Trencher: Designed to dig trenches with power and efficiency

A Trencher is a type of construction equipment that is designed to dig trenches with both power and efficiency. Apart from allowing you to dig trenches they are also useful for installing underground systems and laying various lines and cables. Ranging in size and capabilities from handheld to powerful excavation tools, a trencher for sale is designed to help with the installation of underground cables and lines, from water, gas and telecommunication lines to fiber-optic cables.


Trenchers work using a range of systems and often include hydraulic pumps, special units, as well as chains, augers and bars. All of these come together to help dig deep ditches for various operations.

A trenching machine for every application

A trench digger varies in size and use, each is useful for a certain setting and job, which range from residential to city needs.

There are a host of different types of trenchers available and they include the Walk-Behind, Ride On and Quad, to name a few. Each trencher is designed for a different purpose but all work to maximise digging efficiency, no matter the job or terrain.

Walk-Behind trenchers are great for helping dig narrow and medium sized ditches. They often feature a self-propelled design and have a digging chain that is round at the back of the machine. This chain is then pulled backwards when the trench digger is operational. With Walk-Behind trenchers, ditches of around 91cm – 121cm deep can be dug. These trenchers are usually used when digging lines for TV, power, phone and water and natural gas lines, along with irrigation and plumbing lines.


A ride-on trenching machine can be used in different situations. Ride-On trenchers are useful for work on residential jobs, sewer lines, and their compact design allow for use in small spaces. They have booms of 107cm, which provides 91cm cover depth, a factor that is useful for many jobs in the city or residential areas.

Quad trenchers are ideal for a range of residential and farming jobs. Quad trenchers usually have either two-speed ground drives or three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drives, allowing them to be used in a range of situations, from digging ditches to plowing. Their design makes them useful for jobs with varying ground conditions.


A Micro trencher for sale is perfect when looking for a cost effective way to install fiber-optic cable. The narrow trench has capabilities of cutting 32mm wide and 305mm lines and the saw-blades can cut through tarmac with ease.

The RT100 Ditch Witch Trencher

One of the most world-renowned names in the trencher business is Ditch Witch, who came to create, and then revolutionise the trencher industry, and who has a strong global footprint.

The company was started in Perry, Oklahoma in the USA and the Malzahn family invented the trencher, after seeing the labour intensive process involved in installing residential utility services.

The first Ditch Witch trenching machine was manufactured in 1949 and was used in the laying of water lines. The first Ditch Witch lead to a variety of other trenchers from the company, used for installing water, gas and telecommunications lines and revolutionised the industry.

Recently named one of the 100 best American-made products in the world by Fortune magazine, Ditch Witch and its trenchers are as relevant as ever.

A popular Ditch Witch trencher is the RT100 Ride-On trenching machine. The trencher is a powerful piece of equipment and used on many residential sites and jobs.

The RT100 Ride-On trencher, or the RT100 as it is also known, has a range components and special features that make it so unique. These include aspects of design, power and productivity, all so you can get the best use out of the trench digger for years to come.


Image Source: Ditch Witch Website.

The operator’s station is ergonomically designed and has a range of features to increase comfort and control of the RT100. These include a tiltable steering column, adjustable armrests, easy-to-read gauges and a 90-degree swivel seat. There is also a colour LCD screen displaying engine information and diagnostics, to help in all situations. You can also choose to have a climate-controlled station, if you wish.

In terms of its power, this trencher for sale comes with a 100-hp (74.6-kW) Deutz diesel engine with Tier 4i power. These allow for reliability and durability for many years. The trencher is made up of a host of heavy-duty parts meant for longer working hours when needed.

The RT100 also offers choice of transmissions, from powershift, which means levels of shifting, to hydrostatic which allows various speeds to best complete the job at hand.


Image Source: Ditch Witch Website.

With its rugged, mechanical power design, it means it has the most efficient use of power transfer, allowing for high levels of productivity and efficiency across the board. The RT100 has solid backfill blade lift arms as well as a cast blade pivot, which helps increase structural strength of the backfill components. The backfill include blade lift arms and cast blade pivot, which are designed to increase the strength of each of the various components. It also includes a moulded hydraulic tank and fuel tanks, found in a steel cradle, to best maximise space.

As for productivity features, they add an element that helps ensure the best output when using the trenching machine. The RT100 comes with planetary axles with locking differentials, all to best utilise the torque and ground clearance of the machine.

The RT100 also includes four-wheel drive, which helps on a range of jobs, in a range of settings; with mobility and traction on any surface it might be needed for.

Specifications of the RT100 Ditch Witch Trencher

Want to know more about the RT100 Ride-On trencher for sale? You can see in-depth specifications below.

The RT100 Ditch Witch Trencher Specifications

Length, transport3.9 m
Height2.95 m
Wheelbase1.98 m
Tread1.65 m
Width2.1 m
Power (Tier 4I)
Bore98 mm
Displacement3.6 L
Stroke120 mm
Emissions complianceEU Stage IIIB
Engine manufacturer's gross power rating (SAE J1349)74.5 kW
Forward speed0.71 km/h
Ground clearance355 mm
Front steer only11 m
Basic unit weight4028 kg
Front and rear steer6 m
Allowable tractor weight, max8754 kg
Front counterweight590 kg
SAE reserve capacity rating120 min

The RT100 isn’t just a formidable machine; it comes with a range of attachments to enhance every job. These include two types of trencher attachments, one offset and one centreline, as well as a front-mounted backhoe. These attachments are the M912 Trencher, A920 backhoe and M910 Trencher and all allow you to complete various jobs using the relevant sized attachment, for all your needs.

Overall, the RT100 is a machine that is best used for those looking to maximize and enhance various residential jobs.


Image Source: Ditch Witch Website.

While a Ditch Witch trencher and their trencher attachments are some of the most popular, there are a range of trenching machines and trench diggers on the market. Finding one to suit your needs is a simple process of weighing up the make, model, size and capabilities of the various trenchers to ensure the best one for the job.

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