Trucks for sale: The new Volvo FH Series is here

Are you looking for Volvo trucks for sale? There are plenty of reasons why buying Volvo trucks is a great choice. The Volvo FH series offers excellent fuel economy as well as uncompromised uptime. Remarkable safety features, comfortable cabs and a great performance are other reasons to consider the FH Series. If you are still undecided, here is more information to help you make up your mind.


A Quick Look at Volvo Trucks

With the company’s reputation for excellence, finding Volvo used trucks for sale is a great choice. With over eighty years of experience in the transportation sector trucks for sale from Volvo have established a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Since the first Volvo truck in 1928, the company has grown to become the second largest manufacturer of heavy trucks in the world. Safety and quality are two of the core values that Volvo upholds when supplying the South African market with trucks.


As transportation companies require more trucks, there is a higher demand for these vehicles. The outstanding quality of these trucks from Volvo are evident in their preventative maintenance and materials testing. The high resale value of these trucks are testament to their reliable design.

The Volvo FH Series

The new Volvo FH boasts a comfortable cab which makes an excellent workplace. The design of the cab and additional features supports the truck driver so that they can offer their employer an excellent performance.

The globetrotter XL cab has an interior height of 220 cm with one or two beds and abundant storage space. The sleeper cab has an interior height of 171 cm with one bed. You can choose between 650 cab colours when you are ordering Volvo trucks. The steering wheel is easy to adjust using a foot pedal and it has a neck-tilt function. The steering wheel can be folded away when the driver exits the cab.

With 300 litres of additional storage as well as smaller compartments, it is easy to organize the interior space. The ergonomical dashboard makes it easier to operate the truck. Another reason why companies choose Volvo trucks for sale is that they have electronic climate control and air-quality sensors. The electric drying cupboard is another perk to driving a Volvo FH series trucks.


When it comes to trucks for sale, the exterior of the Volvo FH series is appealing. Sweeping lines combined with a distinctive grille give the FH series its bold looks. Its aerodynamic design offers an excellent performance on the road.

Highlights of the exterior include chrome details, shaded glass panes as well as optional Mystic Fjord paint. Its safety features exceed what is legally required. The cabs underwent the Swedish impact test to ensure that they offer drivers maximum protection. The new FUPS helps to protect people at higher speeds.

You can choose to add driver support systems when you purchase Volvo trucks for sale. Stretch Brake decreases the chances of the trailer jack-knifing. The system is activated in challenging situations when the truck is travelling at speeds lower than 50 kph.

Adaptive Cruise control ensures that there is a safe distance between the truck and the vehicle travelling in front of it. The Collision Warning with Emergency Brake supports the driver if there is a risk of collision. Other active safety features include Driver Alert Support and Lane Keeping Support.


The Electronic Stability Program helps to prevent the truck from skidding by reducing the engine power and braking each wheel separately. Emergency Brake Lights warn vehicles behind the truck if the driver brakes suddenly.

Performance and Specifications of the FH Series Volvo Trucks

The Volvo FH series engines include the D13A and D16C. Both engines comply with Euro 3 emissions standards. The D13A 6-cylinder engine has a displacement of 12.8 dm3 while the 6-cylinder D16C engine has a displacement of 16.1 dm3.


The D13A engine has a compression ratio of 18:1:1 with economy revs of 1050 – 1600 rpm. The D16C has a compression ratio of 18:0:1 with economy revs of 1000-1500 rpm. Take a look at an overview of the Volvo FH series engine specification for a quick comparison between these two options.

Emission StandardEuro 3Euro 3
No. of cylinders66
Displacement12.8 dm316.1 dm3
Compression ratio18:1:118:0:1
Economy revs (r/min)1050 – 16001000-1500
Exhaust breaking effect (kW)170230
VEB +effect (kW)375380

With so many advantages to finding Volvo trucks for sale it is easy to see why companies across South Africa are adding these vehicles to their fleets. Browse through Truck and Trailer’s range of trucks for sale to find the perfect Volvo Trucks for you and your business.

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