The tough and versatile MAN TGM

Efficient, robust, and innovative, the MAN TGM is a reliable transportation solution for your business. Its updated DO8 engine, high payload, and versatility set these MAN trucks apart from the crowd. The driver’s workplace is designed to enhance productivity and these trucks boast an economic fuel consumption that contributes to reduced running costs. Their advanced design ensures that they can handle a diverse range of challenges effortlessly. You can find a wide range of capable trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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Striking exterior

The exterior of the MAN TGM is designed to captivate your attention. Its distinctive design is enhanced by its radiator grille and its aerodynamic shape contributes to its exceptional performance. These trucks are built from weight-optimised materials, which mean that the truck weighs less so that it can accommodate heavier payloads. The frames of these trucks are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate additional mounted parts as well as attachments. The TGM is also prepared to accommodate a diverse range of auxiliary units.

MAN TGM | Trucks For Sale On Truck & Trailer

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Advanced engines

The MAN TGM is equipped with D08 engines that are 103kg lighter than ever before. The advantages of its decreased weight include a reduced fuel consumption as well as an increased capacity for a larger payload. These engines deliver between 185 and 235kW of power. The D08 engine’s design also functions to reduce its maintenance requirements. A highlight of this engine is its durable plastic oil sump. The cutting-edge drivetrain reduces fuel expenses by up to 5%. The latest single-stage turbocharger boosts power while maximising on efficiency. This engine also makes it possible to decrease the environmental impact of your operations by switching to paraffin fuels.

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Driver’s cab

Another reason to find these trucks for sale is that they offer an exceptional, functional driver’s workplace. Updates to the cab include moving the MAN TipMatic® rotary switch to the centre to enhance the efficiency of operating these vehicles. Switches have been positioned together according to their function as well as by how often they are used. The advanced high-definition display provides the driver with useful advice as well as warning messages. The clear display of this information, which alerts the driver to potential problems, ensures that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Comfort features of the MAN TGM include mobile phone plug sockets and stowage compartments. The latest refrigerator module can be kept under the bed to create additional workspace while still offering the driver the benefit of easy access to cool beverages. The interior design of these MAN trucks is durable while also contributing to the pleasant work environment that these cabs provide. A highlight of the TGM is its RIO-BOX, which helps to take the efficiency of your operations up a notch.

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Cutting-edge safety

The MAN TGM is equipped with innovative safety features that support the driver and help to prevent collisions. These systems alert the driver to potential hazards so that they can adapt their driving accordingly. Safety features also help to keep the driver in control of the vehicle even when the going gets tough. Safety features of these MAN trucks include Electronic Stability Program, Advanced Emergency Brake Assist, and Lane Guard System. The Electronic Brake System and Antilock Braking system offers additional protection to the driver and the truck.

Now that you know more about the MAN TGM, you can browse online to find a wide range of durable trucks for sale. From start to finish, every aspect of these MAN trucks is designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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