The Claas Combine: Threshing technology unique in its class

Considering finding a Claas combine for sale on AgriMag? The Claas Tucano might be exactly what you are looking for. Today we talk a little more about the Tucano 580-320 and give you an overview of its features and specifications.

Overview of the Claas Tucano

Developed to acknowledge the vital role of healthy growth for a successful harvest, the Claas Tucano is a great buy. When you are purchasing farm equipment it is important to buy products from well-known brands that offer durability as well as a high performance. When it comes to finding a combine harvester for sale, you can rest easy knowing that you have made a good investment in Claas products.

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Efficiency of the Tucano 580-320

Efficiency is improved substantially by using the new Claas Tucano as the APS threshing system improves throughput by up to 20%. This distinctive threshing system offers improved crop separation. This system enables the combine to sort more grains. A significant amount of sorting takes place in the pre-separation concave which functions to decrease the main concave load.

Another benefit of this threshing system is that it makes crop flow more consistent as well as quicker. All these advantages contribute to the outstanding performance of this Claas combine harvester without compromising fuel efficiency.

claas combine harvester for sale

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website / Product Brochure.

The APS Hybid system incorporates the APS threshing system with the ROTA PLUS residual grain separation system. This combination offers several distinct advantages. This technology allows the speed of the drums to be changed without affecting the rotor speed. The process can also be adapted according to the operating conditions.

In addition to these benefits the combination of these systems also provides protective threshing as well as top throughput. The APS and APS Hybrid technology makes the Claas combine stand out from the crowd.

Daily output is improved by the impressive grain tank capacity of 10 000 litres. This feature of the Claas Tucano means that the grain can be offloaded less often. As well as a less frequent need to empty the grain tank, the high offloading rate makes removing the grain more efficient.

The Class combine harvester boasts innovative VARIO cutterbars as well as integrated rapeseed plates. This farming equipment delivers a performance that you can depend on even under challenging conditions. The all-wheel drive axle offers a significant increase in traction which further enhances the capabilities of this combine.

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The Cab of the Tucano Claas combine harvester

The cab of the Claas Tucano models offer the operator both comfort and convenience which leads to improved productivity. More space as well as better visibility offers the driver additional support. Air-conditioning keeps the cab at a pleasant temperature despite the exterior weather conditions. Soundproofing further enhances the working environment. The three-position adjustable steering column allows the operator to change the settings for maximum comfort.

claas tucano can interior

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

Lighting systems illuminate the work area which enables tasks to be completed at night. The after light function further enhances the appeal of finding a Tucano Claas combine for sale. These capable machines are equipped with up to ten working lights which includes illumination on the front attachments, sides and steering axles. The LED long-range work light offers excellent visibility in low light working conditions. Service and reversing lights are other helpful features of these models.

It is simple to monitor and control the performance of this Claas combine as it features CMOTION as well as TELEMATICS and CEBIS. The CEBIS information system provides the operator with plenty of information which promotes safety and efficiency.

This electronic system is easy to operate and it makes it easy for the operator to view relevant information at a glance. This system alerts the driver to potential dangers with a buzz tone. A highlight of the CEBIS system is its 8.4” screen.

tucano claas combine controls

Image Source: Claas South Africa Website.

There are settings available for 35 crops as well as a customisation setting so that the operator can use their experience to use the most effective settings. Custom settings can be stored and recalled for added convenience. This Claas combine harvester for sale also offers automated cutterbar control, an area counter as well as a quantimeter. Other noteworthy features include on-board diagnostics, job management and a performance display.

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Models in the Tucano Claas combine range

With a wide selection of models in this range, it is easy to find one with specifications that match your requirements.

The Tucano 580 has an APS threshing system with a 1580 mm width as well as ROTO PLUS residual grain separation. It has a 10 000 l grain tank and a maximum engine power of 278/378.

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The Claas Tucano 450 has an APS threshing system with a width of 1580 mm as well as a 6-walker residual grain separation. It has a 10 000 litre grain tank and a maximum engine power of 220/299.

The Tucano 320 has a conventional threshing system with a width of 1320 mm. It has a 5-walker residual grain separation and a 6 500 l grain tank. This model has a maximum engine power of 150/204.

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