Perfect planting with a Massey Ferguson planter

Accurate, durable, and innovative, Massey Ferguson planters deliver a dynamic performance. With a broad spectrum of equipment to choose from, it’s easy to find a planter that matches your requirements. These machines are built to maximise the productivity of your farm. Read our blog post to discover more about the Massey Ferguson range.

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Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson has a reputation for excellence and their planters are no exception. Over the years the company has gained respect in the agricultural industry for manufacturing robust and innovative equipment. They’re dedicated to continuous development and recently their cutting-edge machines have been designed for conservation planting applications. Their popularity on the international market is evidence of their success. Massey Ferguson machines offer farmers easy operation without compromising on performance and efficiency. Their cutting-edge technology adds to the appeal of their equipment.

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Planters overview

Massey Ferguson planters achieve accurate distribution of seeds in the soil, which results in optimised crop yields. These machines are designed to offer convenient calibration and control. Their durable parts ensure that they have a long lifespan, which offers farmers an excellent return on their investment. Their robust design also functions to minimise maintenance expenses as well as reducing downtime. The planters in this range are equipped to deal with challenging conditions. These machines are designed to work with a range of different types of crops and they’re also suited to a variety of field conditions.

With the Fertisystem, these machines offer a precise and economic performance. Their robust heavy-duty frames maximise productivity. Their gauge wheels can be adjusted according to the tasks at hand and they boast dynamic hitch designs. Parallel linkage and robust double disc openers are other highlights of these planters. The row spacing can be changed conveniently and quickly for increased efficiency.

MF 100 Massey Ferguson Planter For Sale | AgriMag

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MF 100 and 100 LO

The MF 100 is a no-till, three-point mounted planter that is well-suited for small to medium farms. This model offers the option of two to four rows. The LO variation has a compact frame as well as basic specifications. The planters are built to handle a range of crops, such as maize and soya. They’re also suitable for planting sunflower, cotton and sorghum. The tough 375mmØ tillage coulters are constructed to handle more challenging conditions with ease. The advanced design of the fertiliser openers ensures precision and consistency. The row spacing can be adjusted from 45cm and 90cm in accordance with the task at hand.

The 25kg seed hopper, as well as the 80 kg fertiliser hopper, contributes to the efficient performance that the MF 100 delivers. The robust 350mm double-disc seed opener enhances the meticulous performance of these machines. The seeds are distributed mechanically and 45 to 65 hp is needed for the operation of the MF 100. These planters are designed with safety in mind and the anti-slip floor coverings help to reduce the risk of accidents. The wide walk board is equipped with a handrail for extra protection. These machines are well-suited to farmers who are new to conservation planting.

Massey Ferguson Planter | Farm Equipment | AgriMag

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Now that you know more about Massey Ferguson planters, you can find suitable machines for sale on AgriMag. With a wide selection to choose from, you are sure to find variations that get the job done effortlessly.

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