Mercedes Benz Atego for good handling and versatility

Mercedes Benz trucks are known for its luxury as well as being a powerhouse in the realm of trucks. Innovative and classy, Mercedes Benz is on the cutting edge, from self-driving trucks to reliable, advanced safety functions. The Mercedes Benz Atego for sale is great for short-distance distribution.

The Mercedes Benz Atego was built with the challenges of narrow streets in mind, evident in its expert manoeuvrability and handling. Let’s take a look at what makes these Mercedes trucks one of the most worthwhile out there for your city and construction distribution needs.

mercedes benz atego

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Trucks South Africa Website.

Design of the Mercedes Atego

The Atego is a truck that is versatile and customisable for all of your needs. The Mercedes Atego is for sale in two different cab types, each with their own available variations- see? Versatility!

The S-cab is the shorter option of the two in terms of its length sitting at 1.65m, but its width and carrying capacity stay competitive, with a volume large enough for your in-city operations. The L-cab is longer at 2.25m yet can still handle city streets and tight spaces.

The frame on both cab options of the Atego is custom made with a two-piece chassis that allows flexibility with strength on the body. The cabs come in raised roof options and optional rear panel extension. The cab is easily accessible with a wide step and entry on each cab option.

Handling, versatility, reliability

How good is the handling on the Mercedes Benz Atego? So good, you can drive in neutral with the same handling as any other truck in drive. Single reduction hypoid rear axles are lighter than cast axles and give you quiet, smooth handling throughout. Even at 9-15 tons, the Atego is a stable ride due to a combination of its axles and chassis.

mercedes benz atego for sale

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Trucks South Africa Website.

All of the available engine transmissions on these Mercedes Benz trucks have long-lasting hydraulic oil that lengthens the truck’s working time making these trucks not only long-lasting and durable, but less needy for constant maintenance and upkeep. The Telligent automated gearshift system makes handling a breeze with its automated shifting to the most appropriate gear needed for the moment, helping you on hill starts, and on long or difficult drives. The Telligent automated gearshift system is also great to help you navigate those narrow city streets and other tight spaces. By reducing the engine output that you would normally exert when trying to do it manually, the Telligent automated gearshift system expertly manages the engine to aid you to take the stress out of your operation.

The body manufacturer (BM) interface is the space where the engine and the body of the vehicle meet, and your control centre for any maintenance that you and your team need done now. With easy access to a central hub, most issues that arise on the Mercedes Atego, although its durable build will reduce this, can be identified easier and therefore, fixed faster. This all translates to more uptime for your Atego and for your operation.

The Atego truck is versatile. Whether you need to get merchandise around the city or roll through a work site, these Mercedes trucks can handle the job.

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Engine and performance

The Mercedes Benz Atego is a powerful and versatile truck. A range of available engines and gearshift systems gives you control over your driving performance and can handle the road even when you can’t.

mercedes benz atego

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Trucks South Africa Website.

The Atego comes in 5 engine gearbox types: the G56-6, G60-6, and G85-6 engines are all-synchromesh gearboxes with 6 forward gears and one reverse gear. The G56-6 gearbox comes in options of an engine-mounted linkage gearshift or a Telligent automated gearshift. The G60-6 gearbox runs on an engine-mounted linkage gearshift, and the G85-6 gearbox employs a hydraulic gearshift.

The Telligent automated gearshift is an optional transmission availability that automatically selects the best gear for your driving situation, reducing unnecessary shifting, fuel consumption, and overall work. However, you will still have the ability to override the pre-selected option if you so choose. With Telligent automated gearshifting, watch your overall fuel consumption drop once you let the Mercedes Atego read the road.

The G131-9 gearbox has 8 synchromesh forward gears in a direct-drive 4-speed basic gearbox. Hydropneumatic shifts give this transmission a unique edge.

The Allison series 3000P is a 5 forward gear and 1 reverse gear electronically controlled gearbox. What makes the Allison series 300P special is its lack of a need for a clutch pedal due to its featured push button panel on the console where you can pre-select your gears!

The range of engine transmissions for these Mercedes Benz trucks are between 4 and 6 cylinders and the engines run at 130-250kW output. Giving you plenty of great options for the exact Atego that suits your needs.

Safety features of the Mercedes Benz Atego

The safety when it comes to the Mercedes Benz Atego for sale was not spared for performance. The pneumatic brake system with internally ventilated discs comes standard and so does ABS. Fast responding brakes without any delay even if you find yourself having to push down on the brakes several times.

mercedes benz truck

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Trucks South Africa Website.

The huge windows unobstructed by centre guides give you full sight and the headlamps on the truck help illuminate the path ahead.

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Features of the Mercedes Atego

While Mercedes trucks are meant for use on the job, they do not forget you, the driver, in how they make their vehicles. The interior of the Mercedes Benz Atego is quite spacious, with a large amount of storage for anything that you need to bring with you into the cab during your drive.

The central console is designed ergonomically, meaning the controls are all well laid out so that you don’t have to extend yourself any more than you already do every day to get your job done. The check system has a clear display that is easy to see from your seat.

Heating is both inside and outside the cabin with a heating system inside and exterior heated mirrors to reduce fogging and increase visibility. Wind deflectors on the sides of the vehicle reduce drag and keep the Mercedes Atego moving. The clear-glass headlamps give you great visibility night and day. Other optional features are available.


  • Exterior length: 1.65m
  • Exterior width: 2.295m


  • Exterior length: 2.25m
  • Exterior width: 2.295m
4-cylinder options6-cylinder options
Engine displacement: 4,250lEngine displacement: 6,370l
Engine output: 130KW @ 2 200 r/minEngine output: 170KW @ 2 200 r/min
Torque: 675 NmTorque: 810 Nm
Emission Level: Euro 3Emission Level: Euro 3
Price of the Atego Mercedes Trucks

The Atego comes at a suggested retail price between R 579 120,00 and R1 143 420,00 depending on the model and chosen specifications. Used Mercedes trucks are for sale for much cheaper, but be sure to inspect the truck carefully before purchase.

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