Hyundai H100: The 1.3 ton workhorse you need for your business

Do you own a business? The Hyundai H100 models are fantastic commercial vehicles. Their versatile and trustworthy performance make them an asset to small businesses. If you are looking for commercial vehicles for sale, there are plenty of reasons to consider the H100. Find a Hyundai H100 for sale on

H100 for sale

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The H100’s Exterior

The ceramic white exterior of the Honda 100 complements its robust design. The H100 for sale expertly combines functionality with style. Its sleek lines form a muscular exterior.

The large windscreen, big headlights and wide front grille create a bold impression on the road. Its commanding exterior design inspires confidence.

A look at the Hyundai H100 interior

The interior provides the driver with comfort and convenience. The layout and features are designed to increase driver efficiency. The better the work environment, the better the performance of your staff. Additional space provides the driver with more room to move.

hyundai h100 interior view

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The console is ergonomically designed so that the driver has everything that they need in easy reach. There is plenty of storage space in the Hyundai H100 for sale. A convenient feature of this model is its sunglasses storage compartment. The cup holders are another note-worthy feature. If you are looking for a vehicle with a practical design, then finding a H100 is a good choice.

Payload and Features in the H100 Hyundai

The Hyundai H100 is a powerful workhorse. It is designed to tackle any task or terrain. While it delivers an exceptional performance, it still offers efficient operating costs. Its payload is comparable to that of larger vehicles. Its crew capability is also impressive. It has a dynamic dropside deck.

A note-worthy feature of the H100 for sale is its power steering. The power steering offers both precision and safety. This feature supports the driver and reduces driver fatigue. The steering wheel is height adjustable which contributes to the comfort of the driver.

hyundai h100 for sale

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The Hyundai H100 redefines the light truck category. Its extensive list of features set it apart from the crowd of commercial vehicles on the market today. One of the many reasons to find a Hyundai H100 for sale is its dynamic performance. Its power and tilt steering is another highlight of these vehicles.

All these factors as well as its 2.-litre Diesel engine means that the H100 fares well against its competitors. Its extraordinary performance and design means that it surpasses its competitors with ease.

Customise and Accessorise your H100

You can customise these commercial vehicles for sale from Hyundai with a wide range of accessories. Towbars and bullbars increase its capabilities. The canopy which is available for these models can also come in handy. The H100 accessories mean that you can ensure that your vehicle meets your requirements. Prices start from R 245 900. The H100 has a 1.3 ton load capacity. It is renowned within its category of vehicles.

h100 accessories

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The Hyundai H100 Specifications and Performance

There are three models available including the Euro ii C/C, Euro II Deck and Euro Deck II A/C. Take a look at an overview of the Hyundai H100’s specifications in the table below.

Specifications of the H100 for sale

Capacity (cc)260726072607
Max Power (kW @ rpm)58/400058/400058/4000
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)167/2200167/2200167/2200
Starting PriceR 245 900R 255 900R 267 900

Find a Hyundai H100 for sale on Truck and Trailer and add a capable 1.3 ton vehicle to your fleet today. Not only does it boast an outstanding performance, it also offers support to your drivers. With so many advantages to owning a Hyundai H100 it is easy to see why these commercial vehicles are so popular. If you are a small business manager or a fleet manager, don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your business operations.

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