The Iveco Daily: The most versatile Commercial Transport

Adding a high performance truck to your fleet can contribute to the efficient running of daily operations. The Iveco Daily is a great option. Not only can owning a competent truck increase productivity, it also takes the hassle out of daily transportation. The Iveco Daily for sale is the perfect transportation solution for the medium commercial sector.

The Iveco Brand

Iveco is a renowned commercial vehicle manufacturer. The company has international operations which extend across five continents. Their top class facilities and cutting-edge technology contributes to the production of quality vehicles. Their after-sales services complement their comprehensive product range.


Image Source: Iveco Website.

Not only does Iveco have a strong global presence, they also cater to the needs of the local market. With an extensive network throughout South Africa it is easy to find an Iveco as well as to get after sales service.

Iveco Daily Van

Trustworthy and durable, the Iveco Daily Van is designed to get the job done without any hassles. Its agile performance and compact design makes the Iveco Daily well-suited to urban settings.

Its performance also lends itself to long distance travelling and, not only does it deliver an impressive performance, it also has affordable running costs. Its economic fuel consumption and durable design both contribute to decreased everyday running costs. Conveniently located inspection points translates into decreased downtime.

iveco daily van

Image Source: Iveco Website.

This Iveco Daily for sale is available with plenty of variations so that you can design a vehicle that best suits the needs of your business. There is an option of vans with 146 or 176 hp power outputs. The gross vehicle weight options range from 3.5 to 7 tons. The cargo capacity of these vans reaches 4.2 tons and the towing capacity extends to 3.5 tons.

There are two ranges to choose from. The single wheel van is suited for trips around the city as well as long distance traveling between cities. Industries which can benefit from finding an Iveco for sale include retail outlets, laundries and electricians.

Cleaning companies as well as city delivery services can also benefit from owning an Iveco. If you need a van that can handle challenging terrain the classic twin rear wheels van is a suitable option. Its impressive performance makes it suited to the construction and industrial industries.

Equipped with state-of-the-art engine technology, the Daily Van delivers a remarkable performance while maintaining ecological integrity. With a variety of suspension options, the Iveco Daily Van is ready for any challenge. Its excellent suspension makes the Iveco Daily comfortable to ride in. Selected engines come with a 6-speed manual transmission.

When you are selecting a van it is important to choose one which protects your driver as well as your business assets. If you find an Iveco for sale, you are investing in a van that has both passive and active safety features. The semi-forward cab makes for a more comfortable ride. This set up offers increased safety while decreasing repair costs.

Its optional ESP with load stability control sets it apart from the competition. ABS is another note-worthy safety feature of this model. It also has a Hill Holder feature as well as Load Adaptive Control. Large rear view mirrors offer drivers better visibility.

An Overview of the Iveco Daily Cab

An amazing commercial vehicle, the Iveco Daily Cab offers the handling of a versatile van with the added benefit of industrial application. Featuring a twin wheel rear axle, this sturdy beast is perfect for either fixed or tipping bodies. Other great uses and applications for the Daily Cab include refrigerated transport as well as more specialised applications like that seen in the collection of waste.

Equipped with EBD and ABS, the Daily Cab can also be equipped with ESP with Load Adaptive Control. The interior of the Iveco Daily Cab offers ample storage space in the form of versatile storage compartments.

daily can iveco for sale

Image Source: Iveco Website.

When looking at the Daily Cab, you will have the option of choosing between two ranges – the Chassis Cab and the Crew Cab.

The Chassis Cab features twin rear wheels and work great in applications where high structural rigidity is essential. This range is great for everything from the construction industry to delivering reliability when it comes to roadside assistance.

The Crew Cab range also features twin rear wheels and can seat up to six passengers excluding the driver. This range from Iveco is ideal for everything from operating as recovery vehicles to offering versatility within the civil engineering industry.

A Quick look at the Iveco Daily 4×4

The Iveco 4×4 Daily is an excellent off-road vehicle. Its off-road performance is both economical and powerful. If you need to tackle challenging terrain consider adding an Iveco Daily 4×4 to your fleet.

Falling within the light truck category, the Iveco Daily 4×4 not only offers a great off-road performance but also has a lot to offer in terms of payload. This Iveco for sale is available in short cab, long cab and crew cab options. A 5.5t monster, it has a maximum load of 3 700 kilogrammes on the rear axle and 2 450 kilogrammes in the front axle.

iveco 4x4

Image Source: Iveco Website.

These Iveco vehicles find application in a range of industries including construction and even more specialised applications such as that seen in emergency services. Equipped with a three litre, 350 Nm common rail diesel engine, the Daily 4×4 features a hydraulic braking system, ABS and 4×4 equipment and solutions that include an under-run retractable protection bar.

Other outstanding features of this 150 HP Iveco include a towing capacity of 3.5 t, a chassis derived from that of a truck (allowing for a range of customisations for various applications), a permanent all-wheel drive transmission and a parabolic suspension.

Some of the features of the Iveco 4×4 include:

Approach Angle (Short Wheelbase)31˚
Approach Angle (Long Wheelbase)27˚
Departure Angle51˚
Departure Angle (Rear bar raised)Short Wheelbase: 42˚
Long Wheelbase: 36˚
Fording Depth700 millimetres

With so many benefits to owning an Iveco 4×4 it is easy to see why it is popular for industries that are operating in challenging conditions.

Now that you know more about the Iveco Daily and the stunning variations available, why not look for great deals on an Iveco Daily for sale on Truck and Trailer? With a range of Iveco vehicles, you are sure to find the truck that will get the job done.

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