The OF 1726 – A 65 Seater Bus Chassis from Mercedes Benz

Mercedes has been making top quality buses for sale for quite some time. Their busses are very reliable, well-constructed and quite luxurious when compared to other bus manufacturers. A Mercedes Benz bus really is one of the best transporter type vehicles on the market today. If you need to move a large amount of people in a short amount of time and you need them to get there without a hitch then a Mercedes bus is always the answer.


The Bus Chassis produced by Mercedes Benz probably has the most impressive product line up in the automotive industry. A lot of research has gone into this chassis and as a result, this bus chassis has some of the most advanced technology in its segment. Mercedes are constantly refining and improving this bus chassis so it’s constantly evolving into a better breed of transporter. The Mercedes Benz bus for sale is more people orientated than any other transporter manufacturer brand on the market today.


South Africa has some unique challenges when it comes to our transport. The Mercedes Benz bus chassis OF 1726 was specially designed to tackle these unique South African transport difficulties. These Mercedes Benz bus chassis are perfect for use in public transport, hotels, tender contracts, long journeys and rural transport applications. If you are looking for a bus chassis that will get the job done in South Africa then keep on reading.


The OF 1726 bus chassis

The 1726 chassis is an urban bus chassis that has 65 seater bus capabilities and was designed around the requirement of the National Department of Transport tender contract system that’s South Africa has in place. This chassis has been built to meet the rigorous operating demands of the South African rural areas.

Mercedes-Benz-OF 1726 -chassis-on-display-side

These buses for sale has been designed to be used with the Mercedes Benz OM 906 turbo cooler engine. This powerful motor is capable of giving out 160 kW or power when operating at 2300 revolutions per minute. The engine has been proven, through many years of use, to be incredibly economical, rugged and durable. Mercedes will guarantee that this motor will meet the efficiency and profitability needs of any fleet owner and the comfort and safety concerns of any passenger within the vehicle.


In terms of added safety, the bus chassis uses a special Top Brake system that was specially developed by Mercedes Benz. This Top Break works off of the usual engine brake and by reducing gear shifting and any higher than normal downhill speeds. What this does it makes your descents safer and reduces the wear and tear on the braking linings and your truck’s tires.


The advantages of the OF 1726 65 seater bus

If you overlook all of the things that we have mentioned earlier, there are even more advantages to owning this bus chassis. Some advantages unique to the OF 1726 65 chassis are:

  • The service brake uses an air process unit (APU) which keeps the internal system dry, clean and contamination free. This relates to an increase in reliability, durability and a sharp rise in the braking efficiency of the system.
  • The electrical switchboard is very small so it’s easily accessible and it uses blade type fuses that are similar to those used in traditional cars. This makes maintenance much quicker and easier if a fuse blows.
  • The steering wheel is servocom powered and is coupled with the transfer box. This means that you have added comfort, easier maintenance and much better drivability on long trips.
  • There is a 6th overdrive gear which sharply reduces the RPM (revs per minute). This also produces much lower fuel consumption when operating the vehicle.
  • The propeller shaft in the Mercedes bus for sale is a special Dana SLP 14000 Nm 3 piece shaft that has lubricating grease nipples. These will give the bus an increase in service life and a big reduction in daily maintenance and the costs involved with this.


Specifications for the OF 1726 Bus Chassis

Vehicle usageCommuter Bus
Engine typeOM 906 L
Power Output1 91 kW @ 2 200 r/mi
Torque (max.)950 Nm @ 1 200 - 1 600 r/m
Max. number of seatsUp to 66
Emission standardsEuro 3
Configuration6 Cyl. inline
GearboxZF S6 1550 m
Number of gears6
Optional gearboxZF 6HP 502 a
Front axle mass7 100 kg
Rear axle mass11 000 kg
GVM18 100kg
GCM26 000kg
Fuel tank size300 litres
Brakes: front/rearDrums/drums
Tire315/80 R 22.5
Rims9.00 x 22.5

Please be aware that the difference between the OF 1726, the OH 1726 RF and the OH 1726 L is the size of the vehicles, certain specifications (as you can see above) and their suitability for use.

• The OF 1726 is suitable for use in commuter and for commuter-for-hire purposes. It’s suitable for transporting people shorter distances, like to work and back and for weekend hire use for functions.

• The OH 1726 RF can be used for the above mentioned applications and also for city and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) operations.

• The OH 1726 LE is only really suited for city and BRT use.

Bus & Coach: Body Options for the OF 1726 Bus Chassis

Mercedes Benz have some long standing relationship with many of the transport companies in South Africa and they specially manufacture models for these companies. They also use these models as example models of what they can manufacture for you, these are as follows:

  • BUSCO: Known as the Predator line of busses.
  • BUSMARK: Known as the Busmark line of busses.
  • MCV: Known as the Apache line of busses.
  • MARCOPOLO: Known as the Torino line of busses.
  • CAIO: Known as the Sphinx line of busses.

All of these brands make use of the OF 1726 and the OH 1726 Mercedes Benz bus chassis models and each have different design specifications producing top quality buses for sale. Each brand has a completely different looking bus and this highlights the immense versatility of the Mercedes bus manufacturing company.


Bus & Coach: Chassis Warranty Conditions

All bus chassis come with an unlimited kilometer, 12 month guarantee. The Powertrains have a 24 month or 300 000 km warranty, this includes any faults in the transmission, engine or rear drive axle. Lastly, the engine and major components have a 48 month, 500 000km or 10 000 hours warranty. This includes any faults to the camshaft, cylinder block, crankshaft or the cylinder head.


If you are looking for a bus chassis, a Mercedes Benz bus chassis is a great option. With their amazing durability and performance, it is easy to see why transportation companies across South Africa are choosing Mercedes when it comes to finding buses for sale. Take a look at Truck and Trailer’s collection of 65 seater bus variations, trucks and other commercial vehicles to discover the most sensible choice for your fleet.

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Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

Bruce Ungersbock

Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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