Liebherr R944 Crawler Excavators

Looking for a Liebherr excavator for sale capable of handling quarrying operations? The Liebherr R944 comes built with state-of-the-art technology that allows for easier driving and greater productivity in the construction field.

Not only does the Liebherr excavator come built with state-of-the-art technology, the R944 is also built with a high level of performance ability. If you choose to buy this excavator you will immediately notice how well it performs in various conditions. This is a very versatile and durable excavator that has the amazing ability to perform well regardless of the conditions the excavator operates in.

liebherr crawler excavator

Image Source: Liebherr South Africa Website.

Features of the Liebherr R944

A number of features have been built into the crawler excavator. Firstly Liebherr has built a hydraulic system that guides the excavator’s lifting hook. This hydraulic system helps improve the hook’s productivity capability by ensuring the prioritization of the hook’s swing function making it move a lot easier and quicker.

In addition to this, the hydrostatic fan drive also has the ability to reduce the power needed to operate the lifting hook. The direct result of this feature is a reduction in fuel consumption.

Another feature that has been built into the Liebherr R944 that is worth mentioning is undercarriage. The undercarriage has been built using very durable steel plates that are well sealed and greased. This ensures that the structure of the undercarriage remains very solid for a longer period of time.

liebherr excavator r944

Image Source: Liebherr South Africa Website.

The robust nature of this Liebherr excavator’s undercarriage also simultaneously ensures that the undercarriage maintains a high level of stability while allowing for safe and easy transportation. This is also made possible by the inclusion of a single piece track guide at each of the excavator’s track frames.

It is also important to talk about the ReGeneration Plus feature. This is an additional feature that helps guide and control the lifting hook. This ReGeneration Plus feature allows for quicker attachment lowering, and the optimization of lowering and regeneration features to reduce pressure loss when lowering the hook, making the process a lot safer and more energy and fuel efficient.

A lot of features have also been added to this crawler excavator’s interior. The operator’s cab comes built with displays that allow the driver to view engine information to take note of any potential issues that may arise with the excavator’s engine.

The operator’s cab also comes built with a door that has a sliding window, mechanical hour meters and an inside rear mirror. These are fairly standard features however they do make the excavator’s interior more driver friendly. In addition to this the cab also comes built with an MP3 radio with both USB and SD-Card support to keep the driver entertained at all times. A few additional features have also been added for storage purposes.

A cloth hook and a closed storage space has been built into the vehicle to ensure that there is extra space that the driver can utilize to store small items in the operator cab. The cab also comes with a floor mat that can be removed easily and cleaned as and when the need arises.

liebherr r944 excavator for sale

Image Source: Liebherr South Africa Website.

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Reliability and economy of the R944 crawler excavator

As highlighted in previous paragraphs, the Liebherr R944 has been built to be very durable and versatile. A lot of the excavator’s core components have been manufactured by highly skilled staff in Germany and Switzerland.

The standards followed in manufacturing these parts ensure that the excavator meets a minimum standard of quality thus maximizing the inherent reliability of this excavator.

When it comes to comfort the excavator’s operator cab comes built with numerous features that prioritise the driver’s comfort. The cab has been built with a driver’s seat that come with a console that makes the seat adjustable in 4 different ways; sideways and back and forth. The addition of a sun roller blind also helps ensure that the driver can drive the excavator comfortably even when facing the sunlight.

liebherr excavator for sale

Image Source: Liebherr South Africa Website.

An additional comfort feature that has been built into the crawler excavator is the automatic conditioning system. This system was built with a defroster allowing the driver to operate the excavator comfortably in all weather conditions.

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Performance and specifications of the R944 Liebherr excavator

In terms of performance, as mentioned in previous paragraphs the excavator performs at a high level. The engine comes built with a speed sensing control that allows for the maximization of the engine’s output at low engine speeds. This also helps to make the Liebherr excavator environmentally friendly with relatively low carbon emissions.

If you are interested in the specifications of the R944 range here is a detailed breakdown of the Liebherr R944’s specifications:

DescriptionR 944 C LitronicR 944 C SME Litronic
Engine ModelLiebherr D 936 LLiebherr D 936 L
Engine Type6 Cylinder in - line6 Cylinder in - line
Engine Operation4 stroke diesel4 stroke diesel
Engine CoolingWater - cooled, fuel cooled and integrated engine oil -coolerWater - cooled, fuel cooled and integrated engine oil -cooler
Fuel Tank660 litres660 litres
Electrical system voltage24 Volts24 Volts
Working Height23 Metres23 Metres
Engine Output190 kW/ 256 HP190 kW/ 258 HP
Emission StageIIIAIIIA
Backhoe bucket capacity1.00 - 2.59 metres cubed2.00 - 2.75 metres cubed

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