JCB Backhoe – The best of both with the 1CX and 1CXT

If you are in the market for a versatile JCB backhoe loader for sale, you might want to consider the functional Skid Steer Backhoe Loader range. The JCB 1CX and JCB 1CXT backhoes are a unique combination that have the versatility, compactness and high performance to create a combination that is the best of both worlds.

The pushing power, stability and solid ground performance of this combination creates a powerful machine that can be used in various sectors to improve productivity. Anyone who has used a backhoe loader will appreciate the durability of this machine.

Through its superior build the JCB manages to deliver tremendous pushing power at relatively low levels of fuel consumption while retaining its durability for long periods of time.

1cx and 1cxt jcb backhoe loader

Image Source: JCB South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Design of the 1CX and 1CXT JCB Backhoe Loader

The new JCB gives you the performance of two machines in one. This unique offering manages to deliver a backhoe with both a front end of a skid steer loader and an excavator arm of a mini thereby ensuring that you have the ability to perform more than one job without needing to change the backhoe’s attachments.

Much can be said about the JCB 1CX’s ability to dig and reach much deeper than other backhoes in its class. The skid steer that has been fitted into the JCB works well to make this machine more effective at digging and reaching deeper. Making it a very effective backhoe particularly if you intend to use this machine in construction sites.

It is quite interesting how JCB managed to build a backhoe that has the ability to make a full 360 degree turn on its own axis. What this means for you is that if you intend to use the JCB backhoe loader in cramped spaces you will not struggle operating the machine effectively as you will not need to utilize too much space to effectively use the JCB to its fullest capacity. This means that you can use the JCB in numerous settings such as basement areas and city centres without having to move the vehicle out of your construction site.

1cx jcb backhoe loader

Image Source: JCB South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

If you instead want to get a backhoe that is more suitable for excavation performance you should probably opt for the 1CXT as this model comes built with the ability to perform at an improved rate. According to JCB’s official stats, the JCB 1CXT has up to a 14% improvement on its shovel capacity and better stability over rough terrain.

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Build of the 1CX and 1CXT JCB Backhoe

As stated in the opening paragraph this JCB backhoe loader has been built to last. The particular design of the JCB ensures that this precision machine has a high level of tolerance and has the ability to deliver superior accuracy in locating pins and bushes.

All the steelwork used to build the JCB was shot blasted and washed in phosphate cleaner. After this process the steelwork was then oven baked. All this was done to elongate the longevity of the machine’s body.

On top of this durable build the backhoe loader comes built with a heavy duty single- chassis that gives the JCB even more stability and durability. The chassis also plays a performance role by minimizing any downtime you can expect with the JCB.

1cxt backhoe loader from jcb

Image Source: JCB South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

You can rest easy knowing that these backhoes have been quality tested under extreme conditions to ensure that they operate optimally in all environments. All the materials used to build the backhoes have been tested under extreme temperatures and have been exposed to oil, light, chemical and salt in order to ensure that the backhoes remain protected from these elements and chemicals even in the most hostile of conditions.

Productivity features

When it comes to productivity the JCB comes with a greater lifting capacity courtesy of the standard skid steer hitch. The unique design of the 1CX also translates to a 25% improvement on the JCB 1CX’s dump angle and 15% improvement on its breakout ability. The JCB comes at a height of around 2.59 metres. This great height advantage gives the JCB greater ability for smooth loading into side lorries.

With the JCB you are guaranteed that your backhoe will always stay level even during raising and lowering this is mostly as a result of the JCB’s standard fit four ram geometry that comes with parallel lift functionality.

This backhoe loader can dig as deep as 3.05 metres and has a very deep reach of up to 3.91 metres. What is even more impressive is that the JCB manages to deliver these stats while simultaneously reducing the amount of machine movement needed to dig that deep, giving the JCB increased productivity.

jcb backhoe loader for sale

Image Source: JCB South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

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Cab and Safety Features

Regarding the cab and safety features, the JCB backhoe loader comes with a cab that is built with a fully integrated heating system and optional air-conditioning making the cab a very comfortable cab to sit in.

The JCB comes built with a Power Management System that serves as a safety feature by introducing a robust and reliable anti-stall system and that allows for the safe and speedy connection of the hydraulic system.

Specifications of the 1CX and 1CXT JCB Backhoe Loaders

Here is a detailed breakdown of the specifications to expect with these JCB models:

JCB 1CX - WheeledJCB 1CXT - Tracked
Max Torque140 Nm @ 1800 rpm140 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Approach Angle52 degrees60 degrees
Ground Clearance180 mm260 mm
Emissions StandardStage EC Stage IIIAStage EC Stage IIIA
Dump Height2.10 metres2.21 metres
Shovel Capacity0.28 metres cubed0.36 metres cubed

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