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Shopping around for a Doosan excavator for sale on Truck & Trailer? Today we take a closer look at the Doosan brand, the versatility of a crawler excavator and discuss the Doosan DX340LCA.

dx340lca excavator form doosan

Image Source: Doosan Infracore Website / Product Brochure.

The Doosan brand and reputation

Doosan Infracore Portable Power is an international company with over 100 years of experience in the construction equipment industry. Doosan South Africa provides a wide range of equipment from excavators to dump trucks that are industry tested to withstand any project on South African terrain.

With years of industry experience, you can be sure that any Doosan excavator for sale locally will remain durable and fuel efficient. Doosan puts its core mission into all of its machines: low operating cost, reliability, comfort and safety, and easy maintenance.

All of this translates to more uptime, higher productivity, and less burn on your wallet! When looking for your next excavator, there are many reasons why it should be a Doosan.

crawler excavator for sale

Image Source: Doosan Infracore Website / Product Brochure.

What is a crawler excavator?

A crawler excavator is designed to be an all-around machine that can dig, lift, and load. These excavators move using a track much like those seen on tanks and are commonly used for construction jobs. This piece of versatile machinery can be used to dig holes and trenches and lift and move heavy objects. It’s ability to move across difficult terrain and dig, reach, and lift make it a versatile machine to have on any construction jobsite.

Power and performance of the Doosan DX340LCA

The Doosan DX340LCA model crawler excavator is a premier machine that can lift, dig, and load with power, finesse, and ease.

The Electronic Power Optimising System (e-EPOS) allows engine output to be efficiently transformed into hydraulic performance, giving you responsive power with more fuel to spare. The e-EPOS maximises the efficiency of the hydraulic system on any job.

doosan excavator for sale

Image Source: Doosan Infracore Website / Product Brochure.

The e-EPOS links to the electronic control unit (ECU) to connect the engine to the hydraulics in a fluid and easy system. This system allows for several abilities such as computer-controlled pump flow, auto deceleration system, and saving on fuel via a cross-sensing pump to sense conditions between the engine and the hydraulic system.

This Stage II-compliant Doosan DE12TIS 6-cylinder engine is a force. The 185 kW engine runs at 1800rpm for a side lifting capacity of 9.33t. The engine on the DX340LCA Doosan crawler excavator has a torque of 1118Nm that makes it great for any construction, mining, or civils project. This model Doosan excavator comes with increased battery capacity of 150 Ah to add to the power of the engine. Choose between operating modes on the LCD colour monitor screen:

  • Economy mode: uses only 76% of the engine power
  • Standard mode: uses only 88% of the engine power
  • Power mode: uses 100% of the engine power for your heaviest jobs

The Doosan crawler excavator is a truly powerful machine for all of your construction and mining needs. If you are interested in finding great deals on these pieces of machinery, be sure to create your Doosan Excavator Alert on Truck and Trailer.

Features of the DX340LCA

The exterior of the Doosan dx340lca has been re-vamped to give you increased productivity and uptime, and more profits. The reinforced arm and boom is attached to a huge bucket for a digging force of 24.8 and 22.0 tonnes. The redesigned boom shape results in better load distribution and more stability.

dx340lca excavator for sale

Image Source: Doosan Infracore Website / Product Brochure.

Feel confident that this crawler excavator can handle your most demanding job with reinforced steel pivot points, protected hydraulic and electric routings, and Turbo III air filter to maximise efficiency and minimize issues. The X-shaped chassis was designed to maximise durability and the structure of the machine to stay stable on the job.

The tracks are fitted with self-lubricating links that are well concealed from any weather that can strain their performance. For top maintenance, many of the parts on the Doosan crawler excavator are easily accessible to allow you to take care of your machine, yourself, on your own time.

Another impressive aspect of the DX340LCA excavator is its working range. It has a reach of 6m and 3m height. This, in combination with its reinforced arm and boom translate to higher lifting capacities and therefore, increased productivity for you and your crew.

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Interior of the Doosan Excavator

On the interior, take advantage of the well laid-out control panel and climate controlled cabin. The seat is stabilized even on the most tumultuous of work sites to limit shocks and noise. The control lever was also designed to stay stable in all situations. The new design on the dx240LCA gives you, the operator, more room and more visibility.

Luckily, the Doosan DX340LCA was redesigned with many features standard such as a sliding front window, AM/FM radio, fuel control dial, ceiling light, hydraulic joysticks, cup holder, cigarette lighter, and many more. Other optional interior features include an MP3/CD player, sun visor and rain shield to maximise your comfort on the job. From the LCD monitor, you can have all the information you need to get the job done all in one place. The monitor displays filter and oil information, operation history, flow rate control, and an anti-theft function.

dx340lca excavator

Image Source: Doosan Infracore Website / Product Brochure.

Safety in this Crawler Exactor from Doosan

For safety, the Doosan crawler excavator comes standard with features such as safety glass, an emergency engine stop, an emergency escape hammer, handrails along the step for guided entry and exit, a seat belt, and hydraulic safety lock lever. For added safety protection, you have the optional safety features available such as a steel or plastic roof cover, rear camera, a rotating or telescopic light beacon, overload warning device and your choice of 2-6 additional working lamps.

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Specifications of the DX340LCA Crawler Excavator
Cab height845 mm
Track length4 940 mm
Weight34 400 kg
Rated horse power195 kW at 1800rpm
185 kW at 1800rpm
Max torque1 118Nm at 1 400 rpm
Starter24V/ 6/0 kW
Travel speed3.1/4.7 km/h
Max traction force27.0/15.1 t
Bucket type and weightGP 1249-1522 kg
HD 1414-1870 kg
Rock 1427 kg
Digging forcesBucket 23.1-23/4 t
Arm 16.9 – 20.7 t
Price of a Doosan

A Doosan excavator can be found new at any authorised Doosan dealership. Thanks to Doosan’s commitment to reliability, durability, and giving owners the power to maintain their own vehicles, Doosan crawler excavators are often well kept- you can buy a used excavator with less worry about the quality of the product.

Doosan excavators can range anywhere from R265, 000 to R1,650,000 depending on the year and make of the machine.

Considering finding a Doosan excavator? Browse through the deals listed on Truck and Trailer and find the right Doosan excavator for sale that will get the job done.

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