Refrigerated trucks: Meeting your transportation needs

Are you in the refrigerated transport sector or looking for refrigerated trucks that are not only reliable but capable of handling your loads? Today we take a closer look at five of the truck brands offering suitable refrigerated distribution solutions.

Trucks from Hino Motors

Part of Toyota South Africa Motors, Hino is committed to providing the most preferred transport solutions. They achieve this by developing appropriate products and delivering the highest quality support services possible.

In terms of refrigerated trucks, the newest Hino 300 and 500 series is definitely worth a look.

The Hino 300 Series trucks are both reliable and rugged. With a spacious cab and plenty of legroom, the 300 Series of trucks are versatile and perfect for medium-sized cargo. An urban solution for refrigerated transport, these trucks are tough and has a body and payload allowance of between 3 390 kilograms and 5 950 kilograms.

With safety in mind, the newest 300 Hino models also have ABS, airbags and side-impact beams. The newest models in this series have thinner front pillars (for a better frontal view) and an anti-theft system.

300 Series Models available: 614 SWB, 614 LWB, 714 SWB, 714 LWB, 814 LWB, 815 LWB Auto, 815 Crew Cab Auto and the 915 LWB.


An excellent transport solution in terms of refrigerated cargo, the newest 500 Series from Hino also focusses on safety and includes features such as reinforced mainframes and anti-fatigue pedals.

Easily manoeuvrable into tight spaces, these truck frames has an improved rust resistance and are lighter in weight to help improve fuel efficiency. Despite this lighter weight, these frames provide a greater load capacity and an increased Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

The Hino 500 Range has a light aluminium transmission case and powerful, direct-injected diesel engines. This series of Tippers and Freight Carriers has a wide variety of applications.

500 Series Models available: 1017 FC, 1324 Tipper, 1324 FC, 1626 FC LWB, 1626 FC XLWB, 1626 Tipper, 1726 FC LWB and the 1322 4×4 FC.

refrigerated-trucks-Hino-Motors-500 series

Truck and Trailer features some Hino refrigerated trucks for sale online, like the 2015 Hino 500 1324 and the 2009 Hino 300 Series 815 refrigerated trucks.


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Refrigerated Trucks from Isuzu

In 2007 Isuzu Trucks South Africa (Pty) Limited was formed – a joint venture between General Motors South Africa (GMSA) and Isuzu Motors Limited. Isuzu Trucks South Africa (Pty) Limited is now responsible for both the distribution and support of all Isuzu Trucks in right-hand drive countries in Africa. Isuzu Trucks today ranks in the top four medium to extra-heavy truck manufacturers in South Africa – quite a title to hold. Being one of the most durable and reliable trucks in South Africa, the total registered South African truck population up to 25 years old, is at over 36 500.

Within Isuzu, the N-Series and F-Series of trucks are popularly used for refrigerated transport.

The N-Series models from Isuzu come standard with ABS, except for the 4×4 models, as well as ASR. Known for its perfectly balanced, medium-sized vehicles designed for everyday applications, this series of trucks has 18 models ranging from 4 200 kilograms to 8 500 kilograms GVM.


Designed to be durable with low operating costs, these refrigerated trucks have advanced four-cylinder common rail turbocharged engines, helping to reduce fuel consumption while minimising the carbon emissions.

The N-Series models also feature comfortable cabs with Automatic Manual Transmissions (AMT) available in selected models. Safety is also a consideration with these vehicles with the addition of an advanced ABS/ASR braking system standard in all models.

Truck and Trailer features a range of N-Series refrigerated trucks for sale, like the three-ton, 2007 NRP 300 and the 2005 NRP 400 refrigerated truck.


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The F-Series from Isuzu features a total of 16 models and comes standard with ASR and ABS (with the exception of 4×4 models). Safe and easy to operate, these heavy commercial models range from 10 000 kilograms to 26 000 kilograms GVM.


Boasting high torque turbocharged engines, these trucks also feature Isuzu’s common rail diesel technology, delivering a great fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions. With Automatic Manual Transmissions (AMT) available in four Isuzu models, like the N-Series, these trucks also take safety in its stride with ABS/ASR braking systems standard (with the exception of models).

The F-Series is also where you will find more specialist models like the 6×2 freight carriers and the 6×4 refuse compactors.

Some of the F-Series refrigerated trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer include the 2010 FTM 1200 and the 2015 FTR 850.


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MAN’s Refrigerated Trucks

When it comes to refrigerated transport, MAN is one of the big names in South Africa. With product representation in South Africa from the early 1960s, MAN Truck & Bus (S.A) (Pty) Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus AG in Germany and today has its headquarters in Isando and an assembly plant in Pinetown.

