Mercedes-Benz Arocs: A new Force in Construction

Expand your fleet by investing in Mercedes-Benz Arocs trucks. Reliable and durable, these trucks are built to endure. Their comfortable cab boasts an ergonomic layout and plenty of functional features. From their robust engine to their extended service life, there are plenty of advantages to owning these trucks. Find vehicles for sale on Truck & Trailer today.

Durable design

Mercedes benz arocs truck driving uphill
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From start to finish, every aspect of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs is designed to deliver a reliable performance. Their durable construction ensures that they won’t let you down when the going gets tough. The variants in this range are well-suited to tackling difficult jobs in construction site haulage. The robust cab shell is made up of 100% sheet metal and it reflects the athletic and powerful capabilities of these vehicles. It has outstanding ground clearance, and for increased durability, these trucks are fitted with an optional protective plate to safeguard the radiator and engine. Another optional feature is steel grilles, which cover the front headlamps. These features help to protect the vehicle from damage, which decreases maintenance and repair expenses.

Impressive power

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs delivers plenty of power to handle various driving situations with ease. Equipped with tough and powerful Euro III engines, these models deliver an exceptional performance. Other highlights of these trucks are their Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic transmission and their distinctive suspension. These components are developed by Mercedes-Benz to meet the needs of the construction industry. The hill holder stops the vehicle from rolling back when taking off on a steep incline. Another advantage of driving these trucks is that the PowerShift 3 automated gearshift adds convenience to taking off.

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Ergonomic cab

The ergonomic interior of the cab is built to meet the needs of the construction transport industry. The pleasant work environment is conducive to productivity and efficiency. With plenty of storage options, it’s easy to keep the cab neat and tidy. The advantages of these cabs include outstanding functionality and impressive durability. Comfort cab suspension reduces the strain on the driver even when they’re tackling challenging terrain. The ergonomic layout of the controls reduces driver’s fatigue and the engine can be started or stopped with the push of a button.

Convenient customisation

The chassis features a modular layout, which adds convenience to body mounting. The mounting components are designed to accommodate add-on equipment. The chassis has a 50mm hole pattern and the design promotes convenient access to attachments. Application-specific mounting components speed up mounting. Standard mounting parts for the Freight Carrier variations and the innovative Parameterisable Special Module decrease the time spent at the bodybuilder.

Benefits of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs

With plenty of benefits to owning a Mercedes-Benz Arocs, it’s easy to see why these trucks are so popular. Take a look at an overview of the advantages:

  • Efficient and robust 6-cylinder, in-line engine
  • Mercedes PowerShift 3 decreases shift time and fuel consumption
  • Extended service life
  • Hypoid axles boost axle loads
  • Upgraded engine cooling capacity
Mercedes benz arocs truck going down hill
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Step into the cab of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs and experience its incredible performance for yourself. Its exceptional capabilities set it apart from the crowd. Find trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer today.

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Mercedes-Benz Arocs: A new Force in Construction
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Mercedes-Benz Arocs: A new Force in Construction
Expand your fleet by investing in Mercedes-Benz Arocs trucks. Reliable and durable, there are plenty of advantages to owning these trucks.
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Truck & Trailer
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