Komatsu PC200: The answer to land and environment optimisation

Are you looking for excavators for sale? Komatsu excavators are designed to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively. These machines have features which offer the operator extra support while boosting productivity. Today we touch on the Komatsu brand and highlight the Komatsu PC200 Excavator.

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The Komatsu Brand

Komatsu is dedicated to offering quality earthmoving equipment as well as excellent services to their clients in Southern Africa. Their products are designed to add value to their clients’ operations. Komatsu Southern Africa has a history of success which dates back to 1962 when the D80-6 bulldozer was showcased at the Rand Easter show.

The D80-6 and D50-11 were made available in South Africa during 1963. With its outstanding products Komatsu continued to thrive both locally and internationally. In recognition of their achievements Komatsu Southern Africa received Presidential Award twice.

With over 50 years of experience in South Africa and a commitment to innovation, Komatsu produces equipment that you can trust. If you are looking for a Komatsu excavator for sale take a look at our review of the Komatsu PC200.

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Highlights of the Komatsu PC200

The Komatsu PC200 excavator has a big, low-noise cab. The rigid cab design has outstanding sound absorption capabilities. The structure of the cab as well as the low noise engine contributes to an excavator which has noise levels that can be compared to those of a passenger vehicle. The spacious interior contributes to the comfort of the operator.

The Komatsu PC200’s low vibrations and ergonomical layout decrease driver fatigue which translates into better productivity. The operator seat, console and armrest supports the driver by maintaining the correct operational posture which further reduces fatigue. The seat has a reclining backrest for additional comfort.

Optional features such as an air filter and increased air pressure stop dust from reaching the inside of the cab. The colour LCD monitor supports the operator so that tasks are performed precisely and safely. The clear display allows the operator to access data and functions at different angles and in a range of lighting conditions.

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Image Source: Komatsu Website / Product Brochure.

This Komatsu excavator for sale also comes with optional automatic air conditioning, making it easy to regulate the interior temperature of the PC200’s cab. It is simple to adjust the temperature settings on the LCD screen. Another highlight of this feature is its bi-level control function. By activating the defroster the operator can maintain visibility through the front glass.

Another reason to find a Komatsu excavator for sale is that these machines are designed for easy maintenance. The easy maintenance of the PC200-8 reduces operational costs and increases efficiency. The engine oil and hydraulic filters need to be replaced less frequently than other models which decreases costs and increases efficiency.

The remote mounted engine makes it easy to reach filters and valves that need to be replaced. Its side-by-side cooling feature means that the cooling section can be removed and reconnected without any hassle. The EMMS monitoring system further supports the maintenance process of the Komatsu PC200.

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Safety and Cutting Edge Tech in the Komatsu PC200 Excavator

Safety is an important consideration when you are looking for excavators for sale and the strong cab of the PC200 is designed to offer additional protection to the operator. The seatbelt helps to protect the operator if a rollover takes place.

The operator can engage the lock lever to stop accidental movement. Visibility is increased by large side mirrors as well as the side and back mirrors. These features ensure that the Komatsu PC200 is compliant with ISO visibility stipulations.

komatsu pc200 cab

Image Source: Komatsu Website / Product Brochure.

A rear view monitoring system is available for this model. Images on the colour monitor screen give the operator an even clearer view of what is behind them.

When it comes to finding an excavator, Komatsu’s cutting-edge technology sets their machines apart from the crowd. State-of-the-art technology is used to create durable engines that have a lower fuel consumption.

The E-mode and Eco gauge contribute to the environmentally-friendly performance of the PC200 Komatsu Excavator. Two working modes allow the operator to select the mode according to the task. P mode focuses on offering maximum power and quick equipment speed.

E mode focuses on fuel efficiency. This mode is best suited to light duty tasks. The monitor panel makes it easy to switch between modes in accordance with the task. The idle caution notification appears on the monitor if idle time exceeds 5 minutes. This helps to reduce fuel wastage.

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Some Specs and Number of the PC200 Komatsu Excavator

The Komatsu PC200 has a water-cooled, 4-cycle engine with 6 cyclinders. The SAE J1995 model delivers 155 hp while the SAF J1349 delivers 148 of horsepower at 2000 rpm. These excavators have a counterweight ground clearance of 1085 mm.

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Image Source: Komatsu Website / Product Brochure.

Arm lengths include 1840 mm, 2410 mm and 2925 mm options .It has a swing speed of 12.4 rpm. Operating weights range from 194 00 kgs to 21460 kgs.

With Komatsu’s reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable equipment, finding a used excavator for sale from this brand is a good option. Whether you are buying new or used machines its worth taking a look at what Komatsu has to offer.

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