See the Volvo Truck that can pull 750 tons!

Volvo FH16 astounded onlookers and made the news when it successfully pulled 750 tons. With its powerful engine and durable frame it is easy to see why it was capable of such a feat. Not only does the Volvo FH deliver an impressive performance, it is also stylish. With a range of Volvo trucks for sale on Truck and Trailer, you are sure to find a powerful stallion of your own.

volvo fh16 for sale

Image Source: Volvo Trucks Website.

Looking at the Volvo FH Series

The Volvo FH series creates a bold impression on the road with their good looks and muscular design. Its driveline is designed to deal with the toughest challenges. The Volvo FH16 is equipped with a 16-litre D16C engine which delivers an impressive 610 horsepower with 2800 Nm of torque.

These Volvo trucks come with a range of gearboxes which are designed to finish challenging jobs. Its powerful engine and exceptional design enabled it to pass the 750 ton test. Another reason to find a Volvo truck for sale is their fuel efficiency.

The outside of the Volvo truck reflects the craftsmanship of its powerful engine design. The exterior cab wall consists of a tinted glass pane which contributes to the trucks good looks. On if the latest Volvo FH models, the FH16 have a dark and intriguing exterior. Their new colour is labelled as Mystic Fjord.

The attention to detail is evident in the exterior design of the FH16 models. Shiny chrome accentuates its good looks. Additions of chrome to the front step and grille add a finishing touch to the exterior of these models. The door handles are bolder with the addition of chrome. A highlight of the powerful Volvo FH16 truck is its satin dark-silver grille. The mirrors as well as the sun visor further accentuate its prestigious appearance.

The Interior of the Volvo FH16

While the interior of the FH16 sets high expectation, the interior does not disappoint. Its distinctive seat design creates a comfortable space for the driver to carry out their job. The luxurious seats are available in leather or a leather and textile combination. Not only are these seats comfortable, they also look good. Ventilated seats are available.

fh16 volvo truck

Image Source: Volvo Trucks Website.

The Raven steering wheel complements the sophisticated seating. Not only is the steering wheel aesthetically appealing it is also comfortable and extremely practical in its design. The dark leather is accentuated with yellow stitching which matches the interior style. The interior of these Volvo trucks for sale feature distinctive door and wall panels . The curtains and bunk upholstery also exude prestige and luxury. The extra door lights give stronger illumination to the inside of the truck.

The Volvo FH series is the leader in long haul. It offers both luxury and economy. The gross combination weight of these trucks reaches 100 tonnes. Model options include a sleeper cab, globetrotter cab or globetrotter XL cab.

volvo trucks for sale

Image Source: Volvo Trucks Website.

Find a Volvo Truck on Truck and Trailer

With Volvo’s reputation for excellence, buying second hand is a good option. The durable design of Volvo trucks makes them suitable for resale. Buying used a Volvo truck offers you great value-for-money. Take a look at some great deals on Volvos listed on Truck & Trailer currently.

Volvo 400

You can find a Volvo truck for sale online. This 6 x 4 truck is in excellent condition. It is a 2008 model. The truck is available from Boksburg in Gauteng.

volvo truck for sale on truck and trailer

Volvo FM300

This Volvo FM300 is selling for R250 000. This 2006 model has an 8M insulated closed body. It is a 6×2 model. The truck is available from Springs in Gauteng.

fm300 volvo truck listed on truck and trailer

Volvo FH 480

A Volvo FH 480 is available for sale. This truck is priced at R785000 plus VAT. It is a 2013 model with 335000 km on the clock. It has a bulbar/aero kit. The truck is in excellent condition. It is available form Pomona in Gauteng.

fh480 volvo trucks for sale

Now that you know more about Volvo trucks, you can find a model that meets your requirements. Whether you are going for a top of the range model or a budget truck, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of your Volvo truck. Visit today for some of the best deals on Volvo trucks for sale.

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