Rugged Massey Ferguson MF 400 Xtra Tractors

Rugged, reliable and powerful, the Massey Ferguson MF 400 tractors are designed to get the job done. Their dependable performance sets them apart from the crowd. When it comes to finding tractors, the MF 400 models are suitable for both small and large operations. At the heart of the MF 400 Xtra’s design are the needs of Massey Ferguson customers. If you are in the market for Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, this is a range you should consider.

Not only are these tractors powerful, they are easy to operate too. Their durable design means that they are built to endure challenging conditions. The wide range of upgraded features allows you to customise your tractor so that it meets the requirements of your business.

mf 400 xtra tractor from massey ferguson

Image Source: Massey Ferguson South Africa Website.

Easy maintenance is another advantage of owning a Massey Ferguson tractor. With a power output that ranges from 60 to 89 kW these tractors are hard-working machines.

Highlights of the Xtra range are its semi platform cab as well as its 4-cylinder AGCO power engine. The maximum lift capacity of these tractors is 3800 kgs. They have a 12×4 transmission. Read our informative blog to discover everything you need to know about Massey Ferguson MF 400 tractors.

Features of the MF 400 Xtra Tractors

Whether you are operating on a large or small scale, your business can benefit from owning a Massey Ferguson tractor. The MF 400 Xtra range delivers a powerful performance which contributes to the efficiency and productivity of your operations. Its durable design and dynamic performance makes these machines suitable to a wide range of applications.

Highlights of the MF 400 range are its 12 x 4 transmission which is both easy-to-use and efficient. The transmission makes it simple for the operator to switch between speeds. Another note-worthy feature of the tractors in this range are their side exhaust design.

tractors for sale from massey ferguson

Image Source: Massey Ferguson South Africa Website.

The reduced noise level contributes to comfort and plays a role in reducing operator fatigue. Safety features include the efficient braking system. Another feature of these tractors, which contributes to safety, is the hydraulic controls. Not only do these controls boost safety, they also improve efficiency and accuracy.

The impressive hydraulic lift capacity of these tractors reaches 3800 kgs. The robust axles combined with durable epicyclic reduction units deliver superior traction. Sideshift gear selection contributes to the easy-to-use characteristics of these tractors.

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The cab of the Massey Ferguson MF 400 Xtra

The Massey Ferguson MF 400 come with the option of semi-platform and cab variations. In addition to their robust design and powerful performance, MF 400 tractors also offer an outstanding operator environment. The spacious design of the cab contributes to the comfort of the operator.

The ergonomical layout of the controls in this Massey Ferguson tractor range decreases operator fatigue and boosts efficiency. The decreased noise and vibration are other factors that contribute to creating a good working environment. The semi-platform design boasts a large platform section which further enhances the easy-to-use nature of these tractors.

massey ferguson tractor

Image Source: Massey Ferguson South Africa Website.

The controls in the cab are designed to offer the operator easy access. Vital data is clearly displayed on the instrument panel. Pendant pedals add to the operators comfort when using the foot controls. The thick steering wheels are another note-worthy design element of the Massey Ferguson MF 400 tractors. The spring suspension seat enhances the comfort of these tractors.

Performance ad specifications of the MF 400 Xtra Range

When it comes to performance, the MF 400 Xtra tractors won’t let you down. Powered by state-of-the-art AGCO engines these tractors are ready for any challenges that they need to face in the daily work environment.

With a variety of tractors available in this hardworking tractor range, you can choose one which best meets the requirements of your business. If you are looking for tractors for sale, take a look at the following table for a comparison of the MF455 Xtra, MF460 Xtra and MF 470 Xtra.

MF 455 XtraMF 460 XtraMF 470 Xtra
Engine1104.4C Tier II420DS Tier II420 DS Tier II
Engine Capacity4 400 cc4 400 cc4 400 cc
Cylinders4 turbo4 turbo4 turbo
Rated Engine Speed2 200 rpm2 200 rpm2 200 rpm
Max power (kW)7481.489.5
Torque (Nm)415 @ 1 400 rpm425 @ 1 400 rpm470 @ 1 400 rpm
Lift Capacity (max kgf)2 5003 8003 800

With so many advantages to owning a Massey Ferguson MF 400 tractor, it is easy to see why these powerful machines are so popular. Adding a MF 400 tractor to your business operations helps to boost efficiency and productivity. Visit AgriMag today to find your perfect Massey Ferguson tractors for sale.

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