Powerful and easy to operate F-Series Volvo wheel loaders

In the market for a reliable and durable Volvo wheel loader for sale that will get even the toughest job done? Volvo construction equipment is a good, solid option and the F-Series wheel loader models offer flexibility, reliability and performance, making it a great option if you are looking for a Volvo loader.

The Truck & Trailer team today takes a closer look at the Volvo L90F wheel loader, the L60F and the Volvo L70F wheel loader, highlighting its outstanding features, performance, cab features and some of it specifications.

volvo l90f

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website.

Outstanding features of the F-Series Volvo Wheel Loader

Consisting of the Volvo L60F, L70F and the Volvo L90F, the F-Series offers outstanding features one can expect from Volvo. Reliable and productive, these wheel loaders offer a low fuel consumption, a good resale value and easy and quick maintenance.

Despite its size, the L60F boasts a high manoeuvrability and, with its power to handle loads coupled with its flexibility to handle a range of applications, this wheel loader finds use in a range of industries – from agriculture to construction.

The Volvo L70F is designed and built for tough conditions in the construction industry. This Volvo wheel loader also offers great manoeuvrability and finds application everywhere from earthmoving to gravel loading.

The toughest of the three in the F-Series, the Volvo L90F wheel loader is powerful and performs everywhere from gravel pits and logging yards, to harbours. Flexible in every way, the TP-linkage from Volvo combined with a range of Volvo attachments turns this wheel loader in to an all-rounder.

l60f volvo wheel loader

All three of these Volvo wheel loaders are flexible in every way. Combining these powerful machines with the range of attachments available, you get a wheel loader for sale that is not only powerful, but productive and versatile.

Some of the Volvo equipment and attachments available for these wheel loaders include everything from log grapplers and a range of fork attachments, to material handling arms.

Bucket Capacity1.6 m³ - 5.0 m³1.8 m³ - 6.4 m³2.2 m³ - 7.0 m³
Operating Weight11 000 kg – 12 300 kg12 700 kg – 14 000 kg15 000 kg – 17 000 kg
Static Tipping Load at Full Turn7 150 kg8 110 kg9 140 kg

Some of the many things you can look forward to in terms of the maintenance of your Volvo construction equipment include easily accessible service points (like seen with the air filters), long lubrication intervals, large hatches and Volvo Contronic electronic monitoring system, making daily checks (such as electronic fluid and oil checks) easy and fast.

Contronic, which presents information in the MATRIS analysis programme, displays information for your Volvo loader in three categories that extends to include error messages, continuous operation data and warning texts. This system also allows for safety functions such as restricting engine power and torque in cases of a major malfunction.

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Power and precision offered by the F-Series Wheel Loader

The drivetrain, TP-linkage and hydraulics are all manufactured in house by Volvo. The Volvo wheel loader models in the F-Series are all equipped with the newest generation engines that are not only more environmentally friendly, but quiet as well.

Delivering a high torque near the idle rpm, these engines have a lower fuel consumption and also meets the EU legislation requirements when it comes to external sound.

Featuring a load sensing hydraulic system, you can be assured that the right amount of power is applied when necessary, helping to lower your fuel consumption. Fitted with some of the best in-house Volvo equipment and technologies, the Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS) contributes to more efficient work cycles.

APS depends on both engine and machine speed. Adapting to the operator’s style, the operator simply selects reverse or forward, APS taking on the responsibility of selecting the correct gear. The machine has a total of four reverse gears and four forward gears.

The Volvo L90F, L60F and Volvo L70F wheel loader is fitted with Volvo’s wet, circulation-cooled disc brakes, differential lock on the front axles and ‘lubricated for life’ rear axle bearings.

These wheel loaders also feature rugged frames constructed from high quality steel designed for secure mounting, load-sensing steering and Volvo’s TP-Linkage – a Volvo patented lift arm system – that allows for both Z-bar and parallel linkages.

The Volvo Care Cab

Volvo construction equipment delivers an outstanding exterior design and reliability but, a feature of these wheel loaders that should most definitely not be overlooked is its cab and cab design. Spacious and comfortable, the Volvo Care Cab offers everything an operator could want and need.

Fitted with a unique air filter system for a clean cab, the operator is able to choose from various recirculation and temperature control options.

Apart from clean air, the Volvo L60F, L70F and Volvo L90F wheel loader is ergonomically designed featuring instruments that not only puts the operator in control, but that are easy to read as well. Seat adjustments are standard and, with the optional Comfort Drive Control (CDC), the operator can enjoy features in the armrest such as shifting forward-reverse, handle steering and kick-down.

wheel loader from volvo equipment

Image Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The forward-reverse function can be found both as a lever positioned to the left of the steering wheel as well as in the hydraulic console positioned to the right.

Offering great all-round visibility, the interior of the cab has several functional storage compartments, a laminated front windshield, a sliding window, an adjustable steering wheel and halogen work lights for the front and rear.

The viscous cab mount for the L60F, L90F and L70F Volvo wheel loader also reduces unwanted vibrations and noise, making for a more comfortable operation. The interior of these cans are also easy to clean.

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Specifications of the F-Series Volvo Loader

Equipped with powerful, more environmentally friendly Volvo engines, these F-Series Volvo loader models also feature Volvo’s own countershaft transmission and Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS). Among many other features, you can also expect a three stage Cyclone precleaner (as an air cleaning system) as well as an air-to-air cooling system coupled with a hydrostatic, electronically controlled fan.

Volvo L60FVolvo L70FVolvo L90F
EngineVolvo D6E LCE3Volvo D6E LBE3Volvo D6E LAE3
Displacement5.7 litre5.7 litre5.7 litre
TransmissionVolvo THE 110Volvo THE 120Volvo THE 125
SAE J1995 Gross Power115 kW @ 1 700 rpm126 kW @ 1 700 rpm129 kW @ 1 700 rpm
ISO 9249 | SAE J1349 Net Power114 kW @ 1 700 rpm125 kW @ 1 700 rpm128 kW @ 1 700 rpm
SAE J1995 Gross Torque680 Nm @ 1 600 rpm750 Nm @ 1 600 rpm770 Nm @ 1 600 rpm
ISO 9249 | SAE J1349 Net Torque648 Nm @ 1 600 rpm717 Nm @ 1 600 rpm736 Nm @ 1 600 rpm
Economic Working Range1 100 rpm – 1 600 rpm1 100 rpm – 1 600 rpm1 100 rpm – 1 600 rpm

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