Landini Tractors: Creating foundations for the future

Landini tractors are designed to get the job done. If you want to maximise the productivity of your business, consider finding tractors for sale from this reputable brand. When it comes to tractors for sale in South Africa, Landini is a popular option. With their impeccable reputation it is easy to see why they are preferred by various businesses in the agricultural sector. If you are looking for tractors for sale, here is useful information to help you decide which model to buy.


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A brief history of Landini

Landini sells agricultural products across the globe. With their reputation for reliability and excellence finding used tractors for sale in South Africa from this brand is a good option. Their experience in the industry is evident in the tradition of the Landini products. Their expertise is used to craft equipment that offers a superior performance. Not only do they have an impressive range of products, they also offer good after-sales service. With an expansive range and modern designs it is easy to see why finding Landini equipment for sale is a popular option in South Africa. The confidence of their customers in the Landini products has also contributed to their success.


In 2000 Landini partnered with highly esteemed companies such as McCormick and Gallignani. Through their partnership the companies have shared technical knowledge as well as strengthening their sales with a co-operative network.


Historically the Landini name is associated with excellence. Their strength is in their medium power equipment which has maximum power outputs between 35 and 123 kW. These machines are ideal for use in vineyards and orchards. They also achieve great results in open field applications. Their advanced technology maximises the production of agricultural businesses by improving the efficiency of farming techniques. The equipment boasts outstanding operator results as well as economic machine utilisation. The trustworthiness of the Landini brand and the durable products contribute to their success. By buying equipment from a reliable brand you can increase the productivity of your business while saving money on maintenance costs.


If you are interested in finding tractors for sale from Landini, take a look at their two latest ranges. True to Landini’s reputation, the 7000 series and 9000 series tractors both offer an impressive performance.

7000 Series Landini Tractors


The 7000 Series provides operators with a dynamic performance and versatility. If you are purchasing an equal-wheel tractor, you can choose between the IS and AR models. The IS offers you front wheel steering while the AR model has articulated steering. Both models have a reversible driving position. Both the 7070 and the 7080 are equipped with FPT Tier 3 engines. These engines have a maximum power that is between 65 and 75 hp. The excellent design of the rear hitch gives the operator the capacity to lift 2300 kgs. An optional joystick control is available for these models. You can also choose between a cab or platform design. The 7070 IS-AR has a Tier3 engine with a FPT constructor as well as mechanical direct injection. It has a maximum power of 65 kW and a rated speed of 2300 rpm. The maximum torque of this model is 265 rpm. It has an engine displacement of 3200 cm³ with 4Turbo cylinders and 8 valves. Water cooling is standard and it has a fuel capacity of 60L. The minimum ground clearance of this model is 310 mm while the maximum is 295 mm.

9000 Series Landini Tractors

The 9000 Series Landini tractor is another useful option. The IS model offers front wheel steering while the AR offers articulated steering. Both models have a reversible driving position for extra flexibility. If you want to find a 9000 series Landini for sale you can choose between the 9095 and the 90105 models. The maximum power for these tractors is between 88 and 95 hp. The rear hitch allows the operator to lift a maximum of 2300 kgs. The 9095 IS-AR model has a FPT constructor as well as a mechanical direct injection. It delivers a maximum power of 88 kW and a rated speed of 2300. It has a maximum torque of 350 at a speed of 1300. The engine has a displacement of 3200 cm³ with 4 turbo cylinders.


If you are looking for a used Landini for sale take a look at some of the great deals on Truck and Trailer and AgriMag. Here are some great examples of high quality tractors for sale on AgriMag:

Landini MK 10000 Tractors

A Landini MK 10000 tractor is for sale on Truck and Trailer. This model is priced at R 95 000 plus VAT. It has 4×4 capabilities.


Landini Landpower 135 Tractor

You can buy a Landini Landpower tractor for R 435 000 plus VAT. This 2012 model has a power output of 98 kW and has completed 2700 hours.


Looking for high quality tractors for sale? Browse through the available models on AgriMag, proudly powered by Truck and Trailer, to find the ideal Landini Tractors for sale that will get the job done.

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Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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