Reliable, tough and flexible Kia K2500

The Kia K2500 is built to get the job done without any fuss. A Kia truck for sale that offers a trustworthy performance and versatility, it is a top pick for many business owners. Its durable design and flexible capabilities make it an excellent investment.

With its ability to carry difficult loads and its turbo charged engine, this one tonner is an asset to businesses across South Africa. When it comes to small trucks, the K2500 is appealing because it delivers a speedy and comfortable ride.

kia k2500

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

K2500 Spacious Interior

While the Kia K2500 is tough and rugged, its interior offers a comfortable workplace. The inside of the cabin offers plenty of room. The seats are comfortable and their design helps to support the driver throughout the work day. Driver fatigue is decreased by the addition of thick cushions in the seat design.

The durable full cloth seats are complemented by 3-step headrests. Not only is the interior comfortable, it is highly functional too. The ergonomic layout of the cabin decreases driver fatigue and boosts productivity. The LED gauge cluster makes important data clearly visible. The glove box helps to keep the cabin organized and tidy.

With 11 litres of storage space, the glove box is a good space to store important items. The centre console provides additional storage space. The seat can be folded down to access a multifunctional console with extra storage room.

k2500 1 ton truck interior

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

This one tonner offers a comfortable cabin which is designed to enhance efficiency. Its spacious interior is just one of the many reasons why business owners choose the Kia K2500 for sale.

Rugged Exterior

This dropside 1 ton truck has a rugged and durable exterior which offers exceptional functionality. Its exterior style reflects its ability to endure challenging work conditions. The back step is a useful addition to the exterior of the K2500.

The step enables you to reach further during the loading and unloading of materials. The catcher on the back gate is simple to operate. Its handle has an ergonomic design which offers an improved grip. The inner spring creates a smooth opening and closing movement.

The Kia K2500 features a wraparound cover on the back gate chain which functions to decrease corrosion. This feature contributes to the durability of these small trucks. The folding-type stopper offers support to items which are larger than the loading bed.

k2500 kia truck bed

Image Source: Kia South Africa Website.

The front open panel makes maintenance tasks easy. This feature allows the driver to check fluid levels quickly. The K2500 has a curb rate which starts at 1670 kgs and extends to 1715 kgs.

The gross vehicle mass of these small trucks is 2980 kgs. The loading capacity of 1000 kgs allows the K2500 to accommodate a range of materials for quick and easy transportation. The cargo deck is 2810 mm by 1630 mm by 355 mm.

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Powerful Performance

The Kia K2500 is a powerful workhorse which is built to endure. Its reliable performance won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Kia uses tried and tested designs as well as innovative technology to offer business owners exceptional trucks.

With the K2500 customers can rely on your business to meet its deliverables, every time. Equipped with a 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve turbo charged engine, the K2500 won’t let you down. The K2500 is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission which offers great fuel efficiency.

Not only does the transmission reduce running costs, it is also durable. The transmission of this one tonner delivers smooth gear shifts as well as NVH performance. The result of the transmission design is a comfortable and productive truck. To learn more about the K2500 specifications, take a look at the table below.

K2500 Workhorse Drop Side
Displacement2 497 cc
Maximum Power96 kW @ 3 800 rpm
Maximum Torque255 Nm @ 1 500 – 3 500 rpm
Maximum Speed142 km/h
Combined Fuel Consumption9.4 litres / 100 km
Starting PriceR 291 995

Now that you know more about these small trucks, you can find a Kia k2500 for sale online. These reliable trucks won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Their tough design and excellent functionality adds to their appeal. Their strong parts result in less downtime and running expenses.

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