Powerful Doosan DL300A Front End Loader

With world-class machinery to be expected from Doosan equipment, it’s no surprise that the Doosan DL300A stands out from the crowd. A highly efficient loader that has been developed to give the end user optimal value through increased productivity, this wheel loader also boasts improved ergonomics, improved reliability and reduced maintenance that help increase the vehicle’s uptime.

If you are in the market for a front end loader for sale, considering the DL300A won’t be a waste of your time.

dl300a doosan front end loader

Image Source: Doosan South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Features and Design of the Doosan DL300A

When it comes to its features and design, the Doosan front end loader comes built with a numerous features that add to the vehicle’s lifting power, performance and safety. Features such as the Axles and Limited- slip ZF differential both aid in improving internal oil flow while substantially reducing the difference in the vehicle thus helping reduce the potential of premature disc wear and the differential helps automatically maximize traction effort allowing for easier driving over soft and muddy ground.

The DL300A front end loader also comes with a radiator grill. This is a great safety feature as the reinforced steel used to build the grill acts as a shock resistance barrier helping minimize vehicle damage in the event of an accident occurring. This safety feature is complimented by radiators that have been installed on rubber mounts.

These aluminium radiators help to dampen any irregular vibration while the vehicle is operational. This also makes the driver’s driving experience more comfortable. There are other features that have been built into the vehicle that include; an air- conditioning and defroster system, a highly visible central indicator panel and a fully adjustable steering column that has both tilting and telescopic functions.

doosan equipment

Image Source: Doosan South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

When it comes to versatility and reliability with the DL300A Doosan front end loader you can expect a vehicle that has been built to last and will not break down easily. Its rigid exterior makes it capable of operating in various seemingly unfavourable conditions with the greatest of ease.

Interior of the DL300A Wheel Loader

Safety and comfort are the two key priorities in the DL300A’s interior. The Doosan DL300A comes with arm rests to help make the driver feel more comfortable driving the vehicle. The vehicle also comes built with an optional adjustable air- suspension seat, an air- conditioner and defroster system, a highly visible central indicator panel, a sun visor and room mirror that are fitted for extra operational comfort, a fully adjustable steering column that both tilts and has telescopic functions and easy to use precision control levers.

interior of the doosan dl300a

Image Source: Doosan South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

All these interior features are either built to enhance the driver’s comfort or for functional purposes. However what is important is that purchasing this front end loader will definitely make your driver very happy and as we all know a happy employee is a productive employee.

Ease of Maintenance for your Doosan Equipment

When it comes to maintenance, the DL300A wheel loader is a fairly easy vehicle to maintain. The front loader comes with a liquid crystal display that shows all information about the front loader’s transmission. By simply connecting a laptop to this device you can perform a complete diagnosis on the front loader’s transmission helping you spot any problems that the vehicle may have. As a result of this you can easily carry out your own vehicle diagnosis if a problem arises helping you save more money.

As the adage goes prevention is better than cure. The Doosan front end loader has been built with a number of preventative measures to ensure that the front loader is very robust. The machine’s central joints have been built and positioned to withstand any bending forces, while features such as the hydraulic oil return filter helps eliminate most foreign particles helping protect the vehicle’s circuitry and extending its service intervals.

doosan wheel loader

Image Source: Doosan South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

Other features such as the Transmission filters have been placed in easy to reach places to ensure that you can check these components fairly easily when carrying out your daily vehicle checks. The brakes and pilot filter have also been fitted in a manner that makes it easier to replace them.

The engine of this front end loader has also been built with a hydraulically driven radiator fan that helps reduce engines and increases the engine’s performance by cooling it down and keeping the engine clean. All of this helps to keep your engine performing well.

Specifications of the Doosan DL300A Wheel Loader

From a performance perspective the Doosan DL300A offers a 6-cylinder direct injection, turbo- charged, air-cooled engine that is capable of delivering unrivalled performance. Here is a breakdown of the vehicle’s specifications:

Rated Power
(Gross SAE J1995)
156 kW @ 2 100 rpm
Maximum Torque902 Nm @ 1 300 rpm
Piston Displacement8 070 cm³

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