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Terex trucks are able to tackle terrain that other vehicles can’t handle. From the Terex TA250 to the TA400, there are different models available to suit a range of applications. Their hauling capacities start at 25 tonnes and extend to 38 tonnes. Their durable components and robust design make a Terex dump truck an excellent investment. Not only are they engineered to increase productivity, they are also built to minimise downtime. If you want to improve the efficiency of your operations, find an articulated dump truck for sale on Truck & Trailer.

terex t250 articulated dump truck

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Uses of dump trucks

You can use an articulated dump truck to move materials from one location to another. From lumbar to rubble, these trucks can be used to transport a wide range of materials. Another reason to find Terex trucks for sale is that their robust design makes them suitable for hauling materials on construction sites. Their big, durable tires make them able to cope with challenging terrain as well as with the danger of nails and debris. The truck that you need will depend on the application you are using it for. Your options include the Terex TA400 and the TA250, depending on your requirements. The Terex TA300 is another option. These trucks are designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business operations.

The history of Terex trucks

Terex trucks have an impressive legacy which extends back to 1934. Starting with the first off-road dump trucks, Terex is internationally renowned for manufacturing simple solutions for hauling operations. You can find Terex trucks for sale that are suited to everything from mining to construction sites. Based in Scotland, Terex remains committed to producing durable machines that you can rely on. Every Terex dump truck is designed to maintain an exceptional performance even in challenging conditions. Whether they’re facing extreme desert heat or freezing cold in the Arctic, these machines won’t let you down. Their technical expertise and cutting-edge processes make their products stand out from the crowd, and their exceptional capabilities make these machines an excellent investment.

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Fuel efficiency

Another reason to find a Terex articulated dump truck for sale is that they offer improved fuel efficiency and decreased emissions. Equipped with Scania® engines, these trucks are well-known for their efficiency and decreased downtime. The Tier 4 Final system is available for both the Terex TA300 and TA400 models. This system features Selective Catalytic reduction as well an Exhaust Gas Regeneration. Another highlight of the system is its Variable Geometry Turbo. The end result is an articulated dump truck that meets the strictest of emissions standards. The Tier 4 Final system features a controlled engine exhaust brake. Improved operator control, and more reliable braking when travelling downhill, enhance the safety that these trucks offer.

Operator benefits

Adding a Terex dump truck to your business operations is an excellent investment since they provide a pleasant work environment which decreases driver fatigue and boosts productivity. The front suspension is designed to increase comfort levels and ride quality. Not only does the design of Terex trucks improve comfort levels, it also improves stability and, therefore, safety. The ergonomic layout of the cab puts everything the driver needs right at their fingertips. Its meticulous layout improves the functionality of these trucks and makes them easier to drive. Other reasons to find Terex trucks for sale is their improved interior aesthetics and their decreased cab noise levels. Their air-conditioning helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the cab. A highlight of these trucks is their sound system, which includes a CD and MP3 player.

terex ta400

Image source: Terex website

Terex trucks specifications

The Terex TA250 and TA300 are equipped with a 5-cylinder in-line four-cycle engine while the Terex TA400 is equipped with a 6-cylinder in-line four-cycle engine. The TA250 has a piston displacement of 9.3 litres with a net power of 214 kW at 2 100 rpm and a peak torque of 1 637 kW at 1 400 rpm. The Terex TA300 has a piston displacement of 9.3 litres with a net power of 258 Nm at 2 100 rpm and a peak torque of 18 800 Nm at 1 400 rpm. The TA400 has a displacement of 12.7 litres with a net power of 330 Nm at 2 100 rpm and a peak torque of 2 255 Nm at 1 300 rpm.

Now that you know more about Terex trucks, you can search online to find an articulated dump truck for sale that matches your requirements.

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