New Holland T6000 range of dynamic tractors

The New Holland T6000 tractor range is a leader amongst its peers. This light and agile tractor manages to deliver a powerful machine that is capable of maximising your productivity. A good option when it comes to New Holland tractors for sale, the T6000 is light weight, offering manoeuvrability as well as enough visibility.

new holland t6000

Image Source: New Holland South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Highlights of the T6000 Tractors

So you are probably asking the question, ‘What makes the New Holland T6000 such a great tractor?’ There are a lot of highlights that make this an amazing tractor. When it comes to reliability and quality the new Holland has been built with high grade premium materials.

As a result of this the T6000 range not only looks great, but it has been built to last. When it comes to comfort, the T6000 has few rivals in the tractor industry. The T6000 comes built with an armrest to make a long tractor ride a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

The T6000 New Holland tractor range also comes built with a new ergonomic SideWinder II that allows for the easy changing of speed, it also allows you to set the throttle, adjust the rear linkage and to operate the remote valves. All of these features are made easy by the SideWinder II improving the tractor’s performance.

t6000 new holland tractors for sale

Image Source: New Holland South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

For all tractor enthusiasts you will find the New Holland’s light and powerful combo very interesting. Even though the tractor is very light, it delivers up to 68Nm of torque making the tractor very capable of delivering on your day to day work needs.

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Engine and Performance

From a driving performance perspective the New Holland T6000 delivers faster turns and better grip on and off roads. These improvements make for the new Holland’s overall greater performance. Here is a clear breakdown of the engine and performance specs to expect from the T6000 range:

ModelDisplacement Bore x StrokeRated SpeedRated Power (ISOTR14396)ISO Maximum Torque
T6020 Delta4 485 cm3104 mm x 132 mm2 200 rpm82 kW510 Nm
T6050 Delta6 728 cm3104 mm x 132 mm2 200 rpm93 kW555 Nm
T6050 Plus6 728 cm3104 mm x 132 mm2 200 rpm93 kW555 Nm
T6070 Plus6 728 cm3104 mm x 132 mm2 200 rpm104 kW625 Nm
T6070 Command6 728 cm3104 mm x 132 mm2 200 rpm104 kW643 Nm
T6080 Command6 728 cm3104 mm x 132 mm2 200 rpm114 kW690 Nm
T6090 Command6 728 cm3104 mm x 132 mm2 200 rpm121 kW710 Nm

Technology and Interior Features

When it comes to the tractor’s technology the new Holland tractor comes built with a lot interesting features to help improve the tractor’s productivity. Closed centre load sensing hydraulics has been added to the New Holland T6000. The addition of this feature helps the tractor’s hydraulic piston pump deliver as much as 113 litres per minute and 65 litres per minute to take care of the steering and engagement functions. You have the option to turn this pump on and off as you please.

new holland tractor

Image Source: New Holland South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

These tractors for sale also come with remote valves. These four remote valves come with the option of fully automated control or manual control for individuals who prefer a more mechanic solution. These valves are operated using a joystick, this appears to make the valve a lot easier to use and control. Everything in the T6000 has been built with ease of use as a key priority.

The T6000 range comes with an easy to operate dashboard that lets the driver easily and quickly access all the features he may need to use while driving the tractor.

A lot of people do not like using clutches in tractors as they make gear changing a tedious exercise. The manufacturers of the T6000 range seem to have understood this and built a tractor that allows for clutch- free gear changing making speed transmission a smoother transition and improving the quality of shifts between tractor ratios. Overall you will also notice that this smoother gear transmission helps improve driver comfort and the tractor’s driving experience.

Productivity boosting implements for your T6000

A lot has been done to boost productivity. The New Holland T6000 comes built with a Terralock Management System to take care of the tractor’s traction. This system reduces your tractor’s workload and minimizes soil smearing by automatically managing the engagement of the front axle drive and locking the front and rear differentials.

new holland farm equipment

Image Source: New Holland South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The axles themselves come built with an extra layer of strength to boost the Holland’s engine power. While features such as the Auto PTO and Headland turn sequencing features help protect your tractor from taking too much damage and allow the driver to record and store the sequence of the tractor’s in-field efficiency.

These recordings can then be played back to help the driver work out more practical ways to improve the vehicle’s efficiency and productivity.

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