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MAN Truck and Bus has established a reputation for manufacturing trustworthy products. The company primarily caters to the construction industry. With extensive experience MAN manufactures trucks which exhibit the engineering prowess of their company. Whether you are looking for a water tanker or a mixer, look no further than MAN trucks. If you are looking for MAN trucks for sale, here is an overview of their latest products.


TSG 33.360 BB Tipper Trucks for sale

Are you looking for tipper trucks for sale? There are plenty of reasons to choose MAN trucks. The TSG 33.360 BB Tipper has a 10.5 litre engine which has a power output of 360 hp with a torque of 1800Nm at 1000 – 1400 rpm. The three main advantages of buying this MAN truck is that it offers high productivity with low running costs and it is easy to operate.

Man-tipper-truck-TGS 33.360-BB

Off-road gearshift makes it easier to deal with challenging terrain. The TSG 33.360 BB Tipper makes an impressive earthmover. Features of this model include the MAN electronically controlled exhaust valve brake and the MAN BrakeMatic electronic brake system. Here is an overview of the specifications for this truck.

Man-tipper-truck-TGS 33.360-BB-behind

CategoriesTSG 33.360 6x4 BB Tipper Specifications
Engine (L)10.5
Power Output (hp)360
Torque (Nm@rpm)1800 @ 1000-1400

The MAN TGM 18.240 4×4 BB SWA

The dynamic performance of the TGM 18.240 4×4 BB SWA makes this truck a great buy. It is equipped with a 6.87 litre engine which delivers 240 hp with a torque of 925 Nm at 1200 – 1800 rpm. If you are looking for Man trucks for sale you should consider this model as it has a low fuel consumption and it meets Euro 3 emission standards.


Features of this model are its Electronic Diesel Control, MAN BrakeMatic Electronic Braking System and MAN Tronic Controller Area data Network. This truck is a trustworthy and durable off-road vehicle. The TGM 18.240 4×4 BB SWA is well suited for site work as it functions as a multi-purpose 4×4. If you are looking for trucks that minimise operational stress, take a look at the overview of this model’s specifications.


CategoriesTGM 18.240 4x4 BB SWA Specifications
Engine (L)6.87
Power Output (hp)240
Torque (Nm@rpm)925 @ 1200 – 1800

CLA 26.280 6×4 BB Mixer from MAN Trucks

The CLA 26.280 6×4 BB Mixer has become synonymous with construction work in South Africa. With its durable frame and its impressive features it is easy to see why this is a popular truck for sale in the construction industry. Its driveline is convenient to maintain which makes it ideal for work in Africa. This model can be used for continuous operation.


An advantage to owning this truck is that it has an economic fuel consumption. It also complies with Euro 3 emission standards. The CLA 26.280 6×4 BB Mixer has a 280 hp 6.871 litre engine which has a torque of 1100 Nm at 1300 – 1700 rpm. When you are searching for trucks for sale consider this model as ABS brakes and power steering make it easy to operate.


Its ingenious design gives it a high load capacity and the ability to operate under challenging conditions. Its safety features and ground clearance add to its appeal. Take a look at this informative table to see the CLA 26.280 6×4 BB Mixer’s specifications at a glance.

CategoriesCLA 26.280 6x4 BB Mixer Specifications
Engine (L)6.871
Power Output (hp)280
Torque (Nm@rpm)1100@ 1300- 1700

Now that you know more about the different models available from MAN Trucks, you can find man trucks for sale which meet your requirements. From a Water Tanker to Tipper Trucks for sale, MAN has you covered. These reliable trucks play a vital role in the productivity of the construction industry. Purchasing a capable truck will increase the efficiency of your business operations. Browse now for great deals! You can also browse on-the-go by downloading the FREE Truck and Trailer App from the GooglePlay Store.


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