Massey Ferguson MF100 No Till Planter

Are you looking for a no till planter that can get the job done? Massey Ferguson planters are renowned for their durability and the MF100 is no exception. Both the MF100 and MF100 LO planters are strong machines which are well-suited to moderate sized farms. Today the Truck and Trailer team takes a closer look at these outstanding Massey Ferguson planters for sale.

no till massey ferguson planters

Image Source: Massey Ferguson South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Overview of the MF100 No Till Planters

These three-point mounted machines offer precise fertiliser replacement as well as an efficient performance. Their consistent and trustworthy performance sets them apart from the crowd. The end result is that these planters increase the production of your business. Increased productivity translates into increased profits.

Massey Ferguson has a legacy of manufacturing machines which play a vital role in the agricultural industry. Their extensive range of products means that you can find machines to suit a wide range of applications.

mf100 massey ferguson planters for sale

Image Source: Massey Ferguson South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The versatility of their planters adds to their appeal. Their easy-to-operate design makes it simple to get the job done. Finding a no till planter for sale allows you to improve the quantity and quality of crop yields. Innovative technology further contributes to the performance of the MF100 no till planter range.

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Performance and Features of the MF100 Massey Ferguson Planters

You can find MF104 planters for sale with 2 or 4 rows. The LO variation has a shorter frame as well as more simple specifications. The advantage of this variation is that it costs less. If you are looking for a cheaper planter which will still add value to your business, then the LO variation is perfect for your farm.

The MF100 variations – which consists of the MF104 and MF104 Emerging Framer Planter – can be used for a wide range of crops which includes beans and maize. These planters are also well-suited to sunflower and sorghum. The tough 375mm tillage coulters ensure that these planters still perform at their best even in challenging conditions.

When the going gets tough, you can rely on your Massey Ferguson planters. The shear-bolt tine fertiliser openers improve the precision of these machines. With row spacing that ranges from 45 cm to 90cm, the MF100 planters can be adjusted to accommodate different crop types.

The large size of the seed and fertiliser hoppers boosts efficiency. Ideal seed placement is achieved through double disc seed openers as well as rubber gauge wheels. Another advantage of this winning combination is that it offers a consistent depth. Mechanical seed metering offers convenience and efficiency.

massey ferguson planters for sale

Image Source: Massey Ferguson South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

To operate this no till planter a horsepower between 45 and 65 is needed. The low required horsepower makes it likely that you have an engine which is powerful enough to operate your planter with. Safety features include a wide walkboard.

The handrail and anti-slip floor provides extra protection from accidents. An auto-reset fertilizer opener is also available for these models. If you are starting with conservation planting, finding Massey Ferguson planters is a great option.

The row spacing’s are fast and simple to change. Adjustments can be made by sliding each row unit according to the crop that you are planting. The 35kg seed hoppers increase the time before re-filling is required which improves efficiency. Take a look at the following table to find out more about the MF100 planters.

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MF 104 Emerging Farmer PlanterMF104MF104
Model Rows224
Row Spacing (cm)40-13540-13540-52.5
Working Width (m)1.35 1.35 1.575
Capacity (kg) Seed / Fertiliser0/- 50/160100/320

If you have a small to moderate farm, the MF100 planters are a good buy. You can take your productivity to the next level with these fast and efficient machines no till planters for sale.

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