Top quality, competitively priced New Holland tractors for sale

If you have to haul machinery around your farm or you have a lot of land to plough then you will most likely have to find yourself some top quality tractors for sale. One of the best and most trusted producers of quality tractors is the New Holland Company. This quality branded farming equipment producer offers farming and construction equipment and competitively priced parts. Their machinery is further enhanced by a personal advisory and impeccable support service throughout the country. New Holland also has a dedicated operator and mechanic training service.


The history of New Holland

This company was established in 1895 and was founded by Abe Zimmerman in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Zimmerman began producing agricultural products to help the farming community around him. The company went through many mergers during the years which resulted in the agricultural company we know today. The company is now an integration of four different agricultural brands that converged and merged over the years. These companies were Ford, Fiat Trattori, Claeys and New Holland. The company has received numerous innovation awards over the years and has developed many breakthrough technologies such as the world’s first hydrogen powered tractor, the NH2.


Today the company operates and produces machinery in 170 countries, including South Africa, and has 22 plants on four continents. They are also the forerunners in eco-friendly equipment production. They have established a reputation as one of the agricultural enthusiast’s most loyal and reliable partners.

New Holland tractors

This company sells some of the best tractors in the world. They are also very competitively priced and have been designed to match you with the best farming machinery to increase on yields. Here are some of the New Holland tractors available in South Africa.

TT Tractor Series


This series of Tractors for sale are state of the art power houses. They have outstanding speed, lift capacity, pulling strength and of course, power. They have high fuel efficiency and is a great all-rounder. The TT series is designed to be comfortable to operate and has unobstructed cab designs so the driver is always in control.

Included in the series: TT35 2WD & 4WD 26 Kw 8×2 Transmission, TT45 2WD & 4WD 35 Kw 8×2 Transmission.

TT Compact Series


The TT compact series is a winner in every respect. This is essentially a compact version of the TT series so it is just as tough but even more versatile. It delivers the same performance as a much bigger tractor.

This series has a very efficient transmission which is tailored to the high torque capabilities of the engine. These tractors feature specially designed heavy duty rear straight axles with epicyclical reduction that has wet disc brakes with a very large surface area for efficient braking. Lastly it utilises a The Lift-O-Matic™ system that enables an object to be raised and lowered to the last setting that was used on a single control for ease of use.

Included in the series: TT55 2WD & 4WD 41 Kw 8×2 Transmission, TT75 2WD & 4WD 55 Kw 8×2 Transmission, TT75 2WD & 4WD 55 Kw 12×3 Transmission.

TD Straddle Series


Straddle tractors are specifically designed to pull heavy implements like ploughs or sprayers. The TD series uses an Iveco based 8000 series engine and are tuned to give optimum power and torque in any condition. They have low emissions and fuel consumption figures and are guaranteed to be reliable and durable.

The TD straddle series has 77 liter fuel tanks so you can operate them for extended periods of time without having to refuel.

Lastly the TD straddle series from New Holland has best in class accessibility and serviceability thanks to a gas strut assisted engine hood.

Included in the series: TD80 Plus 2WD & 4WD 59 kW 12×12 Transmission, TD90 Plus 2WD & 4WD 66 kW 12×12 Transmission, TD95 Plus 2WD & 4WD 72 kW 12×12 Transmission.

TD5 Series


The TD5 range features an upgraded 8000 Series engine that gives you greater power and combustion efficiency. The Tier 3 engine brings plenty of power to the table with lower fuel costs. The range topping 110 HP engine is robust and light.

The all new VisionView™ cab has a 360 degree visibility with ergonomically designed controls and has unrivalled operator comfort.

Another new feature is the Powershuttle transmission which allows for precision loader work. It enhances productivity and is perfect for livestock operations as it has smooth direction changes so it won’t startle your livestock.

Included in the series: TD5 2WD & 4WD 49 kW 12×12 Transmission.

TS6 Series


TS6 line’s engines jump from Tier 3 directly to Tier 4 which means more power and better fuel emissions. These tractors for sale come in two- or four-wheel drive variations, with or without a cab, so they are completely customizable to your needs. The TS6 is a clever choice for those who want a hard-working tractor tailored to their own personal needs.

This series makes use of a SuperSteer front axle option so the turning radius is very small and you can get a suspended cabin which softens the ride a bit.

Included in the series: TS6.120 4WD 88 kW 8×8 Transmission, TS6.125 4WD 93 kW 8×8 Transmission, TS6.140 4WD 140 kW 8×8 Transmission.

T6000 Series


These tractors have class leading power to weight ratio. The T6000 is light and features exceptional power. Perfect all round visibility and ease of operation make them very versatile.

The power boost functionality gives you 36 hp and 68 Nm of torque. Couple this with the high quality materials used in the construction and you get a very durable and powerful hauling machine.

Included in the series: T6000 4WD 82 kW 12×12 Transmission

T7000 Series


Spending more than five years to develop this range of New Holland tractors, it was tested extensively in Europe and America to meet the needs of modern agriculture. These tractors are lighter, more efficient and powerful than anything else this company has ever made.

Modern production techniques means that the T7000 has amazing quality and every T7000 tractor gets put through 600 performance checks before it leaves the plant.

This tractor can do anything in the agricultural industry and it does it effortlessly. This is the new benchmark for modern tillage work.

Included in the series: T7040DT Cab Single wheels AG ready 134 kW, T7060DT Cab Dual wheels Full AG 157 kW.

T9 Series


The T9 Series is New Holland’s most powerful tractor. They have high capacity axles, with advanced transmission control and ultra-efficient power units. The tractor has 13 power plants that produce plenty of horsepower that can be used in hydraulic or transportation applications. The T9 has two chassis sizes so you can get a bigger frame if need be.

The electro-hydraulic system can also be plugged into a wide range of third party laser levelling systems and has 306 degree visibility with easy to read, eye level, instrumentation that is easy to read. The T9 series also has the sidewinder 2 controls that make operating the machine an effortless experience. The cab also has air suspended and heated deluxe seating that is perfect in cold weather.

Included in the series: T9 12.9 Liter 30 kW 16×2 Ultra Command Transmission.

TDF Orchid Series


This machine is specifically designed to satisfy customers with special orchid needs. It’s ideal for those working in specialized farming sectors. The TDF has an 80 liter fuel tank which allows for a full day’s work without the need to refuel. This also doubles as an access step and a footrest which is very handy.

The 2×12 synchromesh transmission increases the versatility of the TDF tractors, while the 20×12 creeper allowing for minimum movement speeds is ideal for specific applications.

Included in the series: TDF 2WD & 4WD 48 kW 12×12 Transmission.

New Holland tractors on Truck and Trailer

New Holland TD 5,100 for sale in KZN


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Bruce is an SEO guy that has his eye on the prize and traffic on his mind. A lover of good music and a connoisseur of all things awesome.

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