MAN Trucks: Setting the benchmark for heavy duty transport

Interested in MAN trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer? Today we talk a little more about the brand and delve into everything you need to know about the MAN TGM.

MAN and MAN Trucks South Africa

MAN is a German truck and bus corporation part of the Volkswagen Group with a long history of over a century of providing transport companies, distributers, and consumers alike with high quality trucks, buses, equipment, and cars.

man trucks

Image Source: MAN Trucks South Africa Website.

MAN trucks South Africa deliver the same strong trucks that they have sold all over the world to companies and even militaries, so you know that this is a brand that you can trust. The brand name MAN is an acronym that stands for Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG.

The shortened name is most welcome amongst consumers of their commercial vehicles and also creates a brand identity that evokes everything that has come to be associated with a ‘manly’ truck.

Strong, dependable, and tough with a touch of class, MAN trucks set a standard in heavy duty distribution and transport.

The MAN TGM Series

The MAN TGM line of trucks is considered by MAN to be “the all-rounder among the heavyweights,” in one word – versatile. The TGM comes with various engine options and sizes so you can find the most cost effective and practical option for you and your company. MAN trucks are heavy hitters in two categories: construction and distribution.

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MAN TGM Trucks on site

Not only is the MAN TGM truck versatile in the options provided, they are versatile in capabilities on a job site as well. The adaptable configuration on the TGM series of trucks allows it to be used for a variety of purposes so that you only need one transportation vehicle for many jobs- saving you time, labour, and money.

MAN TGM heavy duty trucks can be a huge asset on a building site. It can be used as a simple transport vehicle or as a loading crane or even a skip loader. The versatility is helped in part by the body-friendly design of the MAN TGM truck.

The chassis frame was designed with a hole pattern that allows for flexibility in body mounting, allowing you to quickly and easily mount and fasten superstructures to the chassis without needing to drill any holes. If you don’t need to drill holes, you save the structure of the chassis, and more of your precious time stays on the job and not in the repair shop.

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Specifications and Performance of MAN TGM Trucks

The TGM is a compact truck, but don’t let its size fool you. Although a compact truck, the MAN TGM truck has a high, first class payload and is very powerful for its size. The best-in-class 18 tonner boasts a very low unladen weight with a high payload.

The secret is the all-wheel drive with rear axle air suspension giving the TGM a unique ability to carry heavy loads in a well distributed manner, while maintaining superior agility all the while. The stability and light weight of the MAN TGM compact truck also lend themselves to the fuel saving capabilities.

man tgm truck

Image Source: Man Trucks South Africa Website.

The 13 and 18 tonner MAN trucks are great for distribution transport and the 22 and 26 tonners are great for flexibility on your construction site.

The power of the TGM lies in its Euro 6 Common Rail engine with 6.9 litre displacement. Available in 184 to 251 kW engine models, the engines keep the MAN TGM truck going strong whether for the short or long haul.

The exhaust-gas recirculation and diesel particle filter on the TGM engine translates to excellent handling and low fuel consumption. The MAN TipMatic semi-automatic gearbox allows you to easily switch gears right from the lever on the steering wheel.

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In terms of distribution, this versatile engine takes a lot of the work out during your driving experience by reducing the number of gear shifts needed to get you to your destination. You won’t notice a difference in handling no matter how much you load in your truck.

The options available when it comes to the TGM Series:

  • 15 Tonne 4×2 Rigid
  • 18 Tonne 4×2 Rigid
  • 18 Tonne 4×2 Tipper
  • 18 Tonne 4×4 Rigid
  • 26 Tonne 6×2
  • 26 Tonne 6×4 Tipper
Engine ModelTorque
184 kW1,000 Nm
213 kW1,150 Nm
251 kW1,250 Nm

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Interior features and safety of the TGM Man Trucks

The new interior on the MAN TGM truck has a few things in mind: a comfortable cab, ergonomic design, and design efficiency. The people at MAN trucks have delivered a gem in this truck with a level of interior comfort generally only seen in luxury class commercial vehicles, available to you for an affordable price on this TGM.

Luxury touches such as brushed aluminum finishes, satin chromed door handles add a dash of elegance alongside a hard bodied roomy cabin frame. You can bring whatever you need to make your time in the cabin more comfortable as there are plenty of storage spaces. Feel comfortable and in control with an air conditioning system, and adjustable seats with a seat heating option.

tgm man trucks for sale

Image Source: Man Trucks South Africa Website.

Safety is of the utmost importance whether you are moving around a building site or on a long haul distribution journey- so much so that Electronic Stability Program (ESP) comes standard on the MAN TGM series of trucks

An available safety system add-on is the Lane Guard System (LGS) that is now available on the TGM series of trucks. The lane guard system warns you whenever you accidentally start slipping into another lane- a potentially lifesaving feature especially on long journeys overnight. For additional protection during long haul night-time drives, MAN has provided two options for bright lights on the road: H7 bulbs or xenon gas discharge bulbs- both great and safe options.

The design is so intuitive that cornering lights can illuminate anything around a bend as your MAN truck angles through the darkness. Even during the day, feel confident in your view of the road with large redesigned mirrors that almost completely remove blind spots.

As a large vehicle on the road, it is important for you to have a stable and reliable braking system to protect yourself, your cargo, and everyone else who shares the road.

man trucks for sale

Image Source: Man Trucks South Africa Website.

The MAN BrakeMatic technology with Electronic Braking System (EBS) along with brake assist functionality gives you a triple punch of safety! This safety technology detects when the space between you and another vehicle on the road is getting just a little too close for comfort and engages the brakes to reduce collisions.

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