The John Deere F440M is your ‘perfect partner’

The John Deere brand is known in South Africa and the rest of the world as a highly reputable brand in the farming equipment industry. If you are in the market for John Deere balers for sale, you might want to consider the John Deere F440M.

John Deere Farm Equipment for sale

John Deere’s reputation has earned the company consistent growth and spurred it to grow to become the world’s largest farming equipment company. To any farmer who has used John Deere equipment, the brand’s success comes as no surprise as their equipment has become synonymous with reliability.

round hay bale

A lot of machinery produced and sold by John Deere is farming equipment known as balers, sometimes referred to as hay balers. Hay balers are often used by farmers to compress hay or a harvested crop through multiple sets of rollers into smaller bales. The bales can then be tied up so they can be transported and stored more easily.

There are generally three types of bales that can be produced by a baler, these are; small square bales, round bales and large square bales. The ideal bale to produce would depend on your farming, transportation and storage requirements. It is important to understand your personal needs before choosing the exact hay baler to purchase.

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Overview of the F440M John Deere Baler

The John Deere baler F440m is the ideal match for small to medium farms looking for a multi-purpose machine for medium volume use or for low volume operations. The John Deere F440M is designed to produce between 1000 and 3000 bales of hay or straw per harvest season and is generally a very reliable machine that comes with a lot of features. This John Deere hay baler is focused on high capacity in less time- giving you more output for years to come.

john deere f440m round baler

Image Source: John Deere South Africa Website.

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Design & Performance of the F440M

The F440M John Deere hay baler maintains the high quality shape of its predecessor, but has been loaded with design features to make the car more effective and efficient.

The F440M provides cam track technology encapsulated in a traditional stripper design. This design allows for a reduction of space between the pickup tines and rotor feeder, while simultaneously avoiding any pinching. Its HC rotor design, the same rotor design used on the 900 series, offers a superior feeding capacity and an overall reduction in distributed loads and bearings which together help make the F440M a more reliable machine.

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round baler

Image Source: John Deere South Africa Website.

The John Deere round baler has a pick-up width of 2m going into a RotoFlow HC, Maxicut HC feeder type with 13 knives. The bale chamber on this John Deere baler is a MultiCrop with 7 ribbed rollers and a Silage Special with 17 ribbed rollers for ultimate versatility, even with wet crop bailing! A CoverEdge wrapping system is edge to edge, double twine.

The F440M baler has a 540rpm gearbox. This is great because it allows one output to be linked to the feeding system and the other to the bale chamber so there is no yoke to cause unnecessary wear and tear- saving you time and money on maintenance. The reinforced heavy-duty chains on this round baler keep the power going and keep the ride smoother and quieter than what you would experience with other round balers.

The body design of the John Deere F440M round baler has simplified the process of unplugging the F440M. The unplugging process can be carried out by simply declutching the rotor, putting the wrench on the rotor and reversing the F440M in order to remove any compressed crops that may be left prior to disengaging the machine.

The drop floor also offers an alternative method of unplugging the machine, allowing the operator to unplug the machine without putting his hand in the pickup. This drop floor is easy to control courtesy of the hydraulic valve located on the machine’s control panel and serves as a key design feature in eliminating the narrow pinch points that have been a nagging design flaw in previous models.

Features of the John Deere F440M

As with other John Deere balers, the F440M comes with the Bale Track Easy monitor. Once connected to the John Deere F440M the Bale Track Easy gives you a number of features to enhance your experience with the F440M.

john deere balers for sale

Image Source: John Deere South Africa Website.

On the small colour display of the Bale Track Easy you have a feature allowing you to perform a manual override on automatic twine selection, a feature allowing you to custom set your net and twine selection, options telling you the total bales made by the round baler, an alarm notifying you when your machine has a voltage problem, and features allowing you to change your net wrap while telling you the size of your bale for more precision in your work. The BaleTrak display is also offered as an addition option to your F440M John Deere round baler, essentially providing the same features as the Bale Trak Easy while having a few of its own added benefits such as allowing you to carefully monitor your twine feeding and bale-shaping and giving you the option to reset a few of your bale counter options.

Other important features to note on the John Deere F440M baler include an easy to use two-arm twine tying system, and your choice of safety compliant braking and lighting systems. Choose from hydraulic brakes, pneumatic brakes, or none at all if it is legal in the country where you intend to use the F440M John Deere hay baler.

Specifications of the F440M John Deere Hay Baler

Bale diameter1.25-1.35m
Pick-up width2.0 m
Feeder knives set13 knives
Twine system2 independent arms
MonitorsBaleTrak Easy/ BaleTrak
Drive line PTO speed540 rpm
Mini power requirement56 / 75 (kW/hp)

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