Toyota Dyna made for city streets

Dynamic, durable and agile, the Toyota Dyna won’t let you down. Customers are looking for a reliable service and with the Dyna you can rest easy knowing that you can keep your promises. Available with a choice of body types, the Dyna truck for sale makes a great dropside or flat deck truck. Its outstanding performance matches its hardy exterior. Not only is the Dyna a trustworthy truck, it is efficient too.

dyna truck

Image Source: Hino South Africa Website.

Application of your Toyota Dyna Truck

The Toyota Dyna is designed to increase the productivity of your business. Its versatility is just one of the reasons why opting for a Dyna is a good investment. These capable trucks have a wide range of operational uses.

Built for the city, the Dyna truck is well-suited to navigating urban streets. Whether it is used for catering hire or building, these trucks will get the job done without any hassles. The Dyna is ideal for deliveries and furniture services. They can also be used for truck hire or general cargo delivery.

dyna insulated truck for sale

Hino Insulated body Dyna 4-093 Insulated body Truck | Truck & Trailer

Bakeries, hardware and garden companies can benefit from owning a Dyna. These models are also well-suited to driving schools. If you are looking for a dropside truck, the Dyna is a good option. This model is also available as a van body or flat deck truck, and can be customised to meet the requirements of your business.

Dyna’s Dimensions and Specifications

Are you looking for a capable city truck? Then the Toyota Dyna is just what you are looking for. This truck is an excellent logistics vehicle which delivers a hassle free performance. The Dyna is equipped with a 5l engine.

The 5L engine has proven its trustworthy and powerful performance time and again. This quality engine delivers impressive power as well as a high torque. The handling capabilities of the Dyna truck set it apart from the crowd.

Its agile design offers fast and efficient services. An advantage of this model is that it has power assisted steering. Its manoeuvrability makes it easy to get around and perform tasks in an urban setting.

toyota dyna truck

Image Source: Hino South Africa Website / Model Brochure.

The Dyna truck for sale features a cab which is 1960 high and 1695 mm wide. The cab provides plenty of room for the driver. The durable and comfortable interior provides a good work environment. The frame of the truck is 800 mm wide. Its overall length is 415 mm and its overall height is 1960 mm. It has a 2545 mm wheel base. The ground clearance for this model is 200 mm. The Dyna has a 4-stroke compression ignition.

Not only does the Dyna deliver a note-worthy performance, it also meets the standards for Euro 2 emission status. It is fitted with hypoid s-reduction axles as well as a disc front brake system and a drum rear brake system. This model features 195/70R15c tires.

The Dyna truck has an approximate body and payload allowance of 1912. Its front GA is 1800 and its rear GA is 2550. The GVM for this model is 3550. The total tare including the spare wheel is 1638. It has a v-rating of 3550. The Dyna has a R452 transmission with 5 forward gears.

ModelDyna 150 4-093
Engine Capacity2 986 cc
Euro Emission Status2
67 kW @ 4 000 rpm
192 Nm @ 2 400 rpm
Maximum Speed 127 km/h

If you are looking for alternatives to the Dyna, there are other Hino models to choose from. The Hino 300 series features the 614 SWB which has a payload of approximately 3390 kgs. Another option is the 614 AT SWB which has a payload of approximately 3335 kgs. The 614 LWB is part of the Hino 300 series. This model has a payload of 3315 kgs.

Whether you use the Toyota Dyna as a flatbed or dropside truck, there are plenty of benefits to owning this model. It is designed to play an important role in the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Its durability reduces maintenance costs and decreases downtime. Its cab offers the driver an uncluttered work environment so that they can focus on the road ahead.

Looking for a Dyna truck for sale to add value to your business? Browse through the deals listed on Truck & Trailer and find the perfect solution for your business. Don’t forget to create your Alert on today!

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