The SuperGreat FUSO truck a reliable commercial solution

FUSO trucks for sale are renowned for their innovation and the SuperGreat range is no exception. These robust trucks are the result of decades of experience in the industry, with each FUSO Super Great truck showcasing internationally renowned technology. Its design ensures high levels of driver comfort and safety. While these heavy duty trucks are powerful and robust, they don’t compromise on economy.

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Outstanding features of the FUSO Super Great

Unleash the power offered by FUSO heavy duty trucks by adding a FP, FN or FV model to your fleet. The diversity within the SuperGreat range makes it easy to find a model which meets the requirements of your business. The 4×2 and 6×4 variations offer cutting-edge technology, offering a starting price of around R850 500.

A highlight of these FUSO trucks are their comfortable cabs. Coil springs as well as shock absorbers function to reduce road shock, which in turn results in decreased driver fatigue. SuperGreat trucks deliver a smooth ride and the spacious interior is highly functional. Its ergonomic design helps to boost efficiency.

Another note-worthy attribute is its glare-free instrument panel. With the adjustable steering wheel, the cab can be customised according to the driver’s needs. Air-conditioning helps to maintain a pleasant temperature and in the colder winter months, the heater and defroster are important features of the cab. The layout of the cab puts the driver’s needs at the forefront, which ultimately boosts productivity. Other features of the cab include a cigarette lighter and tachometer.

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Image source: Fuso website

Another reason to find FUSO trucks for sale include its high levels of safety with features like ABS offering the driver additional support in emergency situations. The dual-circuit air braking system is another useful feature of this model, the thicker brake linings boost safety while also reducing running costs. The longer life of these brake linings contribute to decreased downtime and reduced maintenance expenses.

When you buy a FUSO Super Great truck, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their cabs have been tested to ensure that they offer protection to its occupants. Other safety features include a reverse warning buzzer and seatbelts. These trucks are also equipped with a standard tool set as well as a hydraulic jack.

Gearshift, chassis and drivetrain in the FUSO SuperGreat

These FUSO heavy duty trucks are equipped with a transmission that offers smoother operations. The result of the transmission’s design is increased efficiency and decreased driver fatigue. Not only does the transmission contribute to the performance of these trucks, it also enhances safety. The durable and lightweight frame is distinctive to the SuperGreat range. Their side-rails are one of the features which contribute to their durability. The cross-member web rivets also contribute to the success of these heavy duty trucks.

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Image source: Fuso website

Performance and specifications of the FUSO Super Great

These FUSO heavy duty trucks are easy to maintain as the most important check points are situated beneath the front panel. Adjusted hinges make it convenient to tilt the cab for improved ease of access. If you need to add a new truck to your fleet, take a look at the specifications of the models in the SuperGreat range.

FUSO SuperGreat ModelFN25-270 FCFP 18-350 TTFV26-350 Tip
Drive System6x24x26x4
EngineFUSO 6M60-1AT2FUSO 6M70-9AT2FUSO 6M70-9AT2
Capacity7 545 cc12 882 cc12 882 cc
Output199 kW 2 600 rpm257 kW @ 2 000 rpm257 kW @ 2 000 rpm
Torque786 Nm @ 1 400 rpm1 620 Nm @ 1 100 rpm1 620 Nm @ 2 000 rpm

Now that you know the benefits of finding FUSO trucks for sale, you can search Truck & Trailer for a model that meets the requirements of your business. With their trustworthy performance and high safety standards, it is easy to see why FUSO trucks are so popular.

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