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Reliable, comfortable and innovative, the Clark forklift range is designed to exceed your expectations. Second hand forklifts offer you excellent value for your money. If you want to add a 3 ton forklift to your operations, read our blog to discover more about the ECX range. You can find a forklift for sale on Truck and Trailer.

The ECX 20/32 Clark forklift is designed to cope with challenging work conditions. These forklifts are well-suited to distribution and manufacturing operations. Their rugged good looks complement their exceptional performance. Not only are these machines aesthetically appealing, they also offer high levels of comfort. Another benefit of adding Clark forklifts to your operations is that their durable design results in decreased downtime. The robust design of these machines means that used forklifts offer you reliable performance. The ECX models incorporate numerous well-known features from the Clark internal combustion trucks.

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Image source: Clark Forklift South Africa website

Operator comfort of the Clark forklifts

The ECX Clark forklift is equipped with comfort and convenience features. The low 18.1” non-skid steps and grab handles contribute to the convenience of entering these forklifts while enhancing safety. Hydrostatic power steering makes it easy to manoeuvre these machines in tight places. Visibility is maximised by the low cowl upright as well as the guard bars. Optimised visibility decreases driver fatigue while increasing safety. Other protective features include the safety seat and the seat belts.

The battery restraint system is another preventative measure, while the parking brake reminder warns the operator to activate the brake prior to exiting the truck. The hydraulic levers are strategically placed on the cowl for added comfort and convenience. The Clark forklifts in the ECX range feature a 13.75 steering wheel. The visual dash display makes useful information easily accessible for the driver. It displays information about the battery as well as diagnostic codes. These forklifts deliver a smooth and quiet ride which contributes to productivity.

Clark forklift AC motors

The durability of the ECX’s AC motors makes buying second hand forklifts an excellent choice. The sealed motors reduce the risk of contamination, and they are protected by the temperature monitoring device, which reduces power if the motor’s temperature rises too high. The robust drive motor delivers a powerful performance which enables these forklifts to ascend grades that were not achievable in the past.

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Image source: Clark Forklift South Africa website

Electrical controls found on the Clark forklifts

The hydraulic pump control increases the efficiency of its energy consumption, resulting in reduced running costs. The controls are sealed, which protects them from environmental damage and increases the reliability of used forklifts. The controls make it easy to control the speed of the machine, even in more challenging operating environments. The self-diagnostic capabilities of these machines make it simple to resolve problems.

The Clark forklift drive line

The drive-line features helical gears, reducing noise and contributing to a smooth ride quality. The brakes can be reached without displacing the upright, which adds to the convenience of owning a Clark forklift. The design of the drive motor distributes heat more efficiently while producing a positive alignment. The master cylinder is built to require reduced pedal input which functions to reduce driver fatigue. Another benefit of finding a Clark forklift for sale is that these machines feature quiet brakes as well as a parking brake that is easy to use.

Hydraulic system on the Clark forklifts

When it comes to buying a 3 ton forklift, it is important to consider the hydraulic system of the model that you buy. The ECX forklifts feature o-ring face seals, which decrease the risk of leaks and make servicing easier. Hydraulic cushioning improves ride quality and uninterrupted fluid filtration results in improved efficiency.

There are numerous benefits to buying used forklifts. Purchasing second hand equipment is often a faster and cheaper option when compared to buying new. When you buy a previously owned machine, you can afford to get a model with better features than if you spend the same amount of money buying a new variation. If you buy from a reputable name, you can find top-quality used models for sale. The less your expenditure is, the higher your profits are, and spending less on second hand forklifts ultimately increases your profit margin.

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Image source: Clark Forklift South Africa website

Now that you know the benefits of adding these machines to your operations, search for a forklift for sale on Truck and Trailer. Buying a Clark forklift increases productivity and, therefore, profits.

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