International 9800i trucks exceeding expectations

The heavy-duty International 9800i trucks are designed to exceed your expectations. Their track record of excellence makes them a common sight on South Africa’s roads. If you are looking for a 6×4 truck to add to your fleet, there are plenty of reasons to consider this model. For a hassle-free transportation solution, find International trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

intenational 98i truck

Image source: International Trucks website

International Trucks Overview

The 9800i International trucks boast all-American Driveline Technology. With the selection of Cummins ISX, Eaton-Fuller Manual or Auto Shift transmission as well as Meritor drive axles, the 9800i is a popular transportation solution. Equipped with a 15 litre Cummins ISX engine, these trucks deliver an impressive performance.

Their economic fuel consumption and durability decreases running costs. The braking system improves safety and inspires confidence in drivers even on steep declines. Not only is this a remarkable safety feature, the robust brakes also result in reduced wear.

The benefits of finding International trucks for sale don’t stop there, easy-operation is an advantage too. Easy maintenance results in decreased expenses as well as reduced down time. The cab is designed to provide a comfortable work environment, which in turn boosts productivity.

Comfortable Cab

The International 9800i has a spacious cab with plenty of legroom for the driver. The vast interior offers enough room for the driver to stand up. Its updated air-conditioner system offers extra vents. Another highlight of the cab is its air-suspended seats which can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual drivers.

The seat has been repositioned for increased comfort on these 6×4 trucks. The seatbelts are an important safety feature of these trucks. A convenience feature of the 9800i is its lockable storage compartments. The mid-roof double sleep cab provides a place to rest after longer trips.

These International trucks feature a lower sleeper bunk sized 830mm x 2030mm and the upper bunk also provides enough space for the driver to rest comfortably. The cab features an air-assisted clutch and the windscreens are constructed from tinted curved glass for exceptional visibility. The interior cab design is complemented by a premium grey trim.

Image source: International Trucks website

Outstanding Features

The 9800i boasts an extensive range of awesome features. Affordable parts are available for this 6×4 truck, which along with its easy-to-maintain design, keep running costs down. The good resale value of these trucks adds to their appeal. Their robust design makes second hand models a good investment.

The durability of these International trucks makes them well-suited to the challenging conditions that they are expected to face in Southern Africa. Also noteworthy is their superior payload productivity, which is facilitated by their optimised weight distribution. The 9800i trucks offer great value-for-money.

Their curvaceous cab along with their bumper design decreases aerodynamic drag. The International 9800i features a self-diagnostic test, which warns the driver of prospective operating issues. Troubleshooting is made easier by colour coded air lines.

The Cummins 15 engine offers the distinctive ability to configure the engine software according to the task at hand. The bottom line of this impressive feature is a more efficient fuel consumption. With Cummins ECM downloads you can review comprehensive fuel consumption information as well as driving data.

9800i truck by international trucks

Image source: International Trucks website

International 9800i Specifications

The 9800i International trucks have a 3759 mm wheelbase with a turning radius of 10200 mm. The electronic road speed governor adds to the convenience of operation. The Ross TAS-65 steering includes an extra gear. The tilting telescopic steering column is a note-worthy feature of these trucks.

Another advantage to driving this 6×4 truck is its cruise control. It is equipped with an Eaton-Fuller Auto Shift transmission with 18 forward gears. Equipped with a 4-cycle, in-line Cummins ISX engine, these trucks deliver an impressive performance. For an overview of their specifications, take a look at the table below.

Displacement14 946 litres
Peak power (SAE)350 kW @ 1 600 rpm
Maximum Torque2 237 Nm @ 1 100 – 1 500 rpm
Bore and stroke137 mm x 169 mm
GVM28 409 kg
GCM71 000 kg
Fuel tank capacity870 litres

Now that you know more about what the 9800i has to offer, take a look at the International trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer. These top quality heavy-duty trucks are well-suited to transporting goods over long distances. The International 9800i has proven its capabilities and gained the respect of transportation companies nation-wide.

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