The John Deere 6115D Row Crop Tractor lightens your agri load

Reliable, efficient and durable, the 6115 Row Crop John Deere tractor is an excellent investment. Owning a capable farm tractor helps to improve the productivity of your business. You can find a John Deere tractor for sale on AgriMag.

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The 6115D row crop tractor is equipped with a John Deere PowerTech engine that delivers 85 kW of power. This model features a 2 494.8kg rear hitch capacity and an optional 3 311.2kg hitch. The 6115D is available with a cab or as an open-station variation, and you can choose between a drive configuration of two or four wheels. One option is the 12F/4R Top Shaft Synchronised transmission. Other options include the 12F/12R PowrReverser or the 24F/8R TSS Hi-Lo variation. The 24F/12R PowrReverser Plus is also available for this model. With its range of useful features, it’s easy to see why finding a 6115D Row Crop tractors for sale are a popular option.

Main features

The selection of four transmission options increases the accuracy of your business operations. Both the 24F/8R TSS Hi-Lo and the 24F/12R PowerReverser Plus variations offer you the choice of 24 forward speeds. The impressive selection allows you to choose the speed that is right for the task at hand, which enhances the precision of job completion. The push-button controls on the forward lever make it easy to switch between high and low speeds. The 24F/12R PowrReverse Plus variation offers you a wet clutch and platform-mounted shift levers. Another advantage of this variation is its constant-mesh, helical gears. Other highlights include its pressure-lubricated top shaft and its natural start switch. The 6D Series PowrReverser transmission is well-suited to situations that require a high-performance farm tractor. This variation is well-suited to completing tasks in tight areas. If you’re working in barns or feedlots, owning this model is particularly advantageous.

john deere tractor, john deere tractor for sale, tractors for sale, farm tractor

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Performance specifications

The 6115D Row Crop John Deere tractor is equipped with a 4.5-L PowerTech engine, which is a diesel engine that provides a torque rise of up to 25 percent. The 6115D has an engine displacement of 4.5L with a rated engine speed of 2 100 rpm. It has Tier 3 emission levels. The benefit of this engine is that it’s durable and convenient to maintain. This high-performance engine delivers an outstanding torque as well as economic fuel efficiency. State-of-the-art technology ensures that you get excellent value for your money when you find a John Deere tractor for sale.


When you find the 6D series cab tractors for sale, you also get a comfortable work environment for the operator, which helps to boost efficiency. Safety is enhanced by the rollover protective structure. The cab provides a climate-controlled workspace, offering protection from the exterior weather conditions and from noise. The floor and steering column are both built into the cab, which results in lower noise levels as well as offering protection from dust. A mechanical cloth seat or an air suspension seat are available for these tractors. The spacious cab is designed to minimise vibration, which decreases operator fatigue. Air-conditioning maintains a pleasant temperature inside the cab. The cab layout is designed to maximise visibility for increased efficiency and safety.

john deere tractor, john deere tractor for sale, tractors for sale, farm tractor

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Now that you know more about the 6115D Row Crop John Deere tractors, you can find one for sale online and experience the benefits of owning these tractors for yourself.

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