The Renault K Range of Heavy Duty Trucks

In the market for heavy duty trucks that can get the job done? Renault trucks for sale are a good option, the Renault K Range offering great solutions to the construction industry.

When you decide to buy K Range construction trucks, you are making a great decision to buy something that is more than simply a truck. You are choosing to buy a Renault construction truck- unrivalled brilliance and reliability that will not fail you.

k range renault trucks

Image Source: Renault Trucks South Africa Website.

The K Range from Renault trucks offer robust utility vehicle, with a lot of pulling power that has been built to suit the needs of people looking for a vehicle that can operate in challenging terrains. This robust and all terrain build makes these trucks ideal for heavy construction and distribution.

The Renault K Range Exterior

The Renault K Range’s entire exterior has been designed to help make the K Range a construction truck with exceptional obstacle clearance capacity. The K Range comes with a 32 tonne capacity front towing bar to clear obstacles and 24 inch wheels that have been built to give the K Range greater traction on all terrains and up to 6 inches extra ground clearance capacity.

Vehicle protection seems to be one of the overarching themes of the K Range’s build. These heavy duty construction trucks come equipped with an all steel protection grill covering its headlamps by creating a buffer protecting the headlights against any potential damage that the K Range may be subjected to.

k range renault trucks

Image Source: Renault Trucks South Africa Website.

The K Range also comes equipped with steel protection screens covering parts that are potentially exposed to impact. These steel protection screens will give you some peace of mind when driving or parking the K Range on rough terrain that would normally damage exposed vehicle parts.

Since the K Range, as well as all of Renault’s heavy duty trucks are large vehicles, one would think that gaining access into a vehicle of this size may be a difficult and somewhat unsafe process. Luckily for the safety conscious driver, the K Range has been built with a number of features that allow ease of access to the cab.

The Renault K Range comes equipped with two handles on its roof designed for safer access to the cab. In addition to this, the K Range also comes built with wide, non-slip in-line steps to ensure that there is easier access for anyone seeking to gain access into the cab. The prioritisation of safe access does not however simply end there, the K Range Renault trucks also comes with a side-step that has been added to help make it easier to check the load on the vehicle at any given time.

The engineers at Renault achieved a goal to optimize visibility with the K Range. The vehicle’s rear view and forward view mirrors have been built to ensure that the K Range has adequate lighting to offer great visibility to keep you safe from any impending road hazards that many heavy duty construction trucks may succumb to.

heavy duty truck

Image Source: Renault Trucks South Africa Website.

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The Renault K Range Interior

It is difficult not to rave about the features in the truck’s interior. From the inside, the Renault truck looks even more stunning and well designed. The Renault K Range comes with a steering wheel packed with a number of useful features and controls for cruise control, features to limit the truck’s speed and a menu navigation amongst a host of other features. It is also important to take note of the flexibility of the steering wheel, if you are not comfortable with the steering wheel’s location, the steering wheel is adjustable in three dimensions allowing for greater control and ease of access.

These Renault heavy duty trucks features a dashboard fitted with a 7 inch navigation screen that is easy to use and well positioned to allow easy access while driving.

k range renault trucks interior

Image Source: Renault Trucks South Africa Website.

For people looking to personalize the truck’s interior for better driver comfort, the truck allows you to change the position of buttons to place the buttons in areas that are more reachable for you.

These Renault construction trucks will never have you worrying about feeling cold during winter days on site. The K Range interior is a well ventilated vehicle that comes with heated and air-suspected seats. The vehicle’s seat belts and head-rests have been specifically designed to increase comfort while maintaining the vehicle’s safety features.

The Renault K Range cabs generally come in two options; the Day Cab and the Night and Day Cab. The difference between these two options is that the Night and Day Cab is built for both day and night time travel as it comes with a standard roof and a bunk allowing the driver to have some space to sleep in the truck if travelling overnight.

Technical Capabilities and Body Mounting

From a technical perspective the K Range heavy duty trucks comes with a chassis that has been designed to help lift and carry heavy loads and reduce return trips when transporting heavy loads, allowing the ruck to carry a gross weight total of about 120 tons.

When it comes to body mounting, the K Range Renault trucks comes built with a vertical outlet allowing you more body mounting options. A body mounting point of view, the K Range comes built with a vertical outlet to allow for more body mounting options.

renault construction trucks

Image Source: Renault Trucks South Africa Website.

Looking at the K Range’s specifications and Configurations

The Renault K Range’s technical specifications are quite impressive. Built as heavy duty construction trucks, the K Range boasts 380-460 horsepower, a maximum load of 15 tons, 4 quality gears and a maximum GCW of 70 tons.

From a configuration perspective while the Day Cab is about 1850mm in length, the addition of the bunk on the Day and Night Cab adds an extra 350 mm, making the cab’s length a total of 2200mm. Aside from the difference in length, the configurations are largely similar.

The differences lie between the tractor configurations and the rigid configurations. The tractor comes with 3 automated optidriver gearboxes, while this Renault construction truck brings with it 4 manual gearboxes operating at 14 speeds.

k range construction truck

Image Source: Renault Trucks South Africa Website.

When buying these Renault heavy duty trucks, you will also have a choice between a medium and heavy and XTem duty chassis- each option will depend on the profile you choose to purchase.

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