Make the smart business choice, invest in the MAN TGX

The MAN TGX delivers outstanding value for money and it’s an affordable transportation solution for your business. Its outstanding efficiency and cutting-edge safety systems set it apart from the crowd, while new functional equipment adds to the capabilities of these trucks. If you want to increase the productivity of your business, you can find durable trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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Outstanding flexibility

The MAN TGX delivers exceptional power without compromising efficiency. These trucks can be customised to meet the requirements of specific applications, which mean that they’re suitable for use across a range of industries. Their robust design enables them to tackle longer trips as well as demanding tasks on construction sites. Not only does the MAN TGX deliver an exceptional performance, it also offers high levels of comfort. Driver assistance systems add safety and convenience to your operations.

The MAN TGX is available with specifications that make it suitable for long-haul tasks. They can be used to transport food and beverages as well as liquids and gases. These robust trucks are also a valuable addition to the construction and agricultural industries. Fire departments and emergency services can also benefit from owning a MAN TGX. Another reason to find these trucks for sale is for water disposal and street cleaning applications.

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Engine and performance

Equipped with a D20 engine, the MAN TGX delivers 265kW of power. These reliable engines won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Their economical fuel consumption and durable design contribute to their affordable running costs. These six-cylinder engines feature Common Rail injection, which contributes to its cost-effective fuel consumption as well as reduced emissions. To decrease your businesses’ impact on the environment, you can operate the D20 engines using paraffin fuels. The D26 engine delivers 309 to 368kW of power with a decrease of 2.5% in fuel consumption and a 200Nm increase in torque when compared to the previous generation. The fuel efficiency of this model is taken a step further with an air compressor that can be deactivated.

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Robust exterior

The exterior of the MAN TGX fuses functionality with a contemporary design. The end result is a truck that makes a bold impression on the road. The bumper features a lamellar structure that safeguards the truck’s exterior while cooling its technology. The large mirrors are designed to offer the driver superior visibility, which makes getting to their destination easier and safer. The chassis of these trucks are lightweight yet durable and makes it possible for them to handle heavy loads. These vehicles have a 2 600mm to 6 700mm wheelbase and they have a gross train weight of 18t to 41t.

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Durable interior

The interior of the vehicle provides a pleasant work environment for the driver. The cup holders and cool box are functional features of this model and the durable interior is available in three variations. The ergonomic cab design puts all the important controls within easy reach of the driver. The optimised layout contributes to increased efficiency and reduced drivers fatigue. A highlight of these trucks is their onboard telematics module.

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The D2066 engine has a displacement of 10,51 and it delivers 265kW of power at 1 800Nm. The D2676 engine has a displacement of 12,41 and it delivers 308kW at 2 100Nm. The second variation for this engine has a 338kW power output at 2 300Nm or a 368kW power output at 2 500Nm. These trucks are equipped with a synchromesh gearbox. Chassis, semi-trailer, and tipper vehicles are available in this range. Gearbox options include semi-automatic, TipMatic®, and synchromesh.

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Now that you know more about the MAN TGX, you can find trucks for sale on Auto Mart. With a wide selection of new and used models available, you are sure to find the perfect transportation solution for your business.

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Make the smart business choice, invest in the MAN TGX
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Make the smart business choice, invest in the MAN TGX
The innovative and robust MAN TGX is an affordable transportation solution for your business and is suitable for use across a wide range of industries.
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