Reliable and robust Ninja Mitsubishi forklift trucks

Are you looking for a forklift for sale that can handle tough conditions? The Mitsubishi Ninja forklifts won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Their robust design and powerful engine make these forklifts a good investment.

When you buy a Mitsubishi forklift truck you can be rest assured that you are getting a top quality machine.

mitsubishi forklift for sale

Image Source: Mitsubishi Forklifts Website / Product Brochure.

Overview of the Ninja Mitsubishi Forklift

If you are looking for versatility, look no further than the Mitsubishi Ninja. These forklifts are designed to meet the needs of your business. They are well-suited to loading and unloading goods. These capable forklifts can also be used to move goods from one location to another.

The bottom line is that these forklifts function to make your daily business operations easier. The Mitsubishi forklift range includes 2.0 to 3.0 ton forklift trucks. This range is made up of FD/FG20 to 30HS models.

These forklifts are equipped with 44kW engines which deliver fast lifting and travel speeds. Their capability to operate at high speeds makes finding a Mitsubishi forklift for sale an excellent choice. Their fast performance increases the efficiency and productivity of your business operations.

The cutting-edge design of this forklift truck optimises airflow as well as cooling. The full floating powertrain contributes to the smooth operation of these forklifts.

clasidia mitsubishi ninja

Image Source: Mitsubishi Forklifts Website / Product Brochure.

The safety of these models is improved by lift lock which stops the fork from being lowered unintentionally when the keyswitch is turned off. Another safety feature is the neutral safety start. It is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces when operating a Mitsubishi forklift as the Ninja models offer compact turning. These forklifts deliver a powerful lifting performance which can reach speeds of up to 640mm/s when loaded.

Features and specifications of the Clasidia Mitsubishi forklift

A new Mitsubishi forklift truck which has been released is the Clasidia. The Clasidia boasts numerous features which are not common on other forklifts. The Integrated Digital Monitor is in clear view of the driver making it easy to see important data. The wide cab visibility improves safety while decreasing driver fatigue and increasing efficiency.

This forklift has a reinforced overhead guard which improves visibility without reducing safety. The mast interlock is an additional safety measure of this model. Neutral Safety Start stops the engine from switching on if the forklift is in gear.

clasidia mitsubishi forklift

Image Source: Mitsubishi Forklifts Website / Product Brochure.

For additional comfort the tilting steering column can be adjusted to match the unique needs of the driver. The 44kW engines deliver an impressive performance with the option to use gasoline or LPG. The floating power train offers reduced vibrations in the cab which improves comfort levels.

Another benefit of the power train is that it decreases wear and tear which increases the durability of these forklifts. With its optimal airflow and cooling the Clasidia can handle hot climates without overheating.

The uncomplicated design of the Mitsubishi Ninja makes them easy to operate. Not only do these models offer excellent convenience, their spacious cab provides a comfortable work environment. The Clasidia boasts a low centre of gravity frame which improves the balance and stability of the machine during lifting.

lifting speeds for the mitsubishi forklift

Image Source: Mitsubishi Forklifts Website / Product Brochure.

The result of this design is an improved load capacity with better stability. The powerful engine delivers a consistent lift speed despite the load weight. The complete hydraulic power steering makes compact turning possible in these forklifts.

Another benefit of finding a Mitsubishi forklift for sale is the serviceability of these machines. Maintenance and repair tasks do not require special tools. The design of this model makes it convenient to access the engine.

The big engine bay provides enough room for maintenance tasks. The end result of the serviceability of the Clasidia is decreased downtime and improved productivity.

To learn more about the Mitsubishi Ninja specifications, take a look at the table below:

Displacement3 331 cc3 331 cc3 331 cc2 488 cc2 488 cc2 488 cc
Power44kW @ 2 300 rpm44kW @ 2 300 rpm44kW @ 2 300 rpm40 kW @ 2 200 rpm40 kW @ 2 200 rpm40 kW @ 2 200 rpm
Torque183 Nm @ 1 800 rpm183 Nm @ 1 800 rpm183 Nm @ 1 800 rpm183 Nm @ 1 800 rpm183 Nm @ 1 800 rpm183 Nm @ 1 800 rpm
Loading Capacity 2 000 kg2 500 kg3 000 kg2 000 kg2 500 kg3 000 kg
Max. Fork Height3 000 mm3 000 mm3 000 mm3 000 mm3 000 mm3 000 mm
Loaded lifting speeds640 mm / second640 mm / second510 mm / second580 mm / second580 mm / second460 mm / second
Unloaded lifting speeds670 mm / second670 mm / second545 mm / second660 mm / second660 mm / second530 mm / second
Loaded lowering speeds 500 mm / second500 mm / second530 mm / second500 mm / second500 mm / second530 mm / second
Unloaded lowering speeds 500 mm / second500 mm / second500 mm / second500 mm / second500 mm / second500 mm / second

Now that you know more about the benefits of owning a Mitsubishi forklift, you can invest in one of these reliable machines. Not only will they increase the productivity of your business, their robust design offers you excellent value-for-money. With a range of models in the Mitsubishi Ninja range, you can choose one which best meets your requirements.

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