Take the hassle out of building-rubble disposal with a Doosan ADT

Innovative, powerful and efficient, a Doosan ADT is an excellent investment. Doosan trucks have a reputation for excellence, and their latest products are no exception. Their versatility makes these machines a valuable asset across a range of industries. From the Doosan DA30 to the DA40, there is a wide range of models to choose from. If you want to enhance the efficiency of your business, find an ADT for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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Image source: Doosan Equipment website

What are articulated dump trucks used for?

Both the Doosan DA40 and the DA30 are suitable for a wide range of uses. Articulated dump trucks are primarily used in the construction industry. They can be used to transport heavy loads from one location to another and are suitable for operations on construction sites since they can handle challenging terrain. Their ability to carry different types of goods makes these trucks a valuable asset. Their outstanding versatility and mobility make them useful in a range of industries. Dump trucks are also used in logging, military and garbage collection applications.

Why should you own a Doosan ADT?

Doosan trucks deliver a trustworthy performance that won’t let you down. Their robust machinery is designed to tackle challenging conditions, and Doosan is committed to being at the forefront of product development. Innovative features set their articulated dump trucks apart from the crowd, and their extensive range of products makes it easy to find machinery that matches your requirements. The Doosan ADT range features cutting-edge machines that boost productivity while decreasing expenses. From impressive power and traction to stability and comfort, these trucks offer you a variety of advantages.

The history of Doosan trucks

Doosan trucks are a combination of robust Scandinavian designs with Korean excellence. The Doosan ADT range incorporates Doosan’s expertise and trustworthy processes. The end result is a range of quality machines that you can trust. With over thirty years in the industry, Doosan produces machines that are designed to exceed your expectations. Their advanced drivetrains and fatigue-proof construction make them stand out.

The Doosan DA40 and DA30

The Doosan DA30 ADT is equipped with a durable diesel engine that delivers a powerful performance without compromising on efficiency. It has a payload of 51 400kg as well as a body volume of 17.8m3. The tyre size of this model is L3, and the DA30 is equipped with a 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, which has a maximum power output of 276 kW. It has a transmission of ZF 8 speed and tandem bogey axles. It’s suitable for construction and mining applications.

The Doosan DA40 has a payload of 70 300kg as well as a body volume of 24.4m3. This model is equipped with a water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine which delivers a maximum power output of 368 kW. It features a ZF 8 EP420 electronically controlled automatic transmission.

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Image source: Doosan Equipment website

Safety and stability

Another reason to find an ADT for sale is that these trucks are designed to offer exceptional stability and safety. Their distinctive design ensures that the weight is shared equally between the front wheels. The balanced-weight distribution ensures that manoeuvrability is maintained while the differential locks are in use. Doosan’s innovative front-wheel suspension offers optimal ground contact as well as improved shock absorption. The rear frame is designed to balance the weight between the six tyres, which lowers the centre of gravity and improve stability. Other benefits include improved traction and enhanced durability. The rear-view camera improves visibility and prevents collisions at the rear of the truck.

A comfortable cab

The Doosan DA30 features a comfortable cab designed to create a pleasant work environment. Highlights include a reduced interior sound level as well as reduced vibrations. The cab is positioned centrally on rubber mountings. The Doosan DA40 boasts an ergonomic design, which puts the controls that the operator needs within easy reach. The driver can customise the cab to meet their requirements by adjusting the suspended seat and the steering column. Climate control helps to maintain a pleasant temperature within the cab. The cab can be tilted to boost the efficiency of servicing.

Now that you know more about these machines, you can find an ADT for sale online. The stability and performance of the Doosan ADT range set these machines apart from the crowd.

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