Konecranes forklift trucks are ‘smarter where it matters’

Looking for forklifts for sale that can survive heavy duty applications? Konecranes forklift trucks might be exactly what you need. Offering a wide range of models suited for heavy duty applications in a wide selection of industries, you might just find your dream forklift from Konecranes.

A quick look at Konecranes

In the business of manufacturing heavy duty forklift trucks for around 60 years now, Konecranes is a well-known brand in the industry, its first truck manufactured way back in the fifties. Looking at the Konecranes forklift trucks, you’ll find lifting capacities for almost every need, offering models from 10 to 18 tons, 18 to 33 tons and 37 to 65 tons.


Konecranes offers services in around 10 countries directly, and in over 80 countries indirectly.

Applicable in special material handing applications, these heavy duty beasts boast the latest tech and a range of extra equipment.

Some of the industries in which these fork lift trucks for sale find application includes logistics, mining (aluminium and steel), construction, manufacturing, shipyard applications and the automotive industry.

Overview of the features of Konecranes Forklift Trucks

With box type chassis built to withstand in hard conditions, the fork lift trucks from Konecranes have a range of features offering great advantages.

Available with a selection of engines for various EU regulatory stages, these forklift trucks are equipped with low emission engines that produce high torques at low revolutions. A reduced fuel consumption and low noise levels are two more advantages to look forward to.

konecranes forklift truck

Image Source: Konecranes South Africa Website.

Equipped with powerful diesel engines (Cummins, Scania or Volvo), safety features you can look forward to include a suppression and fire alarm system as well as the NearGuard System, capable of warning the driver of nearby workers and obstacles. Optional safety features available come in the form of Parking Distance Control, a camera supervision system and even a breath analyser.

The ErgoCab is designed to be functional and comfortable at the same time. Offering great visibility, the cabs are equipped with an EMC (Electronic Machine Control) Master system that gives the operator all the needed information – from the lifting controls to engine monitoring.

Air conditioning, a seat featuring compressor suspension and even cabin heating are some of the features you can expect to find in Konecranes Forklift Trucks. You also have the option of selecting steering options – joystick panel, joystick or steering wheel – and XL and XXL cabins.

Load sensing hydraulics means that the forklift truck is capable of sensing the weight of the load and then adjusting the power needed in order to lift that load. Because only the needed power is applied in order to lift the load, fuel is used efficiently, in turn helping with a reduction in both noise and emissions.

The forklifts for sale are also equipped with continuous oil cooling allowing for great braking capacity without the high maintenance.

fork lift truck from konecranes

Image Source: Konecranes US Website.

With a variety lifting mast choices, including Triplex and Duplex, owners also have the advantages of a ‘quick change’ fork system along with a range of attachments to choose from, available from Konecranes.

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Because these powerful fork lift trucks find application in such a wide range of industries, you can be sure to find a large variety of attachment options from Konecranes. Some of the available attachments for Konecranes forklift trucks include:

Fork and Carriage Combinations:

  • Standard fork carriage that has integrated forks, fork positioning and sideshift.
  • Carriages with reinforced forks (suited for round cargo).
  • Carriages with kissing forks (suited for steel applications).

Coil Rams:

  • Single coil rams with a fork shaft.
  • A double coil ram with a fork shaft.
coil ram attachment

Image Source: Konecranes US Website.

Lifting Masts:

  • A two stage duplex mast with freelift as well as a two stage Duplex mast with no freelift.
  • Three stage Triplex mast with freelift.
  • For sensitive cargo a carriage with one levelling fork or a centre levelling fork is also available.
  • A carriage with a multi-function fork shaft system.
attachments for konecranes forklift trucks

Image Source: Konecranes US Website.

Fork and Fork Shaft Systems (FFS)

  • A hook type fork shaft system.
  • Pin type fork shaft systems.

Other attachments:

  • A fork rotator carriage.
  • Various versions of a concrete tube clamp.
  • A single or double multiple paper roll clamp.

Note that this is by no means the complete list of attachments but merely an example of what is available from Konecranes. Pipe clamps, tube clamps and fork extensions are also available for Konecranes forklift trucks.

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Specifications and Data of the Fork Lift Trucks from Konecranes

Offering heavy duty fork lift trucks for sale, we wanted to highlight some of the specifications and data associated with these forklifts. Offering a comprehensive range, we are tackling these specs in the data tables below.

fork lift trucks for sale

Image Source: Konecranes South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Technical Specifications and data for the 10 to 18 ton fork lift trucks

Offering various forklifts for sale within the 10 to 18 ton range, the Engine Power for these models are between 147 kW and 201 kW. The models in this range have a forward and reverse (unloaded and at the rated load) speed of 30 kilometres per hour.

With a minimum torque of 700 Nm and a maximum torque of 1 180 Nm, these forklifts have a lifting height of 4 000 millimetres (or 4 metres) and the following lifting capacities:

Model NameLifting Capacity
SMV 10-600 B10 000 kg
SMV 12-600 B12 000 kg
SMV 13.6-600 B13 600 kg
SMV 10-1200 B10 000 kg
SMV 12-1200 B12 000 kg
SMV 15-1200 B15 000 kg
SMV 16-600 B16 000 kg
SMV 16-900 B16 000 kg
SMV 16-1200 B16 000 kg
SMV 18-600 B18 000 kg
SMC 18-900 B18 000 kg

Technical Specifications of the 18 to 33 ton fork lift trucks

The models categorised in the 18 to 33 ton range of forklift trucks have a lifting height of 4 000 millimetres, (3 100 mm for the SMV 28-1200 B RoRo SMV 32-1200 B RoRo models) and a minimum power output of 180 kW and a maximum power output of 201 kW. Minimum torque for these models are 990 Nm and maximum torque comes in at 1 180 Nm.

Model NameLifting Capacity
SMV 18-1200 B18 000 kg
SMV 20-1200 B20 000 kg
SMV 22-1200 B22 000 kg
SMV 23.6-1200 B23 000 kg
SMV 28-1200 B28 000 kg
SMV 32-1200 B32 000 kg
SMV 33-1200 B33 000 kg
SMV 28-1200 B RoRo28 000 kg
SMV 32-1200 B RoRo32 000 kg

Specification of the 37 to 65 Konecranes Forklift Trucks

Also having a lifting height 4 000 millimetres, the 37 to 65 ton fork lift trucks for sale have a minimum power output of 26 kW and a maximum power output of 294 kW. Minimum torque for these models come in at 1 640 Nm with the maximum torque coming in at 2 172 Nm.

Model NameLifting Capacity
SMV 37-1200 B37 000 kg
SMV 42-1200 B42 000 kg
SMV 45-1200 B45 000 kg
SMV 50-1200 B50 000 kg
SMV 52-1200 B52 000 kg
SMV 60-1200 B60 000 kg
SMV 65-1200 B65 000 kg

Note that Konecranes fork lift trucks come with a variety of engine options to choose from. The engine options for the SMV 10-600 B to SMV 28-900 B models include a Volvo TAD-620-VE, a Volvo TAD-561-VE and a Volvo TAD-660-VE. Models falling within the 37 to 65 ton range come with engine options that include a Volvo TAD-130-VE, a Scania DC-13-077 and a Cummins QSM-11-C335, to name but three of the eight available options.

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