Hyundai Trucks: The rugged HD72 to tackle any terrain

Rugged, powerful and reliable, the Hyundai HD72 is an awesome truck. With its excellent performance, the HD72 will far exceed your expectations. If you want to learn more about Hyundai trucks for sale, read our blog.

hyundai truck for sale

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

Hyundai in South Africa

Hyundai Motoring Company manufactured their first vehicle in 1967. Since then they have become one of the leading global automotive manufacturers. The first commercial vehicle plant started operations in 1995 in South Korea. Hyundai manufactures 107 600 trucks annually from this facility.

Hyundai Automotive South Africa is responsible for the sale of Hyundai trucks on the local market. Since distribution began, Hyundai Automotive South Africa has seen incredible expansion. Both private and commercial Hyundai vehicles are a common site on South African roads. The auto manufacturer produces both light and medium commercial vehicles. The Hyundai HD72 series is a noteworthy range that is currently available locally.

hyundai hd72 configurations

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The Ruggedly Tough Hyundai HD72 Range

Your truck is part of your company’s image, so owning a truck with a strong exterior is appealing. The durable exterior of the Hyundai trucks in the HD range comes in a ceramic white. The body of the truck expertly combines curves with contemporary lines. Its design embodies its hard-working and capable nature. Its box-type cab together with its core design elements create a progressive appearance. Excellent aerodynamics and better space utilisation are some other reasons to find Hyundai trucks for sale. Defining features of this model include curvaceous cab corners and a roofline which is not interrupted by rain gutters.

Safety is a vital consideration when you are choosing a truck. The Hyundai HD72 series offers incredible active safety features. The 4-chanel ABS integrated Electronic Brake-force Distribution system adds to the appeal of the HD trucks. The system monitors braking and shifts the braking pressure across all four wheels if the wheels lock in challenging road conditions.

hyundai truck for sale

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

Another reason to find Hyundai trucks for sale is their warranty and service plan. The HD models are accompanied by a three year unlimited mileage warranty. These trucks also have a 1 year or 60000 km service plan. Now you can rest easy knowing that it’s easy and cost effective to keep your trucks in excellent working condition.

Comfort is an essential part of the Hyundai HD72 series design. The ergonomical design of the cab’s interior contributes to a reduction in driver fatigue. Not only is the cab comfortable, it also offers the driver extra support. High-back seats are designed to keep the driver comfortable while minimising fatigue. Visibility is increased by the seat position as well as the larger windscreen. With better visibility it is easier for drivers to do their jobs well.

hyundai hd72 interior

Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The design of the HD series truck inspires confidence in drivers nation-wide. Tried and tested over a variety of terrains, it has proved its excellent capabilities time and time again. The lightweight gearshift offers excellent precision. The layout of the instrument panel makes it easy for the driver to access a range of useful information.

Performance and Specifications of the HD72 Range

The HD 72 Hyundai trucks deliver a hassle-free performance. Its innovative technology sets it apart from the crowd. These top quality trucks set the bar high in the manufacturing industry. The powerful engine combined with its reliable and consistent performance make these trucks a great asset to South African businesses.

Equipped with a D4DB diesel engine, each truck for sale in this range delivers impressive performance. Their outstanding reliability adds to their appeal. If you opt for the turbo protection, you will get a truck with an extended engine life and reduced break downs. Take a look at the following table for an overview of the specifications of the HD72 series.

Specifications of the Hyundai HD72 Range

Hyundai 72 C/CHyundai C/C A/CHyundai DropsideHyundai Tipper
EngineD4DB Turbo IntercooledD4DB Turbo IntercooledD4DB Turbo IntercooledD4DB Turbo Intercooled
Capacity (cc)3907390739073907
Max Power (kW)95/2 90095/2 90095/2 90095/2 900
Max Torque Nm @ rpm372/1 800372/1 800372/1 800372/1 800
PriceR 410 286R 427 386R 442 206R 490 086

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