Powerful M Series 3 Cat Motor Grader

Caterpillar has done it again with the 140M and 140M AWD CAT Grader. CAT has gone above and beyond, bringing you remarkable machines with features meant to make them definite contenders among the various graders for sale in South Africa. Remember to visit Truck & Trailer today to find your dream CAT grader for sale.

Comfort certainly was one of CAT’s key objectives. With the M Series CAT presents you with advanced safety features, improved engine performance and great technology, coming together to create the CAT 140M grader and the 140M AWD motor grader.

 cat 140m motor grader

Image Source: Caterpillar South Africa Website.

Surfaces such as mud, gravel, sand and snow used to be a challenge, before the arrival of the AWD option. The AWD system allows the CAT 140M ADW more power, the added traction drastically minimizes side slope sliding. The carefully installed pumps on the right and left helps, bettering the hydraulic control.

The Engine, Emission and Power Train of the CAT 140M

Both the CAT 140M grader and the AWD drive are fitted with a CAT C9.3 ACERT engine, built to maintain consistent speed when grading and maximize productivity. Your high expectations concerning Productivity, service life, fuel efficiency and reliability are easily met.

With the proven combination of fuel, electronic, after treatment and air components. The engine has been designed in a way to fit the requirements of the U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV ACERT standards.

More features that contributes heavily to the efficiency of this CAT grader includes the Hydraulic Demand Fan and Engine Idle Shutdown Timer. The Hydraulic Demand Fan self-speed adjusting system, allows cooling to only be implemented when needed and thus saving fuel. The Idle Shutdown Timer, is a feature that offers the operator the ability to set a time that’ll allow the motor grader’s engine to idle before it completely shuts down.

So many features have been implemented to protect the power train and minimise a lot of room for human error. Added features such as the Standard Automatic Differential Lock/Unlock monitor, betters the comfort of operating the grader while protecting the power train. Full Electronic Clutch Pressure Control assists with easy shifts and changing of direction.

motor grader

Image Source: Caterpillar South Africa Website.

Autoshift can be programmed to operate in accordance with your application. The standard economy mode can assist with up to 10 percent less fuel consumption, and the Engine Over-Speed Protection will only allow downshifting when ideal speed is established.

Safety and Technology in the CAT 140M Grader

These graders for sale come with a range of safety features intended to provide a pleasant experience and a peace of mind. By integrating all the safety objectives with technology, great concepts were achieved.

The Operator Presence Monitoring system keeps brakes engaged and hydraulics disabled when parked, until an operator is seated. Speed Sensitive Steering, lowers the steering sensitivity when the vehicle is moving at a faster ground speed.

Brake systems are fitted that use accumulators enabling braking if there is a machine failure. These are but a few safety intended features on the CAT 140M grader and 140M AWD grader.

The outstanding technology included on this CAT motor grader includes technology like the Product Link™/VisionLink®. With this system it is made possible to monitor to monitor your fleet in real time. This allows a lot of room for better management and all round efficiency.

The Grade tech allows a combination of in-cab guidance, digital design data and automatic blade control to increase accuracy and lower reworking. CAT Grade Control Cross Slope is a system that automatically maintain the slopes, reducing the need for manual inputs from the operator.

cat 140m grader

Image Source: Caterpillar South Africa Website.

Hydraulics, work tools and attachments

The hydraulics have a great feature CAT has named Load-Sensitive system, which is implemented on their electro-hydraulics. The operator enjoys easy controlled and responsive hydraulics performance from this CAT grader series. The system matches the power demand to the pressure of the hydraulics, which results in efficient power consumption and less heat generated.

This is owed to the Proportional Priority Pressure-Compensating (PPP-C). The PPP-C system has multiple flow rates of the head and rod heads of the cylinders. The added Balance Flow-Hydraulics ensures the performance of the engine will not be compromised.

This CAT grader is also equipped with a 3.7m mouldboard. The optional features include the 4.3m blade. You will also find Ground Engaging Tools (grader bits and end bits), front mounting groups (push plate, front dozer or sacrificer, rear ripper) and snow removal work tools.

Specifications of the M Series CAT Grader

The CAT 140M and the AWD version are both fitted with the same engine with the specs below.

140M3 / 140M3 AWD
EngineCAT C9.3 ACERT
Base Power (1st Gear)149 kW
Torque Rise39%
Displacement9.3 L

No doubt CAT outdid themselves with their M Series CAT grader. If you want your money’s worth, this would definitely be a great choice.

Looking for that perfect CAT grader for sale? For more options and possibly other graders to compare to these, be sure to visit the Truck & Trailer website for great deals on a tough motor grader.

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