Make harvesting easier with a John Deere S660 combine

Are you looking for a combine for sale? With so many advantages to owning a combine it is easy to see why this machinery is popular in the agricultural sector. Combine harvesters boost efficiency and convenience which ultimately translates into bigger profits.

Today the team takes a closer look at not only the John Deere brand, but the S660 John Deere Combine Harvester as well.

A Look at the Combine Harvester

A combine harvester is essential for modern day agricultural operations. This machinery is a convenient method of harvesting grain crops as it incorporates three functions into one machine. Combine harvesters function to reap, thresh and clean crops.

Applications for this machinery are wheat, soybeans and oats. First the combine cuts the crop then it removes the grain. Lastly the machine cleans the grain by blowing air onto it.

Attachments can increase the functions that a combine harvester is used for. When you are choosing a combine for sale it is advisable to purchase one that is manufactured by a reputable brand such as John Deere. Their wide selection of products makes it easy to find a combine which meets the requirements of your business.

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John Deere and Agricultural Equipment

John Deere began its operations in 1837 and since then the company has gone from success to success. Over the years their product range has developed and expanded while maintaining its focus on serving people who are connected to the land.

Their products cater to farmers and landowners across the globe. John Deere also supplies equipment to the construction industry. Founded on integrity, dedication and innovation, John Deere manufactures quality products. Their core values are embedded in the everyday operations of their company as well as the services that their customers receive.

s-series john deere combines

Image Source: John Deere US Website.

John Deere’s extensive experience in the industry combined with continuous development enables the company to manufacture products which increase the profitability of farmers. If you are looking for a combine harvester for sale, take a look at our review of the John Deere S660.

John Deere S Series – The John Deere S660

Highlights of the John Deere S660 include its flexible cab options and its push-button shift transmission. The S Series features safety, convenience and performance features, and there are many advantages a John Deere Combine for sale can offer.

The reliable performance of the models in the John Deere S Series are ideal for increasing the efficiency during medium sized crop harvests. Not only does owning this John Deere combine harvester increase the efficiency of your operations, its excellent performance also translates into improved productivity.

If you want to increase the profits of your agricultural business, the John Deere S660 is definitely worth considering.

Features of the John Deere S660

A key feature of the S Series John Deere combines is their electric grain tank extensions. The electric loading feature is another feature of these models. The grain tank can be folded for extra convenience as well as when moving through areas which have height limitations. Water-resistant material protect the grain tank from moisture. The Command Centre in the cab allows the operator to control the folding grain tank easily. The loading auger can also be folded effortlessly.

With PBST there is no need for a shift lever to be located inside the cab which creates more space in the interior. The PBST makes it quick and easy to change gears. The park brake increases safety by stopping the harvest combine from moving unintentionally.

s660 combine harvester from john deere

Image Source: John Deere South Africa Website.

A 10,600-L grain tank is available for the S660 John Deere combine. The sensors on the tank warn the operator when the tank is nearing its full capacity. It is easy to take a grain sample through the door panel. Sampling the grain is made safer as the trough moves the grain to the sampling section of the machine.

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Another reason to find a John Deere combine for sale is their 120-L per second unload rate. Features of the fast unload rate include 25.4 cm cross augers and 43.1 cm vertical augers. The unloading auger is 38.1 cm while the auger tube is 43.1 cm.

An advantage of the cabs in the John Deere S Series is that they are designed to offer the operator better visibility which improves safety. Other advantages of these cabs are their comfort and convenience features.

Delux cabs are more spacious with an improved air-quality system. A touch CommandCenter display is optional for these cabs. Tinted glass, air-conditioning and armrest controls are other features of the Delux cabs. Premium cabs come with leather seats, an active refrigerator and increased storage space.

Now that you know more about the John Deere S660, you can start looking for a tiptop combine for sale on AgriMag. With classified ads listing great deals, you are sure to find the perfect combine for your needs.

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