Iveco trucks with outstanding aerodynamic performance

Iveco trucks are designed to deliver a powerful performance while reducing maintenance and operating costs. Iveco trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer were developed to meet the needs of business operations, enhancing the productivity and efficiency.

682 iveco truck

Image Source: Iveco Website / Product Brochure.

The Iveco Brand

Iveco is a renowned manufacturer of commercial trucks. With operations on five continents, the company sells their products across the globe. Iveco is dedicated to continuous development which advances the industry and produces superior transportation solutions. Their product range includes light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

There are 18 Sales and Service dealers as well as an additional 11 Service Dealers located in Southern Africa. The dealer network strengthens the Iveco brand on the local market. Iveco’s reputation for high quality and trustworthy products adds to the appeal of their trucks.

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An Overview of the Iveco 682

The Iveco 682 is distinctive to the Iveco brand. Its exceptional STRALIS cab has won awards. Its V-shape front grille sets it apart from the crowd. Other distinguishing features of these Iveco trucks are the integrated headlamps and the cutting-edge side deflectors. The sleek high roof design enhances the powerful exterior design of these trucks.

The 682 features a contemporary cab that has an outstanding aerodynamic design. Not only does the design of the Iveco 682 create a powerful presence on the road, it is exceptionally practical too.

682 iveco trucks for sale

Image Source: Iveco Website.

The low engine hood and cabin dimensions offer plenty of space in the interior. With a height of 2200 mm the cabin supports the driver by creating a comfortable environment to work and relax in. The huge windscreen improves visibility which enhances safety and efficiency.

The adjustable steering wheel further contributes to the comfort features of this model. The ergonomical layout of the controls decreases driver fatigue. Not only is the Iveco 682 easy to operate, it is also easy to maintain. Its convenient maintenance results in decreased maintenance expenses and a lowered downtime.

Another reason to find Iveco trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer is their state-of-the-art electronic system. As has come to be expected of IVECO trucks the 682 features innovative technology. A highlight of this model is its multifunctional display. Its CAN-BUS technology is also note-worthy.

iveco trucks for sale

Image Source: Iveco Website.

Cab options for this Iveco for sale include the high and low roof Sleeper and day cab. The artic version has a flat floor which offers additional comfort. Equipped with an IVECO FIAT POWERTRAIN CURSOR 9 and CURSOR 13 engine, the performance of the 682 Iveco trucks is better than ever.

Performance of the 682 Iveco Trucks for sale

The reliable performance of Iveco 682 adds to their appeal. Innovative common rail fuel injection further enhances the capabilities of these engines. The extensive range of derivatives in this range deliver variations of torque that start at 1000 rpm. The low engine weight contributes to a lighter kerb weight while maintaining a superior fuel economy as well as reduced maintenance costs.

682 iveco truck

Image Source: Iveco Website.

The Cursor 9 is equipped with a 8.7 litre 6-cylinder engine which delivers 290 hp or 340 hp. The Cursor 13, which is only available for the on-road trucks, has an inline 6-cylinder 12.8 litre engine. The Cursor 13 delivers 430 hp.

When you find an Iveco for sale, you know that you are getting a reliable performance. Hub reduction rear axles are available for the 682 trucks. Single reduction rear axles are available for the on-road derivatives. The extensive range of rear axle ratios allows you to choose the ratio that best meets your requirements.

The rear axle ratios offer good traction, fast speeds as well as an economic fuel consumption. These trucks have single 8mm chassis with 8mm plus 4mm chassis for the Tipper derivatives. There is an option of a 9 or 12 speed mechanical transmission for these trucks. Durable and reliable springs are available with an option between parabolic springs or semi-elliptical springs.

iveco 682 truck

Image Source: Iveco Website / Product Brochure.

Safety is an important consideration when you are looking for Iveco trucks. The reliable brakes of the 682 trucks have ABS. This braking system offers protection to both the driver and the truck.

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