Mercedes Benz Actros: A home away from home

Mercedes Benz Trucks boasts with a range of high quality trucks for sale and the newest Actros is definitely no different. Offering drivers high standards of comfort, the Actros for sale boasts Euro 3 fuel efficient engines, high quality technology, durability and safety that is surpassed by few.


Mercedes Benz itself has a long history here in South Africa, the first vehicle – the Benz Velo – imported way back in 1896. Taking home Truck of the Year (’97, 2004, 2009 and 2012), the Actros also boasts with the ‘Truck of the Decade’ award from Truck & Drivers, and a Guinness World Record for its fuel efficiency.


Packed with awesome tech, these new Mercedes trucks are great for short and long-haul uses, providing you with an economical transport solution that boasts fuel efficiency and a PowerShift gearbox all combined to deliver Mercedes Benz trucks that are not only rugged, though and durable, but comfortable as well.

The Exterior of the newest Mercedes Benz Actros

A gorgeous truck, the exterior of the newest Actros for sale features stunning lines and a look that will not soon be forgotten. Starting off with striking headlamps, which boast a separately exchangeable cover lens, the Mercedes Benz truck also features revamped exterior mirrors that aids in enlarging the driver’s field of vision. An added benefit of these mirrors are that you can choose between two trim mouldings – a construction-type design and a simplistically stylish grey.


Image via Mercedes Benz South Africa

Looking at the front of this beast, you will notice continuous lines beautifully designed to set it apart from its older brothers.

For models with the steel suspension, these trucks for sale feature a four millimetre stainless steel radiator protector plate. Aerodynamics was also kept in mind when designers added the corner panels (which look amazing by the way) and the front mirrors (which in their own right enhances safety as the driver will be able to spot obstacles directly in front of the vehicle).


Image via Mercedes Benz South Africa

Other notable exterior features in this Mercedes Benz truck include an optically divided exterior sun visor (which is located above the truck’s windscreen) and swivel steps made from rubber elements. A great extra available is the headlamp grilles made from steel and painted black.

Cab Options and a look at the Interior of the Mercedes Actros

Designed to meet the needs of the driver, these Mercedes trucks are available with four cab variations – The Standard Day Cab, the Low Roof Sleeper Cab, the Premium Sleeper Cab and the Megaspace Cab.

The Standard Day Cab features cloth seats, electric windows, air conditioning, a single piece fold-up bunk, mirrors that can be electronically adjusted, an MB Radio / CD System featuring Bluetooth, an adjustable steering wheel and provisions for your driver’s cellphone connections, to name but a few awesome features.


Image via Mercedes Benz South Africa

The Low Roof Sleeper Cab is packed with the awesome features found in the Standard Day Cab like central locking, air conditioning and cloth seats. This cab options also include a single piece lower bunk and a storage compartment or moveable tray on the engine tunnel.

The Premium Sleeper Cab option available from Mercedes Benz Actros has all the goodies and features found in the Low Roof Sleeper with the added features of a single piece lower and upper bunk.

The Megaspace Cab is the most luxurious option in the Actros for sale. Boasting all the features of the Premium Sleeper Cab, this cab option has a leather steering wheel, night lighting, a 25 litre pull-out refrigerator box, a headlamp cleaning system and Grammar® suspension seats for both the driver and co-driver.


Image via Mercedes Benz South Africa

The driver’s door controls range top includes mirror adjustment controls, the windows, the exterior mirror heating functions and the central locking controls. The passenger’s door features have control for his/her window, central locking, work area lighting and the interior lighting controls.

With comfort and practicality in mind, the interior of the cabs are designed to meet the needs of the driver. With air conditioning, heating, ventilation and climate control, comfort and ease is a given. Versatile, functional and smartly designed, the interior of the Mercedes Actros cabs are spacious with even the beds boasting comfort.

Engines, Performance and Specifications of the Actros

With a V6 and V8 engine option, the engines in these Mercedes Benz trucks for sale boast enhanced countershaft starters (resulting in a reduction in gas exchange loss) and an alternator with a long life. These engines also feature reinforced cylinder heads, enhanced exhaust-gas stubs and exhaust ports, and an enhanced piston pin, piston cooling and piston ring assembly.


These engines also have an extended valve adjustment cycle due to the use of wear resistant materials and a maximum mechanical stability due to the use of new generation turbocharges with a high strength impeller.

Engines in the Actros offers a reduced lifecycle cost and an extended engine life.

The V6 engine (OM 501 LA) boasts four valve technology and has an ignition pressure of 170 bar. Managed by the fully electronic Telligent system, which is a further discussed later in this post, this engine has an injection pressure of up to 1 800 bar.


Image via Mercedes Benz South Africa

The V8 (OM 502 LA) engine features two exhaust-gas turbochargers and has the same ignition pressure (170 bar) and injection pressure (up to 1 800 bar) as the V6 engine. The V8 furthermore also makes use of the Telligent engine management system four valve technology.

These trucks for sale are available in various models. Below you will find specifications for the Freight Carrier models available in the Actros range from Mercedes Benz Trucks.

2654L/45 (HYP)332/453344/453350/45
Number of CylindersV8V6V6V8
Total Displacement (cm³)15 92811 94611 94615 928
Front Axle Load Capacity (Ton)
Rear Axle Load Capacity (Ton)2 x 10.0 ton2 x 13 ton2 x 13 ton2 x 13 ton
Output 395 kW @ 1 800 rpm235 kW @ 1 800 rpm320 kW @ 1 800 rpm370 kW @ 1 800 rpm
Torque2 500 Nm @ 1 080 rpm1 650 Nm @ 1 080 rpm2 100 Nm @ 1 080 rpm2 400 Nm @ 1 080 rpm
Telligent Technology

The newest Actros for sale is equipped with Telligent®. This is a package of systems involved in all aspects when it comes to the operation of these Mercedes trucks for sale. It is responsible for both monitoring and regulating the vehicle’s functions, aiding in delivering a smoother and safer ride, as well as prolonging the life of the parts and the vehicle as a whole.


Image via Mercedes Benz South Africa

Telligent Proximity Control, available as an extra with a retarder, is in charge of regulating the vehicle’s speed as well as the distance from the vehicle ahead of it. This system scans traffic environments up to 150 metres in front of the Actros, automatically making adjustments in order to adapt to the traffic situation.

The standard spec Telligent Brake System is responsible for relaying brake signals at high speeds, allowing for the truck’s brake power to be metered. The Telligent System not only ensures that brake power is also efficiently distributed across the different aspects of the vehicle, but also ensures that the brake pads on the different axles do not significantly wear out at different rates.


Image via Mercedes Benz South Africa

Telligent Lane Assist is another awesome features of these Mercedes trucks. In charge of warning the driver if he or she is moving out of the current lane, an acoustic signal is sent to the driver through the radio’s loudspeaker. This is achieved through a small camera situated behind the windscreen. This camera is in charge of monitoring the markings on the road, sending the information to the on-board computer. Once this computer picks up a change in the lateral distance between the lane marking and the vehicle itself, an alert is sent to the driver.

The Telligent Maintenance system is yet another tech-packed feature in the newest Mercedes Actros models. This system is an integrated service and vehicle diagnostic system that is in charge of registering all the relevant operating statuses. This means that maintenance functions will be monitored – everything from engine oil to coolant levels – and displayed to the driver.

The diagnostic system, a part of the Telligent Maintenance System in these Mercedes Benz Trucks for sale, also allows for faults to be picked up and localised quickly.

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