With refrigerated distribution in mind, the new MAN TGL and new MAN TGM is the route to go. With maximum payload ratios and loading capacity, these monsters have great manoeuvrability as well as a low overall height.

Both the 7.5 ton and 12 ton TGLs have a short wheelbase, helping to add to its excellent manoeuvrability. With a low loading platform and high front-axle load reserve, these food distribution trucks also feature a comfortable C Cab that has a low entrance combined with first-class comfort.


The 15 ton TGM is a great transport solution if you are looking for something capable of big volumes and payload. Featuring full-air suspension, these trucks for sale in South Africa provide stability even in cases of an uneven load. TGM models also available include the 18 and 26 tonner trucks.

In both the TGL and TGM series of MAN trucks, you will find efficient Euro 6 engines in conjunction with MAN TipMatic, giving you great advantages of terms of fuel consumption. In terms of refrigerated transport, the TGL and TGM have stability load packages with reinforced shock absorbers.

As an added benefit, these series of trucks are delivered already prepared for the installation of a FRIGOBLOCK generator. With a number of generator sizes possible for the TGL and TGM, the electrical components are integrated into the vehicle, making installation easy.


Truck and Trailer does feature a couple of MAN refrigerated trucks for sale, like this 2008, 16 ton TGM25-280.


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Refrigerated Transport from Mercedes Benz

Aside from bringing us extremely sexy, safe and innovative light motor vehicles, Mercedes Benz also manufactures a number of trucks for sale in South Africa today. Being a part of the Daimler Trucks division, the newest range of trucks from Mercedes Benz includes the Actros, Axor and the Atego.

Looking at the Atego series, it is easy to why it is a popular option for refrigerated transport. With a GVM of 9.5 to 15 tons, the Atego series’ superb handling and compact dimensions make it great for both country roads and the narrow streets of the city.


The details of the Atego were designed with short-radius distribution in mind. It has wide-opening doors, a low entrance and easy through-cab access. This series also has a line-up of four and six-cylinder in-line engines with a displacement ranging from 4.2 litres to 6.4 litres. These engines also boast logic-controlled engine management (or Telligent).

The Telligent engine management system also contributes to low fuel consumption with the optional Telligent automated gearshift capable of always choosing the ideal gear, further reducing fuel consumption.


Like with their light motor vehicles, safety also plays a role in the Atego. In order to minimise stopping distance, these trucks for sale have a pneumatically actuated braking system, ABS and internally ventilated disc.

The cabs of these vehicles meet European ECE R 29 and Swedish crashworthiness standards and tests. With large windows, clear-lend headlamps and heated exterior mirrors, safety takes priority when it comes to the Atego.

If you are looking for a Mercedes Benz refrigerated truck for sale, Truck and Trailer is a great place to start, offering trucks like the 1999 1214 Insulated Fridge Unit and the 1999 MB 800 four-ton truck.


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Refrigerated Trucks from Nissan

Known as Nissan Diesel until 2010, UD Trucks was formerly owned by Nissan Motors and, since 2007, it has been 100% owned by the Volvo Group. Delivering high-quality heavy vehicles, UD Trucks offers a number of ranges and models suited for the refrigerated transport industry.

Within its newest medium-duty range, UD Trucks offers six 4×2 axle configured models. With the exception of the UD60 B, these models have a 184 kW power. The UD60 B has a GVM of 10.5 ton while then UD80 D has a GVM of 14 ton. The UD85 D, UD90 C, UD95 V and the UD100 B models have a GVM of 15 tons.

This range of trucks for sale from UD Trucks strives to deliver an all-round versatility, a low life-cycle cost and a high, world-class quality. While the UD60 B has a UD Trucks FE 6TA engine, the other models within this series have a UD Trucks FE 6TC engine.

Within the newest Quester range, you will find five high performing models, the Quester CDE is a great option when it comes to refrigerated transport. With 6×2 axle configuration, it has a GVM of 30 000 and comes with the choice of an eight-litre diesel engine, capable of delivering superior performance and low fuel consumption.


If you are in the market for heavy-duty vehicles, the newest Quon range is for you. Featuring the Quon CW Series (with a 6×4 axle configuration), the Quon GK series (with a 4×2 axle configuration) and the Quon GW series (with a 6×4 axle configuration), you are sure to find the heavy-duty solution to suit your distribution needs.


Truck and Trailer features some UD refrigerated trucks for sale, like the 2010 UD20 with 110 000 kilometres on the clock, and the 2013 UD85 with 98 000 kilometres on the clock.


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Looking for refrigerated trucks for sale? Truck and Trailer is the perfect place to shop. Featuring a number of trusted brands, you can find, compare prices for and buy your refrigerated trucks without hassle.

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