maximum digging depth of 6960 mm.

The maximum dumping height for this arm length is 7200 mm while the minimum is 2830 mm. With a 3.61 m arm this excavator has a maximum digging depth of 10910 mm and a maximum digging depth of 6610 mm. The dumping height ranges from 2180 to 7580 mm.

zx240 hitachi excavator maintenance

Image Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The on-line fleet management system makes maintenance of the ZX 240 easy. The Global e-Service makes it simple to review operating information from the comfort of your office. This allows you to review information which is important for maintenance as well as maintenance recommendations.

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