Powerhouse Scania G Series Trucks

Are you looking for a truck that you can rely on? Scania trucks for sale offer a trustworthy performance, their safety features and comfortable cabs making them stand out from the crowd. Designed for a wide range of applications, the Scania G series models are a great buy. The durability of used Scania trucks offers you excellent value-for-money.

The Scania G Series

Scania trucks offer you a powerful performance as well as superior comfort. The versatility of the G-series range is a huge advantage. These trucks can be configured to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. Their versatility makes them suited to long-haulage as well as distribution.

scania g series

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

These trucks can also be used for challenging off-road tasks. Safety is at the heart of the G Series, its safety features designed to prevent accidents and offer protection if an accident occurs.

Safety systems give drivers vital feedback which plays a role in accident prevention. Increased control and better vision also contribute to the safety offered by trucks from Scania’s G Series.

Superior comfort creates a work environment which boosts productivity and efficiency. Options in this range include the G-Short cab, G-Day cab and G-sleeper cab. With Scania G trucks series trucks the productivity of your business is maximised.

The trucks are designed to maximise efficiency and decrease downtime. By investing in a truck that you can trust, you can improve customer confidence. The excellent reputation of used Scania trucks also makes them a good investment.

Design of the G Series Scania Trucks

The design of the Scania G Series puts you in control. Ergonomical seating helps to reduce driver fatigue. The adjustable steering wheels allows the driver to customise the cab to meet their requirements. The high standing room is another note-worthy feature of these cabs.

scania g series trucks

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

Additional storage lockers help to keep the cab neat and well-organised. Situated above the windscreen is useful accessory space. At the core of the cab design are the needs and comfort of the driver.

Its high quality design creates a superior working environment. Accessories which are available for the G-series trucks include a Griffin stainless steel door handle and Griffin driving axles. Comfort accessories include a waste bin, cab cooler and compressed air gun.

For increased safety you can buy Cibie spot lamps, Helle laminator chromium clear halogen spot lamps or a Hella power beam 3000 working lamp.

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Specifications of the Scania Trucks in the G Series

Scania trucks offer you economic power and the Scania G Series is no exception. With plenty of chassis, engine and cab configurations, G-series trucks are designed to meet the unique needs of your business operations.

A variety of gearbox options are also available. G-series trucks also come with a choice of frame strength and chassis height. The G-series short cab has a height of 3030mm and a powertrain of 250-490 hp. The G-sleeper cab is 3030 mm high with a powertrain of 250 – 490 hp. It has a 700mm lower bed and a 600 mm upper bed.

g series scania trucks

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

The G-Day cab has a height of 3030 mm and a powertrain of 250 -490 hp. It has a 700mm lower bed and a 600 mm upper bed.

Effective management plays a vital role in productivity and real time tracking gives you precise information that helps you to manage your vehicles better. The data is continually updated for maximum efficiency.

Remote diagnostics help to decrease downtime. With this feature you can fix faults before they become an issue. The easy-to-use system makes it convenient to monitor the performance of individual trucks in your fleet.

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Scania G Series Safety Features

Scania G Series trucks offer the driver plenty of support and protection in an emergency, the trucks in the series equipped with systems to support and educate the driver which boost safety. Through research and testing, Scania has incorporated quality safety features into the design of their trucks.

Alcolock is a useful sobriety test that the driver needs to breathe through before starting the truck. If alcohol is detected the driver will not be able to start the truck. Another innovative safety feature of the G Series is their Electronic Brake System which offers the driver more control. The Electronic Stability Program is another highlight of the G-series trucks.

g-series scania trucks

Image Source: Scania South Africa Website.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring warns the driver if the tyre pressure decreases. Not only does this decrease the risk of accidents, it also helps to save fuel. The camera system adds convenience and safety to these trucks.

The safety, performance and comfort of Scania trucks help to boost the productivity of your business. The bottom line is that these trucks contribute to increased profits.

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