Pure excellence in the new DAF XF

Economical, powerful and robust, the DAF XF delivers a performance that you can trust. When it comes to selecting the right truck tractor for your business, you can choose a model in this range that match your unique requirements. If you want to take the productivity of your business to the next level, find DAF trucks for sale on Truck & Trailer.

new xf trucks by daf

Image source: Daf website

DAF XF Features

The new DAF XF is ahead of the pack with its exceptional fuel economy. Their reduced running expenses make it easy to see why, when it comes to finding trucks for sale in South Africa, the DAF XF is a popular option.

From its driveline to its rear axles, every aspect of its design focuses on delivering an efficient performance without compromising on power. Its reduced fuel consumption can also be attributed to its increased torque with decreased revs.

The advanced electronics contribute to optimised consumption, with its aerodynamic design also well worth a mention. All these advancements result in an increased efficiency of up to 7% during long trips.

DAF trucks are well-known for their impressive payloads and the XF is no exception. Its lighter frame and innovative EAS is designed to reduce the weight of this truck tractor even further. Other weight reduction features include its engine and chassis design. You can expect the models in this range to be up to 100 kilogrammes lighter. Reduced weight equals higher payloads, which ultimately means improved productivity.

The new DAF XF continues the legacy of reliability. Its robust design reduces downtime and offers a performance your business can rely on. Advanced electronics and design features result in a level of durability that is higher than ever before. The extended service intervals are both convenient and cost effective.

daf xf workhorse

Image source: Daf website

Design of the new DAF XF

The new DAF XF boasts a striking exterior which creates a bold impression on the road. Highlights of these trucks include a refreshed sun visor and logo, the grille mesh enhancing the contemporary and confident appearance of the XF. The bumper insert adds to the premium style of these trucks and the air flow guidance as well as the wheel arch flow guides add to its aerodynamic exterior design.

Another reason to find DAF trucks for sale is their high levels of driver comfort. The cab is designed to offer the driver a pleasant work environment which reduces fatigue and boosts productivity. A range of customisable features offer unrivalled comfort. State-of-the-art features provide exceptional safety and convenience.

The spacious interior and big bunks add to the appeal of these trucks. The cutting-edge climate control unit maintains a pleasant temperature, while the fleet management system forms part of the defining features of these trucks.

The fleet management allows you to access data on the trucks location and fuel consumption. You can also review mileage as well as fleet utilisations. Detailed reports make it simple to compare the performance of different vehicles.

driver's view in the daf xf

Image source: Daf website

Engine and structure

Trucks for sale in South Africa need to have a power performance as well as a robust design to cope with more challenging driving conditions. DAF trucks are equipped with PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines which deliver a performance that you can count on. Advancements have resulted in cruising speeds with reduced torque levels which functions to decrease noise levels.

Eco mode offers excellent drivability as well as fuel economy. Other advancements include decreased wear which reduces down time as well as running costs. Top quality gearboxes are another remarkable feature of the XF trucks. Now you can benefit from a truck tractor with a 12-speed or 16-speed TraXon automated gearbox.

Safety Features of the DAF XF

Active and passive safety features are core elements of the DAF XF trucks. Predictive Cruise Control is a smart feature of these trucks which sets the ideal travelling speeds. When combined with Predictive Shifting, decreased fuel consumption and carbon emission is achieved.

Adaptive Cruise Control ensures that the truck keeps a safe distance from other vehicles. Other features, which function to support the driver, include Forward Collision Warning, Advanced Emergency Braking System and a Lane Departure Warning System.

Now that you know the advantages of finding DAF trucks for sale, browse Truck & Trailer for a model that best matches the requirements of your business. The latest DAF XF is definitely one to consider when making the choice. These trucks are a cost effective transportation solution.

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