Proven Concrete Mixer Trucks from FAW

In the market for concrete mixer trucks? FAW trucks for sale deliver an impressive performance. Their robust design decreases maintenance costs and downtime. A durable concrete mixer will help to improve the efficiency of your business, with these FAW trucks already having proven themselves in the construction industry.

Read our blog to discover more about the dimensions, cab, engine and mass data of these concrete mixer trucks for sale in South Africa.

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Image Source: FAW South Arica website

Durable Exterior of the FAW Mixer

The 33.330FC FAW mixer has an overall length of 7208 mm, width of 2490 mm and height of 2940 mm. The FAW 35.340 is slightly larger with an overall length of 9018 mm, width of 2495 mm and height of 2960 mm.

The FAW 33.330FC has a wheelbase of 4075 mm while the FAW 35.340 has a wheelbase of 2000 + 2400 + 1350 mm. The dimensions of these concrete mixer trucks add to their capabilities. The ground clearance for both these FAW trucks is 230 mm. The durability of their exterior design contributes to their appeal.

Every aspect of their design focuses on strength and performance. When the going gets tough, these mixers won’t let you down. The gross vehicle mass of the 33.330FC FAW mixer is 33000 kgs while the 35.340 model has a weight of 35000 kgs.

concrete mixer by faw

Image Source: FAW South Arica website

The 33.330FC concrete mixer has a permissible front axle mass of 7500 kgs and a rear axle mass of 25500 kgs. The 35.340 FAW has a permissible front axle mass of 15400 kg and a rear axle mass of 19600 kgs.

The cab provides a suitable operating environment which is conducive to productivity. The forward tilt cab offers room for the driver as well as one passenger. For added comfort, you can opt for a suspension seat. This option helps to decrease driver fatigue and boosts productivity.

A semi sleeper option is available for these trucks and air-conditioning helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature. A radio with USB is available for these models. The cab length of both FAW trucks is 2100 mm with a minimum cab clearance of 150 mm.

The cab to rear axle of the FAW 33.330FC is 3533 mm while the cab to rear axle of the FAW 35.340 is 5393 mm.

the 33.330fc concrete mixer by faw

Image Source: FAW South Arica website

FAW Trucks Performance

The FAW 33.330FC and 35.340 have a maximum gradability of 36% with a geared road speed of 93 kph. Both models have a 430 mm single plate clutch with hydraulic air assisted operation. They are equipped with a forged steel I-section beam front axle and a 4.875:1 full floating rear axle. They have a single reduction gearing type.

The FAW trucks offer full air, dual circuit brakes with a rear booster emergency system. They have one fuel tank with a total capacity of 200 litres. The FAW 33.330FC has a turning radius of 9500 mm and minimum turning diameter of 19000 mm while the FAW 35.340 concrete mixer has a turning radius of 10500 mm and a minimum turning diameter of 21000 mm.

The front track of both these concrete mixer trucks is 2020 mm while the rear track is 1830 mm. Both FAW trucks have an outer chassis width of 800 mm and an inner width of 640 mm.

faw 35.340 mixer truck

Image Source: FAW South Arica website

Both models are equipped with a FAW CA9T B160M transmission. The 9-speed manual synchromesh transmission has a hi/lo range split with a reverse ration of 12.66.

These trucks have recirculating ball steering with a gear ratio of 20:48:1. Power assisted steering contributes to ease-of-operation as well as efficiency. For an overview of the FAW mixer specifications, take a look at the table below.

FAW 33.330FCFAW 35.340
Engine6-cylinder in line6-cylinder in line
Make/ModelWeichai WD 615.44Weichai WD 615.69
Capacity9 726 cm39 728 cm3
Power245 kW @ 2 200 rpm250 kW @ 2 200 rpm
Torque1 250 @ 1 400 – 1 700 rpm1 350 Nm @ 1 100 – 1 600 rpm
Emission StandardEuro IIEuro II

Now that you know the benefits of finding FAW concrete mixer trucks, you can find excellent used FAW trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer. Used FAW trucks offer you excellent value-for-money and their robust design adds to their appeal.

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