Isuzu Tipper Trucks: Designed to meet demanding conditions

If you are in the market for a heavy to extra-heavy duty tipper truck for sale, this post is for you. Today the Truck and Trailer team investigates the FX Series of Trucks from Isuzu, taking a closer look at the FXZ Isuzu Tipper Truck for sale.


Image Source: Isuzu Trucks Website.

A Short History of Isuzu Trucks in South Africa

General Motors South Africa (GMSA) and Isuzu Motors Limited entered into a joint venture in 2007, resulting in the formation of Isuzu Trucks South Africa (Pty) Limited. This new venture from these two giants in the industry took over both the distribution as well as the support of these truck brands to all the right-hand drive countries in Africa. These countries ranged to include Mauritius, Zambia and Mozambique, to name but a few examples.


Isuzu Motors Limited holds a 70% stake in Isuzu Trucks South Africa (Pty) Limited while GMSA holds 30%. The first Isuzu branded trucks sold, were sold at GMSA truck dealers that existed at that time and, in order to match Isuzu Trucks South Africa (Pty) Limited’s commitment, facility upgrades were made, today extending to include 35 dealers with state-of-the-art facilities to match the needs of both existing as well as prospective owners.

Taking its rank in the top four medium to extra heavy truck manufacturers in South Africa, Isuzu also holds a ranks as one of Australia’s leading suppliers.

With great local support, finding used Isuzu trucks for sale is also a viable and more affordable option.

FX Series of Isuzu Trucks for sale

Consisting of eight models, including a tipper truck for sale, the FX Series of Isuzu Truck were manufactured to serve in the heavy to extra-heavy sector of the commercial vehicle industry. It’s great on the highway and on rugged construction sites.


Image Source: Isuzu Trucks Website.

The trucks in this series boast a turbocharged engine, common rail diesel injection coupled with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), delivering a commercial vehicle that not only measures in below the Euro 2 emission specification, but a vehicle that delivers the best possible economy as well.

Isuzu has also equipped these commercial beasts with a nine speed gearbox standard, featuring a crawler mode that aids in the pull-off on steeper gradients. Safety is another factor not overlooked by Isuzu, even when it comes to the Isuzu Tipper Truck for sale in the range.

The FX Series features not only a rigid cab, but a sophisticated braking system that also makes use of engine exhaust brakes and ABS stopping power.


Image Source: Isuzu Trucks Website.

In terms of the rigid cab, you can also expect to find additional safeguards such as the seatbelts as well the door beams. These cabs are also equipped with driver side airbags, delivering a cab that is safer. Convenience was also not overlooked in these FX Series models, the cab boasting electric windows, a radio and air conditioning.

The FX Series consists of the following eight derivatives:

  • FXR 170-360 (Freightliner)
  • FZX 26-360
  • FXZ 28-360 (Compactor)
  • FXZ (Mixer)
  • FXZ (Tipper)
  • GXR 35-360 (Tractor)
  • GXR 40-360 (Retarder)
  • GXZ 45-360 (Retarder)

Today, the Truck and Trailer team wanted to focus on the Isuzu Tipper Truck in the FX series – the FXZ Tipper.

The FXZ Tipper from Isuzu Trucks

If you are looking for a trustworthy tipper truck for sale, the FXZ 26-360 6×4 Tipper is a great option. Part of the FX Series of Isuzu trucks for sale, the FXZ Tipper shares the stunning features and details of its siblings in the series.

The cabs of these trucks feature an adjustable driver seat with air suspension, a fixed centre and assistant seat, as well as a heater and demister.

Specially designed to meet the demands of tipper conditions and applications, the FXZ 26-360 6X4 Tipper Truck features a chassis dedicated to tipper applications as well as a perfect wheelbase, creating a truck that will meet the tough needs set out by your heavy duty applications.


Image Source: Isuzu Trucks Website.

With double acting shock absorbers in both the front and rear, the front suspensions of this Tipper Truck models consists of a Multi Leaf Spring Suspension with a stabiliser bar, while the rear suspension of this model consist of a Multi Leaf Main Spring with a Helper Spring.

Equipped with an intercooled, turbocharged 6UZ1-TCC model engine, the FXZ Tipper Truck meets Euro 3 Emission Standards and has a nine speed synchromesh transmission. Delivering a maximum speed of 107 kilometres per hour, it has an engine displacement of 9 839 cm³ and a clutch diameter of 432 millimetres (with a total friction area of 1 923 cm²).


This tipper from Isuzu is equipped with drum brakes in the rear and front, and also offers power steering. With adjustable steering, these Isuzu trucks have RR Vertical Air Intakes, an Isuzu F075 front axle and an Isuzu TR210 rear axle.

Technical Specifications of the FXZ Isuzu Tipper Truck

Engine Displacement (in cm³)9 839
Compression Ratio 17.5:1
Number of Cylinders6
Bore x Stroke (in millimetres)120 x 145
Output265 kW @ 2 000 rpm
Torque1 422 Nm @ 1 400 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity (in litres)200
Manufacturer’s GVM (in kilogrammes)25 500
Permissible GVM (in kilogrammes)25 500
Total Tare Mass (in kilogrammes)8 000
Rear Axle Tare Mass (in kilogrammes)3 690
Front Axle Tare Mass (in kilogrammes)4 040
Rear Gross Axle Mass Load (in kilogrammes)21 000
Front Gross Axle Mass Load (in kilogrammes)7 500
Permissible Front Axle Load (in kilogrammes)7 500
Permissible Rear Axle Load (in kilogrammes)18 000
Approximate body and Payload (in kilogrammes)17 500

In terms of dimensions, the Isuzu FXZ 26-360 6×4 Tipper has an overall length of 9 305 millimetres, an overall width of 2 490 millimetres and an overall height of 2 980 millimetres. This tipper truck also has a rear axle width of 2 520 millimetres, a wheelbase of 4 330 millimetres, a rear track measuring in at 1 850 millimetres and a front track measuring in at 2 065 millimetres.

Ready to find the ultimate Isuzu Tipper Truck for sale? With a wide selection of commercial vehicles, you are sure to find a Tipper Truck for sale that will meet your needs. Browse through today or download the FREE Truck and Trailer App from the Google Play store to find tiptop used Isuzu trucks for sale!

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